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Sunsilk brand audit report


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Sunsilk brand audit report "project of Strategic Brand Management"

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Sunsilk brand audit report

  1. 1. Brand Audit Project of Strategic Brand Management Instructor Syed Irtaza Haider Group Members RaashidJaved (32) Mudasra Amjad (21) Malka Yasmeen (19) Rana Umar Farooq (31) Qasim Irshad (28) MBA M1, 6th 2011-2015 Marketing Specialization Department of Management sciences The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
  2. 2. 2 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Serial No Particulars Page number 1. Executive summary 4 2. Brand Audit objective and scope 5 3. Industry & Brand 6 4. History 7 5. Logo interpretation 9 6. Brand portfolio and target market 10 7. Campaigns 11 8. Class Products 12 9. Brand mantra 14 10. POPs & PODs 15 11. Brand elements 16 12. Marketing Strategies of Sunsilk 17 13. Competitive Review 18 14. Product Packaging, Pricing and promotion 20 15. Advertising Evaluation 23 16. SWOT analysis 25 17. Brand equity 26 18. Brand awareness, Positioning 26 19. Brand association 27 20. Brand Mental Map 28 21. Customer Based Brand Equity Model 29 22. Statistical Analysis 32 23. Statistical combined analysis 35 24. Recommendation 36 25. Conclusions 36 26. References 37 27. Annexure 38
  3. 3. 3 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Acknowledgment Our first and foremost humble and gratitude to “ALLAH” the almighty for giving us the valor to remain dedicated to make this survey report. This underlying survey report is based on the analysis of different marketing functions of lever brother Pakistan limited. Applied on “SUNSILK” In making this survey report, we collected the whole data from real time survey respondents and all analysis is based on the survey findings, also we took some help from publications, internet and various international business magazines.
  4. 4. 4 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Executive summary The summery describes the history, mission, vision, purpose, and Sunsilk’s total brand and how company manages these brands for segmentation, targeting, and positioning. This report tells us that how company selects their segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy for a specific product Sunsilk shampoo. This report tells that what are the pricing, promotion, and packaging strategy of Sunsilk shampoo. It also mentions that what is the version of Sunsilk shampoo launch into the market according to consumer need and evaluation. What competitive strategies Sunsilk follows is also include in this report marketing programs and promotional activities are clearly and briefly cover in this report. Anther vital elements such as: market challenger, Market share and heart share also included here, which helps to understand about consumer perception about the product. Finally in the end recommendation are given that what strategy should Sunsilk follow to meet the strategies and market share of their competitors.
  5. 5. 5 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Introduction Brand Audit Brand audit is concerned with the behavioral and psychological nature of brand equity, and it will be discussed in terms of strength of a brand’s equity and its nature. So simply it is the examination of brand’s current position in industry compared to its competitors and the examination of its effectiveness, brand’s strategy, positioning, market position, consumer views, pops and pods etc. Objective and scope of the audit Brand perceptions often create a complex and elusive picture, but it’s crucial that you determine how your various audiences view your brand. The brand which we have taken is Sunsilk, the main objective of this audit is to show that where the brand is currently stand. After the audit will be done we also come to know that whether the share of brand in market is increasing, decreasing or stable. It will also show that what are the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for this brand, how much people know and like the brand. So after audit we can come to know about the overall market position of the Brand. To know about the Sunsilk. To know about the difficulties faced by the Sunsilk. To know about the growth strategies used by Sunsilk. To about the various promotional strategies of Sunsilk. To know about the 4 P’s of Sunsilk. Methodology: In order to reach in our destination or complete the report with proper and relevantinforma tion we collected data from several sources. We collected data from both primary and secondary section. In primary section we prepared a questionnaires relating with different topics and making a general perception how people think about Sunsilk. In secondary section, we collected information from internet, promotional materials, and articles.
  6. 6. 6 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Lever brothers Pakistan limited LBPL, the largest consumer goods producing company in Pakistan, was incorporated here in 1948 and started building their factory at Rahim yar Khan. This factory was inaugurated formally in 1951 by the then governor general of Pakistan. LBPL moved into the Personal care product business in 1981. It has gained a major market share due to the introduction of quality brands Sunsilk, Lifebuoy, Lux and Fair & Lovely. LBPL is committed to investment and modern production facilities thereby contributing to economic growth and employment opportunities. Sunsilk Sunsilk is one of the world’s biggest, well known and well -loved hair care brands. Sunsilk is Unilever’s leading hair care brand, and ranks as one of the Anglo- Dutchconglomerate's “billion dollar brands". New Sunsilk is fresh and engages the consumer through its life can’t wait campaign which is the next chapter of the brand and is the first global campaign for Sunsilk in its History. The brand is strongest in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East and is the number one hair care brand in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Sri Lanka and Thailand.
