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Sunsilk Brand audit Power point slides " Project of Strategic brand audit report"
The Islamia University Of Bahawalpur "department of Management Sciencies"
MBA 6th Marketing specialization (2011-2015

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Sunsilk brand audit ppt

  1. 1. Sir Irtaza Haider for giving us this opportunity
  2. 2. Group members • Rashid Javed (32) • Mudasra Amjad (21) • Malka Yasmeen (19) • Qasim Irshad (28) • Rana Umar Farooq (31)
  3. 3. Brand audit
  4. 4. Objectives
  5. 5. Methodology • Primary Sources • Secondary Sources
  6. 6. • World’s largest company & bran in hair conditioning • 2nd largest in shampoo • Considered as billion dollar brand • Unilever’s number one hair care brand • Products are sold in 69 countries
  7. 7. Time line review • 1954 launching • 1958 Polythene bottle • 1959 Expansion in 18 countries • 1960 tonic Shampoo • 1969 PVC bottle • 1971 conditioner • 1975 biggest name
  8. 8. 2008 Social networking site Gang of girls2003 New Range 2001 Hair Colorant Market 1980 Introduced Whole Range
  9. 9. 2010-2013 PFDC Fashion Week 2009 Co-Creation Collaboration
  10. 10. Logo 1990-2008 2008 Upto 2014
  11. 11. LOGO Name Color Shape Font Slogan
  12. 12. SUNSILK BRAND PORTFOLIO PORTFOLI O Sunsilk Shampoo Sunsilk conditioner Sunsilk Spray Sunsilk Mask
  13. 13. Age and Life Cycle Gender Income TARGET MARKET
  14. 14. INTRODUCING OUR SIX SUNSILK EXPERTS • Creates fabulous looks for premier fashion magazines and catwalks the world over. Teddy Charles • He is renowned for creating looks for hair shows, fashion shows and educational seminars. Thomas Taw • Created the famous YUKO Hair Straightening System, for super-sleek styles. Yuko Yamashita • She is an acclaimed scalp and skin care expert, who practicing medical and cosmetic dermatology in New York City since 1989 Dr Francisco Fuscon • Creates sensuous and glamorous hairstyles for celebrities, fashion editorial and international haute couture houses alike. Jamal Hamadi • She is one of the best colourists in the world; while Quidad is the first stylist in the United States to specialise in curly hair Rita Hazan
  15. 15. Brand Ambassador Firstly Actress and Model Iman Ali Now Actress and Model Humaima Malick Now Actress and Model AYAN ALI is the brand ambassador for Sunsilk clean and fresh in Pakistan
  16. 16. Brand Name Emotional Modifier Descriptive Modifier Functional Benefit Confidence & Self-respect Both gender specially girls Hair Care Brand Mantra
  17. 17. Dream soft & Smooth Stunning Dark Shine Lusciously Dense & Long Anti-Dandruff Solution Hair Fall Solution POP Co creation formula Dr. Francesca Fusco, hair fall Jamal Hammadi for Dark Glow Rita Hazan for Brilliant Color Stuffed bear Charles for Plumped Up Quantity Thomas Taw for Damage Renovation Yuko Yamashita for Perfect Straight Clear and fresh Sunsilk POD
  18. 18. SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS Biggest companies in Pakistan. Innovative technology and well experienced experts. Top great quality item in terms of hair protection. The potential audience is knowledgeable and experts Clear interaction program. Participative management style Very good distribution program all over Pakistan Weaknessess Competitors have strong marketing activities. Imported manufacturers available in marketplace. Customer have alternative
  19. 19. Opportunities Population growing at a fast amount. Consumers are becoming more great quality conscious. Current potential usage is enhanced with increase in demand. Customer base is enhanced with operative and effective marketing. Baby locks shampoo is another place Shampoo plus refresher Rural places are a large potential industry Threats Political and economic factors. Partial Govt. rules. High amount of opponents. Local and foreign opponents. Smuggling via Afghan business transportation Supplies from Philippines and Thailand
  20. 20. Brand Elements Marketing experts choose brand factors to construct as often brand collateral as it can be. Memorable: • Every clients thoughts Sunsilk as shampoo brand . Their marketing programs set business in clients thoughts. Meaningful: • Consumer believes about Sunsilk as an item which fix their problem pertaining with locks. Likable: • We discovered that most of the individuals like business vocally and creatively. Protectable: • The brand is lawfully and reasonably protectable. Adaptable: • Different pack size and new treatments are quickly approved by the clients.
  21. 21. Competitive Review Pure Competition Sunsilk vs. Head & Shoulder exist in pure competition. Analyzing Competitor Sunsilk shampoo aims to fulfilling the needs of its target market by • offering a high quality, • assessment of concept in term of acceptability, • credibility, • and perceived benefits that it offers a healthy choice shampoo alternative to target consumer.