  7. 7. 7 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t HISTORY Sunsilk is a hair care brand, mostly aimed towards women. Sunsilk launched in the Great Britain throughout 1954, and through 1959 it had been for sale in 18 diverse nations around the world worldwide. It truly is that is generated by the actual Unilever Company. Right now, this is considered the globe's primary organization and brand throughout hair fitness and the minute major throughout hair shampoo. Sunsilk will be Unilever’s primary hair care brand, and ranks as one of the “Billion Dollar Brands". That is among the world’s most significant popular and properly beloved hair attention model. It absolutely was introduced throughout 1989 throughout Pakistan having 3 variant related kinds of shampoo or conditioner. Endorsement of a hair stylist was step one throughout creating the actual picture from the brand as being a hair care expert. With the rivalry from community and international businesses on account of justification connected with excise obligations, Sunsilk has not been competent to acquire the required write about available in the market. To help improve the actual brand, LBPL made a decision to re-launch Sunsilk that has a quality assortment consisting of four versions throughout Jan 2000. Throughout 2001, due to continuous analysis of these related hair care institutes, the importance of a hair shampoo for oily hair was seen and so they released a whole new variant connected with Sunsilk getting citrus fruit ingredients. Sunsilk comes throughout over 80 nations around the world throughout the world – assisting numerous women remedy their very own hair care that has a distinctive and innovative choice of shampoos, conditioners, and therapy and conditioning items. 1954 – Sunsilk first launched in the UK. 1955 – First advertisement of Sunsilk appeared on TV. 1964 – Launch of Sunsilk hair spray. 1968 – Sunsilk shampoo re-packaged in PVC bottles. 1971 – Launch of Sunsilk conditioner. 1975 – Sunsilk became the biggest name in hair care. 2003 – Sunsilk glossy magazine launched in Argentina. 2008 – Social networking site Gang of Girls was introduced in India. 2009– Co-creation expert formula used 2010-2013--- PFDC Fashion Week
  8. 8. 8 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Mission statement The new Sunsilk shampoo aims at fulfilling the needs of its target market by offering a high quality, assessment of the concept in terms of its acceptability, credibility and perceived benefits, that it offers a healthy choice shampoo alternative to the targeted consumer. The theme of the product shall be anchored around the motto: “Softness, shine and manageability of Hair” Key facts Number 1 in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East Sales of more than €1 billion a year. Selling in 80 countries. Also sold as Elidor, Hazeline, Seda and Sedal. Recent Awards: Holds the Guinness World Record for the most heads of hair washed and styled in one day. Brand Funnel of Sunsilk Attributes Unique Packaging, Different varieties, Innovative, Healthy hair Function Sense of style and elegance, Feel good to use experts formula, Rewards Increase self-esteem, Confidence on Product, Care free Values Pride and sophistication, Credibility, exclusivity Personality Trust worthy, Professional, Accomplishment
  9. 9. 9 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Name • The colour of the font will be bold black “SUNSILK” with a colorful pack. Color • There is a diverse verities of colour have been introduced in recent times in Sunsilk. Shape • This brand has a shape of petite tiny balls with blaze including that this product is with diverse colors and it also shows the shape of long hair. Font • The name and the logo will be appeared has a high lightened of this product with eye-catching colors. Slogan • For this brand the slogan is “Life Can’t Wait” LOGO
  10. 10. 10 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Sunsilk brand portfolio PORTFO LIO Sunsilk Shampoo Sunsilk conditioner Sunsilk Spray Sunsilk Mask Age and Life Cycle • Buyers come under the age group of 15- 40 years. • Purchase of Sunsilk is not affected by generation differences. Gender • Sunsilk is for all girls and females Income • Couple upper earning instructional classes. • Price of Sunsilk is reasonable & affordable. • Their particular promotional routines, they protect the complete market in-spite of these kinds of instructional classes. TARGET MARKET
  11. 11. 11 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t CAMPAIGNS  Life Can’t Wait "Life Can't Wait" is a new fight by Sunsilk that intends to urge young females to seize open doors and live throughout today. Sunsilk accepts that you can get the most out of life when you trust in marketing and promoting things happen, and the brand wants to motivate young females to live without bounds. Our worldwide publicizing crusade "Life Can't Wait" expects to support young females around Pakistan to get the most out of life by inspecting every symbol's persuasive story through the viewpoint of their changing looks – an alternate hair styling speaking to an alternate magnetic part of their own verbalization toward oneself. These capable style and magnificence symbols particularly our exceptional symbol Iman Ali encapsulate the soul of living with enthusiasm and Sunsilk wishes Pakistani young females will seize the minute and live their lives with the dauntless spirit and pizzazz with which each of the symbols existed their live.  Hairapy “Hairapy” is an effective campaign, introduced in USA which is about “Therapy for Hair”. It provides free hair treatment to women and invest heavy amount for promotion of Sunsilk brand. It gains trusty and loyal consumers via this campaign. Via this campaign experts give beneficial suggestions about hair and different hair styles. It provides suitable styles which are best and attractive for clients. Experts inform clients about how they can save and grow their hair via using Sunsilk from heat, sweat and environment. From this campaign it earned trust and belief in the market.
  12. 12. 12 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t CLASSES OF PRODUCT Sunsilk shampoos have been a vital a piece of the hair care administration since quite a while. The most vital elements for the prominence of the Sunsilk shampoos in young females' eyes are its enduring scents, great outcomes and reasonableness. They are numerous Sunsilk shampoos sorts in the market. What's more they keep concocting new variants and distinctive reach of shampoos to tackle the diverse hair issues. Brand Ambassador Firstly Actress and Model Iman Ali was the brand ambassador for Sunsilk in Pakistan Now Actress and Model Humaima Malick is the brand ambassador for Sunsilk in Pakistan Now Actress and Model AYAN ALI is the brand ambassador for Sunsilk clean and fresh in Pakistan
  13. 13. 13 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Sunsilk has got cleanser reach to illuminate your dandruff troubles. It holds zinc pyrithion and citrus complex, and others are accessible in egg and yogurt which are well known for dandruff disposal. The cleanser is likewise advanced with characteristic elements like sunflower oil and lime separates which purges and mitigates your hair well. This shampoo is enhanced with the Amla and pearl-complex, which structures a defensive layer on the surface of the hair to ensure it from the unsafe sun harm. The cleanser gives a characteristic sparkle and shine to your hair. It has a semi-fluid consistency with a gleam dark color Ginseng and Soya energizers provide on a daily basis dosage of vitamins serving to boost up hair’s potency and manifestly reducing hair fall in just few days. This glorious shampoo holds ceramide and egg yolk extricate, which makes the hair delicate and smooth. It is uncommonly intended for dry hair and goes about as a chemical and gives support. It keeps your hair neat and clean and provides freshness for long time to hair and also gives calm to your brain. It holds keratin yogurt nurti-complex, which gives supplements to the hair and fortifies it from root to tip making them thick and long. It is tender on hair and has a durable scent which waits for quite a while.
  14. 14. 14 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t INTRODUCING OUR Six SUNSILK EXPERTS Sunsilk is sold in more than 80 countries across the globe – helping millions of women solve their own hair care with a unique and innovative range of shampoos, conditioners, and treatment and conditioning products. We’re proud to be working with an incredible group of hair professionals, and each one brings their own exclusive expertise to Sunsilk. Brand Mantra Brand Name Emotional Modifier Descriptive Modifier Functional Benefit Confidence & Self-respect Both gender specially girls Hair Care •Creates fabulous looks for premier fashion magazines and catwalks the world over. Teddy Charles •He is renowned for creating looks for hair shows, fashion shows and educational seminars. Thomas Taw •Created the famous YUKO Hair Straightening System, for super- sleek styles. Yuko Yamashita • She is an acclaimed scalp and skin care expert, who practicing medical and cosmetic dermatology in New York City since 1989 Dr Francisco Fuscon • Creates sensuous and glamorous hairstyles for celebrities, fashion editorial and international haute couture houses alike. Jamal Hamadi • She is one of the best colourists in the world; while Quidad is the first stylist in the United States to specialise in curly hair Rita Hazan
  15. 15. 15 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Point of equality (POP) Points of equality are organizations that are not actually unique to business but may actually be allocated to other manufacturers. For an providing to achieve a factor of equality on a particular feature or benefit, a sufficient variety of clients must believe business is “good enough” on that sizing. Like others SUNSILK contains such POPs: Point of Distinction (POD): Points of difference are features or benefits clients highly affiliate with an item, favorably assess, and believe they could not find to the same level with an aggressive brand. We discovered that PODs For Sunsilk is Co-creation system designed by expert’s. They came with this idea to get the industry and to be excellent in the marketplace. From 2009 Sunsilk started working with a variety of professional locks "experts" to create new and enhanced items. Each locks “issue" version hyperlinks to an "expert “with the appropriate professional locks knowledge. •Dream soft & Smooth •Stunning Dark Shine •Lusciously Dense & Long •Anti-Dandruff Solution •Hair Fall Solution POP Co creation formula Dr. Francesca Fusco, hair fall Jamal Hammadi for Dark Glow Rita Hazan for Brilliant Color Stuffed bear Charles for Plumped Up Quantity Thomas Taw for Damage Renovation Yuko Yamashita for Perfect Straight POD