  22. 22. Classes of Competitors In Rural Areas In Urban Areas
  23. 23. Competitor Review  Major competitor of Sunsilk in Rural areas is Bio Amla. Herbal composition and low price In terms of quality, they are far behind Sunsilk  In urban areas, Sunsilk is acting as a market challenger against P&G. Intense promotional activities P&G shampoos have higher prices
  24. 24. Competitive Review Sr No. Particulars Sunsilk Head & Shoulder 1 Brand Ranking 384 282 2 Brand Portfolio Shampoo , Conditioners, mask & spray Shampoo & Conditioners 3 Brand Image Women Style, Quality, Smooth, Soft, Black, Shiny, Clean, Fresh, Long Hair, Thick Hair, Self-Respect, Cool & Nice Smell Both Gender, Anti- Dandruff, Self-Respect, Shiny 4 Years in Market 60 53 5 Logo Stylish Women Dandruff Free Hair 6 Scientific Health Protection 5 6 7 Environment Protection 6.5 6.2 8 Society Protection 6.2 5.8
  25. 25. Market Share Sunsilk as a market competitor, is steadily gaining market share. At present market it capture 34% of total market share. Overall brand-wise position is: 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 Market share Market share
  26. 26. Mind Share To buy a shampoo rationale consumers firstly think about Sunsilk due to promotional strategies of Sunsilk. So that Sunsilk rapidly increase their mind share. Sunsilk 75% Head and shoulder 22% Other brands 3% Mind Share
  27. 27. Heart Share Due to reach product and marketing attributes and features consumer choosing Sunsilk as their first choice. 77% 18% 5% Heart share Sunsilk Head & Shoulder Other brands
  28. 28. Product packaging • Energizing • Produced by Brown Incorporation United Kingdom • brand look modern and expert • Emphasis on the variants • Separate item for every hair sort
  29. 29. Prices • Prices are different according customer budget • Shampoo in different sizes of bottles and sachets • Value-based pricing • Fulfills the perception of consumers • Prices are less than P&G Sunsilk Shampoo 5ml Sachet Pack Rs. 05 Sunsilk Shampoo Per 100ml Bottle Rs. 99 Sunsilk Shampoo Per 200ml Bottle Rs. 180 Sunsilk Shampoo Per 400ml Bottle Rs. 330
  30. 30. PROMOTION • Building peak level of consciousness of consumers • Personality creation of our brand • Objectives are situate avoiding to the advertising strategy for each product Enhancement of use Provision of a sensation of freshness due to scent soft, smooth and silky hair Exclusive shampoo for all hair nature Making the hair appearance shiny and clean Easily managing, Benefits conditioning Efficiently and effectively correspond promises of the brand
  31. 31. PROMOTIONAL STRATEGIES Strategies • Usage of Media Platforms • Printing Media • Rural Campaign via Internet Strategies • Environmental Ads • Advertising • Videos with Music • Distribution of Free Samples strategies • Hoardings • Campaign of Demo • Sponsorships • Product Mix Enhancement
  32. 32. Advertisement objectives The advertising of any product should go behind the SMILE loom which is: Simple Memorable Interesting with related information Linked to the band Emotionally concerned and liked
  33. 33. Advertising Strategy and Evaluation • Advertisements depends on level of competition • Promote functional benefits of shampoo • Elida Hair Institution come up with advancement • Sunsilk research by worldwide approved organizations • Nabila an identified and highly certified beautician is used by Sunsilk in its • Sunsilk has come up with a new advertising strategy “GOOD HAIR DAYS” 60% 30% 10% ATTRACTIVE AVERAGE CHEAP CONSUMER VIEW Series 1
  34. 34. Distribution Objective • “To reach as many cities, town and villages as they can” • Different distributers for different places • Extremely pleased with their own distribution systems • Retailors were very pleased with Lever’s distribution system which permitted well- stocked racks • Struggled to hard to adopt those channel which guarantees perfect result • Knows about the significant features of the product • Place the item along with its significant opponents like P&G • Displays the sachets distinctly • They give off and on offers as trade promotion incentive to their distributers.
  35. 35. Facebook likes 2,293,581 likes Twitter followers 73644 Google plus Items 120 141,206 . YouTube views 1,961,342 Flicker photos 10200 Brand Awareness
  36. 36. Sunsilk Head & Shoulder Pantene Shining in one product 64 23 40 Smooth and Silky 71 20 34 Anti-dandruff shampoo and provide an extra conditioner in a package. 30 77 0 Hair Fall 81 19 67 Damage Repair 66 40 55 Shampoo Combining conditioner 58 47 55 Lower Class 41 22 34 Immediate Effects 79 17 45 Lower Price 56 15 37 Positioning competitive map of Sunsilk Brand (with the help of Questioner)
  37. 37. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Shining in one product Smooth and Silky Anti-dandruff shampoo and provide an extra conditioner in a package. Hair Fall Damage Repair Shampoo Combining conditioner Lower Class Immediate Effects PANTENE HEAD&SH OULDER SUNSILK
  38. 38. SUNSILK MENTAL MAP Sunsilk People Performance Image These three form the mental map of Sunsilk which associates with them the different aspects
  39. 39. Serial No Customerbased brand equity Particulars 1 Positiveanswer 0 NegativeAnswer 1 SALIENCE 81% aware 19% not aware 2 PERFORMANCE 73% satisfied 27% not satisfied 3 IMAGERY 67% in favor purchase, usage etc. 33% not in favor to purchase, usage etc. 4 JUDGMENT 71% favorin quality etc. 29% Not satisfied 5 FEELINGS 93% feel confidence secure etc. 7% not feel secure 6 RESONANCE 62% loyal 38% switchers Statistical analysis data combined Method Give 1 to all positive answers and give 0 to all negative answers
  40. 40. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Salinece Performance Imagery Judgment Feelings Resonance 1 0
  41. 41. Recommendations • Sunsilk should drive according to local preferences and needs. • Sunsilk can arise and ensure social responsibility in the society. • Maintain image among customers, mainly advertisement covers huge expenses of Sunsilk, • Cut their advertisement expenditures, • To ensure social responsibility and highlighting benefits • Extensive marketing methods unilever should make people aware of the fact that it is a Unilever Product • Lever should create gang of girls type activity in Pakistan • Improve promotional strategy as P&G have
  42. 42. REFERENCES • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Unilever financial statement 2007-08
  43. 43. Q & A Time