  16. 16. 16 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Sub Branding Sub-brand for Sunsilk is a chain regarding curly hair dressing salons which assure quality hair dressing along with curly hair attention, a number of the benefits linked to the Sunsilk music group, but directed at a segment of the focus on collection or perhaps, a little bit different collection as compared to in the mum brand name. Several manufacturers need complicated brand name structure and also the moot query can be as to help no matter whether the item basically weakens the brand name or the slightest bit places it's rep to help risk. Brand Elements: Brand components can play a variety of name building positions. Group components are those signature able devices that recognize and distinguish business. Most strong manufacturers employ several brand components. Promoters choose brand components to build as much brand value as possible. Item components such as: unforgettable, significant, pleasant, convenient and secure able. We explain those components in brief as follows: Memorable: • Every clients thoughts grabs business. Their marketing programs set business in clients thoughts. Their brief brand such as: Dove, lakes, Sunsilk etc. are quickly unforgettable. Meaningful: • Every customer has a obvious significance about Sunsilk. Consumer believes about Sunsilk as an item which fix their problem pertaining with locks. Likable: • From our research we discovered that most of the individuals like business vocally and creatively. Protectable: • The brand is lawfully and reasonably protectable. The organization maintain their trade indicate privileges and not general Adaptable: • Another reality which we saw in Sunsilk. Different pack size and new treatments are quickly approved by the clients.
  17. 17. 17 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Marketing strategies of Sunsilk BRANDING STRATEGY The actual branding strategy for a firm displays the number and dynamics involving frequent and distinctive brand elements placed on all the solution distributed with the firm. Branding approach involves deciding the type involving brand-new and recent brand elements being placed on brand-new and recent items. Branding Decisions: Strategy of branding is amongst the almost all vital choices having through marketers. This can be a technique, which in turn gives plenty of constructive responses to get a corporation. The primary determination is actually regardless of whether to build up a brand name to get an item. Right now, printing is actually this type of pressure that will hardly anything, should go unbranded. Unilever follow specific name with regard to location name with regards to diverse merchandise, like Sunsilk, Dove (Shampoo), Fair & Lovely, ponds and Dove with regard to skin care. Unilever get yourself a significant good thing about anyone name techniques that the company doesn't connect their standing on the merchandise. And so, if virtually any company is not able or maybe generally seems to have got substandard quality, the companies name or maybe graphic seriously isn't injure. Choosing General Strategy: Flank Attack: Sunsilk can adhere to segmental technique. In industry Go & shoulder area focusing on mainly high and middle-class individuals but big section in reduced category customer could not follow their product. So, Sunsilk focusing on the reduced category, who have low earnings and release awesome at a discounted. Frontal Attack: Sunsilk can release new hair shampoo mixing refresher, anti- dandruff, and shinning in a one product as adhere to as Go & Shoulders. Bypass Attack: Sunsilk can present anti- dandruff hair shampoo and provide an extra refresher in a package.
  18. 18. 18 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t COMPETITIVE REVIEW Pure competition: Head & Shoulder vs. Sunsilk exists in the pure competition. Analyzing competitors: The new Sunsilk shampoo aims to fulfilling the need of its target market by offering a high quality, assessment of concept in term of acceptability, credibility, and perceived benefits that it offers a healthy choice shampoo alternative to target customer. Classes of competitors: In urban areas, Sunsilk is acting as a market challenger against Head & Shoulder. Sunsilk has got the advantage of keeping their prices lower than Head & Shoulder shampoos but Head & Shoulder has captured a bigger share of the market due to its intense promotional activities. Competitor review: The major competitor of Sunsilk in rural areas is BIO AMLA and in urban areas Sunsilk mainly cutthroat of Head & Shoulder. The main advantage of BIO Amla is herbalcom position, low prices, which attract rural market but in term of quality they are far behind Sunsilk shampoo. In urban areas Sunsilk facing market challenge with Head & Shoulder. Sunsilk has got the advantage of keeping their prices lower than P&G but P&G has captured a large market share due to its intense promotional activities. Generally, Cute work as a market follower as it doesn’t go for any innovative action. Market share: Sunsilk as a market competitor, they are steadily gaining market share. At present market situation, they capture 34% of total market share.
  19. 19. 19 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Mind Share: To buy a shampoo rational consumers firstly think about Sunsilk due to the promotional strategies of Sunsilk. So that Sunsilk rapidly increase their mind share. Heart Share: Due to reach product and marketing attributes & features Sunsilk’s mind share in total competitive market is higher than any other brand. Consumer would like to choose Sunsilk as their first choice. Competitive review check box Serial NO Particulars Sunsilk Head & Shoulder 1. Brand Ranking 384 282 2. Brand Portfolio Shampoo & conditioner Shampoo & conditioner 3. Brand image Womens, style, quality, smooth, soft, black, shiny, clean, fresh, longhair, thick hair, self-respect, cool & nice smell Both gender, anti-dandruff free, self-respect, shiny, 4. Years in market 60 53 5. Logo Stylish women Dandruff free hair 6. Scientific health protection 5 6 7. Scientific environment protection 6.5 6.2 8. Scientific society protection 6.2 5.8
  20. 20. 20 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t PRODUCT PACKAGING The packaging design for the New Sunsilk range is greatly energizing and has been produced by Brown Incorporation United Kingdom. The packaging makes the brand look modern and expert. This packaging makes the brand look more contemporary and howdy tech. It guarantees more emphasis on the variants that have recently been a piece of the item however never been conveyed to the client that well. This new packaging has obviously distinguished that there is a separate item for every hair sort. PRICES Sunsilk provides shampoo in different sizes of bottles and sachets. Prices are different accordingly. Consumers buy according to their budget conveniently. It provides value-based pricing system which is according to consumers mind. Main feature of this pricing system is that the demand for product will be much higher because it fulfills the perception of consumers about its value. Through this system, it can able to earn more profit. The prices of its major competitor, P&G is rising but Sunsilk has maintained its price level and its prices are less than P&G. Pakistan is a poor country and people income level is low and they prefer to buy low prices products with quality. So, it is beneficial for Sunsilk, because its prices are low as compared to P&G. Sunsilk Shampoo 5ml Sachet Pack Rs. 05 Sunsilk Shampoo Per 100ml Bottle Rs. 99 Sunsilk Shampoo Per 200ml Bottle Rs. 180 Sunsilk Shampoo Per 400ml Bottle Rs. 330
  21. 21. 21 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t PROMOTION  Building peak level of consciousness of consumers  Personality creation of our brand The promotion objectives are situate avoiding to the advertising strategy for each product besides having these general objectives, e.g. Sunsilk promotion and advertising objectives in view of the fact that it was being re-launched were: Promotional strategies: Launch innovative campaigns such as “Life Can’t Wait” and “Hairapy” to use a pull on young females to the bran Sponsored short films that were televise throughout admired television shows. Promotion through movies as “Fashion” Sunsilk had come up by means of a latest campaign of promotion “GOOD HAIR DAYS” in the 6 main cities in association with well-known hair stylists of the country. Gang of Girls web page to show community of gilrs Madonna, Natalia Oreiro, Shakira, and Marilyn Monroe all featured in Sunsilk's 2008 advertising campaign “Life Can’t Wait”. The philosophy behind the campaign was about girls taking positive steps to gain better control of their lives “Hair On = Life On”. Enhancement of use Provision of a sensation of freshness due to scent soft, smooth and silky hair Exclusive shampoo for all hair nature Making the hair appearance shiny and clean Easily managing, Benefits conditioning Efficiently and effectively correspond promises of the brand
  22. 22. 22 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t In 2003, Sunsilk (Sedal) launched the first hair only glossy magazine in Argentina aiming to communicate to the professional hair industry. More than 800,000 copies are published each month. The magazine focuses on hair, fashion and beauty issues as well as showcasing hairdressers’ work. It is sold locally on newsstands and distributed to hair salons. From 2009 Sunsilk started working with a number of professional hair "experts" to develop new and improved products. Each hair “issue" variant links to an "expert” with the relevant specialist hair knowledge. Advertisement objectives: The advertising of any product should go behind the SMILE loom which is: Strategies • Usage of Media Platforms • Printing Media • Rural Campaign via Internet Strategies • Environmental Ads • Advertising • Videos with Music • Distribution of Free Samples strategies • Hoardings • Campaign of Demo • Sponsorships • Product Mix Enhancement S M I L E Simple Memorable Interesting with related information Linked to the band Emotionally concerned and liked
  23. 23. 23 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t The advertising should be in line with the earlier period ads (if any). A good advertising idea, The ad should have. Advertisement should get together the brief Clearly communicating the message Brand’s personality should be vigorous via advertisement Change the ad typically subsequent to 1.5 years Target Audience Rating Points (TARP) should be observed Advertising should fit the manufacturer’s personality An add is usually modified after 18 months TARP (Target Viewers Ranking Points) Advertising Evaluation: Lever also providers out on comprehensive assessment process. Focus on industry rating factors are used to assess a item. Houses are supervised in various places to get client reaction and reviews. Consumer view of Sunsilk Advertisement: According to a study 60% consumers say that the marketing is eye-catching and the 30% say average and other 10% say it’s cheap. Its shows that the marketing should work well and offering information in a better way that is why consumers like it. 60% 30% 10% attractive average cheap Consumer view Series 1
  24. 24. 24 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Distribution Objective: “To reach as many cities, town and villages as they can” Lever has at least 150 distributers whose function is to sell to supplier straight. There are different distributers for different places. They are properly chosen and their efficiency is regularly analyzed. They appear extremely pleased with their own route systems and have an excellent relationship with them. We feel that this is essential since these are not too many levels, thereby avoiding route complexness and enabling Handle greater control. Lever’s declarations were confirmed by our client study which obtained that the retailors were very pleased with Lever’s submission program, which permitted well-stocked racks. This is an advantage, since a lot go through regular buying actions. Sunsilk has an excellent submission program all over the nation. They have fought hard to look at such programs that assurance the perfect results regarding the position of their item. These distributers are given clear training regarding the selection of the retailors and to create sure that the retailer; Knows about the significant features of the product Place the item along with its significant opponents like P&G Displays the sachets distinctly They give off and on offers as business marketing motivation to their distributers. The distributers promote the marketing of Sunsilk by recommendations.
  25. 25. 25 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS Lever brother Pakistan restricted is one of the biggest companies in Pakistan. Company has innovative technology and well experienced experts. The new Sunsilk shampoo is a top great quality item in terms of hair protection. The potential audience is knowledgeable, experts and are part of top quality and center class Company totally possessed, methodical distribution program, clear interaction program. Participative management style Very good distribution program all over Pakistan, in all significant and small places. Weaknessess Competitors have strong marketing activities. Imported manufacturers also available in the marketplace. Customer are provided better alternative by the opponents. Opportunities Population growing at a fast amount. Consumers are becoming more great quality conscious. Current potential usage is 80%, which can be further enhanced with increase in demand. Customer base is enhanced with operative and effective marketing. Baby locks shampoo is another place where Handle bros can create large benefits. Shampoo plus refresher and anti-dandruff locks shampoo are another place where Handle bros can earn large earnings. Rural places are a large potential industry where they can present Sunsilk. Threats Political and economic factors. Partial Govt. rules. High amount of opponents. Local and foreign opponents. Smuggling via Afghan business transportation is one of the big obstacles experienced by Sunsilk. Supplies from Philippines and Thailand is another important issue.
  26. 26. 26 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Brand Equity A stage when the holder of a famous brand name is able to get increasing profits due to increasing worth of its brand name in the market. This happens because the shopper is confident that the quality of the famous brand is much better than the other brands which are not so famous than the former. This can be achieving through a good marketing of the brand. Many ways to measure the brand equity has been developed by different experts. But none of them is universally accepted tool to measure the brand equity. Brand Awareness This term refer to the reaching ability of brand to the mind. Brand recall/brand recognition helps to measure the brand awareness. Brand recall is a term used to define the ability of the customer in case when he/she requires a certain category of the product to meet his/her specific need. Facebook likes 2,293,581 likes Twitter followers 73644 Google plus Items 120 141,206 . YouTube views 1,961,342 Flicker photos 10200 Positioning competitive map of Sunsilk Brand We find this calculation by hundreds of people as a sample they Thick at box in which relative association is present (with the help of Questioner) Sunsilk Head & Shoulder Pantene Shining in one product 64 23 40 Smooth and Silky 71 20 34 Anti-dandruff shampoo and provide an extra conditioner in a package. 30 77 0 Hair Fall 81 19 67 Damage Repair 66 40 55 Shampoo Combining conditioner 58 47 55 Lower Class 41 22 34 Immediate Effects 79 17 45 Lower Price 56 15 37
  27. 27. 27 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Brand Association Nice Fragrance Self-respect Confidence Shiny Hair Smooth hair Gorgeous Hair Shampoo Top brand Fresh Girls Glow Style Global Joining Adoptable Fresh Silky Self-respect Soft Straight Hair Freedom Innovation 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Pantene Head & Shoulder Sunsilk
  28. 28. 28 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t SUNSILK MENTAL MAP These three form the mental map of Sunsilk which associates with them the different aspects. Let us see them in detail: Sunsilk People Performance Image People  Girls  Both gender  All Age Performance  Black, shiny, silky, soft, smooth long, thick, fresh and clean hair  Healthy hair  Safe  Nice fragrance Image  Self-respect  Casually  Successful  Confidence  Adoptable  Freedom
  29. 29. 29 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Customer -Based Brand Equity Model Resonance Loyal customers, Sense of community, Active customer involvement Judgments Most recognized brand, Top brand, unique Color, Variety innovative Feelings Social approval, Style Statement, warmth, Confidence, self-respect, Performance Silky, shine, black, clean, long, thick, dandruff free hair, Environment friendly, health friendly , social friendly Imagery Female capturing, Available, youth, cool, girls unity, sense of community Salience Cosmetics, hair care brand, most recognized brand, confidence, expert’s co-creation, sense of community, happiness Emotional Rational CustomerAcceptance
  30. 30. 30 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Breadth and Depth of the awareness The possibility of the accessibility of the brand to the mind is termed as the depth of the brand awareness. The more the recalling ability of the brand the more awareness level it has. Range of the purchase and the situations to use the brand comes into the mind is termed as breadth of the brand awareness. Brand Performance  Five characteristics lies under the heading of brand performance. These are:  Primary ingredients and supplementary features  Product reliability, durability and services  Style and design  price Brand Image Perception of the consumer about the brand is called the brand image. Association of the brand in the mind of the consumer measures it. Brand Imagery Brand’s ability to meet the social and psychological needs of the consumer is what we call brand imagery. These are referred as the extrinsic properties of the brand. There are many intangibles which might be linked to the brand but four main categories are:  User profile  Purchase and usage situation  Personality and values  History, heritage and experiences. Brand Judgment Personal point of view and evaluation held by consumer with regard to the brand is the brand judgment. It is about the association of brands performance and imagery to varying kinds of opinion of the customer.
  31. 31. 31 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Following types of brand judgment are important:  Quality of brand  Credibility of brand  Considerations  Brand superiority Brand Feelings The main types of brand-building feelings are:  Warmth  Fun  Excitement  Security  Social approval  Self respect Brand Resonance Nature of association or the relationship and the extent to which customer feels that they are affiliated with the brand is the brand resonance. Brand resonance can be divided into these classifications:  Behavioral loyalty  Attitudinal attachment  Sense of community  Active engagement
  32. 32. 32 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 Satisfied Style Fair Features Performance Performance Statistical analysis (section wise) Salience 1. How you came to know about sun silk? 2. When you think of a brand, what brand comes to your mind first? Performance 1. If you think about the features and benefits of sun silk , would you say value provided is …? 2. After purchase services? 3. What you say about the packaging of the bottle? 4. How did the purchase price compare your expectations? 5. To you think that this brand has special features? To what extent 0 20 40 60 80 100 Awareness Recognition Salience Salience
  33. 33. 33 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Imagery 1. Who uses the product? 2. Purchase experience? 3. First use experience? 4. How long have you use Sunsilk? 5. How and where did you purchase your product? Judgment 1. What you think about the Overall quality of the brand? 2. Brand is compared to other shampoos that are available, would you say that sunsilk is..? 3. How much do you trust the makers of this brand? 4. How much do you admire this brand? 5. How likely would you be to recommend this brand to others? 6. How unique is this brand? 0 20 40 60 80 100 Female Male Purchace experience Regularly use Available Imagery Imagery 0 20 40 60 80 100 Good Better yes Yes Surely Inovative Judgment Judgment
  34. 34. 34 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Feelings 1. What this brand is differentiated from others? 2. How do you feel after using it? 3. Do you feel the sense of security after using this brand? Resonance 1. Suppose you would not found this brand any where in that situation what you replace it with? 2. In the same above condition. What would you replace it in the coming 12 months? 3. Do you really like to talk about this brand? 4. This is the brand used by the people like me 62 64 66 68 70 72 74 76 Formula Comfertable yes Feelings Feelings 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Not replace yes yes yes Series 1 Series 1
  35. 35. 35 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Salinece Performance Imagery Judgment Feelings Resonance 1 0 Statistical analysis data combined Method Give 1 to all positive answers and give 0 to all negative answers. (TOTAL HUNDRED RESPONDENTS) Serial No Customerbasedbrandequity Particulars 1 Positiveanswer 0 NegativeAnswer SALIENCE 81%aware 19%notaware PERFORMANCE 73%satisfied 27%notsatisfied IMAGERY 67% in favor purchase, usageetc. 33% not in favor to purchase,usageetc. JUDGMENT 71%favorinqualityetc. 29%Notsatisfied FEELINGS 93% feel confidence secureetc. 7%notfeelsecure RESONANCE 62%loyal 38%switchers
  36. 36. 36 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Recommendation Sunsilk should drive according to local preferences and needs. Sunsilk can arise and ensure social responsibility in the society, so they would establish themselves in customer mind and customer would be loyal about Sunsilk. Maintain image among customers, mainly advertisement covers huge expenses of Sunsilk, but we recommend them to cut their advertisement expenditures, in the economic crisis and should more focus on social responsibility. To ensure social responsibility and highlighting benefits they provide Sunsilk can raise their revenue. Extensive marketing methods Unilever should make people aware of the fact that it is a Unilever Product and not just any product so that the brand loyalty increases. Lever should create gang of girls type activity in Pakistan. Improve promotional strategy as P&G have. Conclusion Sunsilk has huge potential of rural market 72% of total population but not yet develop a successful strategy to penetrate this market. The success of Sunsilk emulated which capturedthe rural market by two strategies- Develop strong distribution structure and Adopting packaging and pricing. Sunsilk increase buying of raw material so that it does not have to suffer devolution and continuously increase in tariff rates. They introduced a smaller 100mi pack of Sunsilk in order to capture lower income segment. Sunsilk enter into web marketing. They should increase frequencies of advertising by electronic and print media. They should introduce 2 in 1 shampoo plus conditioner which demand huge potential market. Finally, taking everything in account we can say that if Sunsilk emphasize more on social responsibility and create more attractive marketing programs, they can grab huge number of customers.
  37. 37. 37 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t REFERENCES silk.html fails/2001897.article Unilever financial statement 2007-08
  38. 38. 38 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Annexure
  39. 39. 39 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t Sunsilk brand audit Questioner Section 1: Introduction Gender Male Female Age 15-20 21-30 30-40 40-60 Per month income 10000-20000 20000-35000 35000-50000 50000 above where you live Urban area Rural Area Section 2: Brand Audit questions Your response can help us…… Thick the following given options Serial No Pay for your shampoo per month? 100-200 200-400 400-600 600 above 1. Shampoo do you use mostly? Sunsilk Pantene Head& shoulder Other 2. Which Shampoo can compete Sunsilk? Pantene Head & Shoulder Other 3. Have you ever heard of Sunsilk? Yes No 4. When you think about shampoo brand, what brand comes first to your mind? Sunsilk Pantene Head& shoulder Others 5. Now if you think about the feature and benefits of Sunsilk, would you say the value provides is? Satisfied Unsatisfied 6. What kind of after purchase service? Satisfied Unsatisfied 7. What opinion about the packaging of the bottle? Stylish Unique Normal 8. How did the product’s price compare to your expectations? Fairly Unfair 9. To what extent this brand has special features? Many Few 10. Who uses the product? Men Women Kids 11. Purchase experience? Yes No 12. First use experience? Yes No 13. How long have you used Sunsilk? Regularly some month not yet used 14. Product is easily available? Yes No 15. What is overall quality of the brand? Poor fair Good Excellent 16. Brand is compared to other shampoo’s that are available; would you say that Sunsilk is…? Poor fair Good Excellent 17. You admire this brand? Yes No 18. You trust the makers of this brand? Yes No 19. Would you recommend this brand to other? Yes No 20. How unique is this brand? Innovative Not innovative 21. Does this brand give you the feeling of warmth? Yes No
  40. 40. 40 | S t r a t e g i c B r a n d M a n a g e m e n t 22. What makes this brand different? Formula Uniquenes s Innovation 23. After its use what do you feel like? Comfortable Uncomforted 24. Does this brand give you the feeling of security? Yes No 25. If this brand were no longer available, would you replace it? Yes No 26. All things considered, over the next 12 months how likely are you to replace you product (connected to above)? Yes No 27. I really like to talk about this brand to others? Yes No 28. This is brand used by the people like me? Yes No 29. How did the product price compare to your expectation? Poor fair good excellent Sunsilk Shampoo positioning competitive map Thick at box in which relative association is present otherwise let it blank. Sunsilk Head & Shoulder Pantene Shining in one product Smooth and Silky Anti-dandruff shampoo and provide an extra conditioner in a package. Hair Fall Damage Repair Shampoo Combining conditioner Lower Class Immediate Effects Lower Price Thank you 