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Surf Excel IMC in India

  1. 1. Aditya Kumar Singh Anusha K Archita Joshi Sec C Chittam KushalGroup 9 Debojyoti Burman Gautam Sethi Govind Raj Kaushik Prasanna Patange
  2. 2. HUL: India‟s largest FMCG Company More than 75 Products touch years of the lives of 2 experience in out of 3 Indians India everyday No.1 and strong Market No.2 in more Capitalization > than 95% of the of $ 16 Bln business Surf Excel : Daag Acche Hain
  3. 3. HUL: Brand Categories Food Home Water Care Brand Categories Health, Personal Hygiene Care & Beauty Nutrition Surf Excel : Daag Acche Hain
  4. 4. Surf Excel: THE BRAND SURF EXCEL Launched in 1959 as „Surf‟, it was the first detergent detergent powder in India Surf Excel underwent various changes in its Brand Communication In 1990, following the launch of Ariel, „Surf‟ became „Surf Ultra‟ In 1996, „Surf‟ redefined itself by launching Surf Excel In 2003, the base variant Surf was re-launched as „Surf Excel Blue‟ In 2006, it added „Rin Supreme Bar‟ as „Surf Excel Bar‟ into its portfolio Evolutionary History 1959 1990 1996 2003 2006 SURF SURF ULTRA SURF EXCEL SURF EXCEL SURF EXCEL BLUE BAR Surf Excel : Daag Acche Hain
  5. 5. Surf Excel: Current Range of Products Surf Excel : Daag Acche Hain
  6. 6. Integrated Marketing Communication - Overview Communication channels to create brand equity Advertising Sales Brand Promotion Awareness Events Brand Marketing Image Brand Public Communications Equity BrandRelations Program ResponsesIntegrativeMarketing Brand Relationship Word of mouth mktg Personal Direct Selling Marketing Surf Excel : Daag Acche Hain
  7. 7. Surf Excel: A Journey in Brand Communication 1959: Surf was the first national detergent brand that used Television for its advertisement 1970‟s: Launch of „Nirma Washing Powder‟ Surf introduced the legendary „Lalitaji‟ campaign to communicate the price value equation 1990‟s: Rising competition in the mid price powder segment with the launch of „Ariel‟ Surf launched the highly memorable “Daag Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge” campaign 1996: Launch of Surf Excel Introduced as a variant offering „Complete Cleaning and Care‟, Was communicated through the tag line “Jaise bhi daag ho, Surf Excel hai na” Surf Excel : Daag Acche Hain
  8. 8. Surf Excel: A Journey in Brand Communication2003: Surf was re-launched as Surf Excel Blue The brand was communicated through the catchy “Jayega Nahin Jayega” tagline2005: „Daag Acche Hain‟ Surf Excel broke the clutter by adopting stains, thereby adopting the philosophy of „Dirt is Good‟ („Daag Acche Hain‟) Dirt is good was communicated through different approaches with the tag line “Agar Daag Lagne se kuch acha hota hai, toh Daag Acche hai”2006: Surf Excel Bar Nationwide campaigning announcing migration of Rin Supreme Bar to Surf Excel Bar The campaign was based on „Good News, Bad News‟ platform Surf Excel : Daag Acche Hain
  9. 9. Surf Excel: Segmentation Segmentation Target Market • Women, aged 25 and above Demographic • Housewives esp. with kids • High and upper middle income groups • Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities Geographic • Bulkier SKUs in Urban markets • Started targeting rural markets Psychographic • Targeting A1, A2, B1, B2 SEC • Targeting quality driven customer who are ready Behavioral to pay a premium Surf Excel : Daag Acche Hain
  10. 10. Surf Excel: Perception Maps SURF EXCEL Price Vs Quality High Surf Excel Ariel Tide Quality Wheel Henkel Mr. White Nirma Low Price Surf Excel : Daag Acche Hain
  11. 11. Surf Excel: Perception Maps SURF EXCEL Cloth Protection Vs. Price Machine Usage quantity Vs. Price High High Surf Excel Nirma Ariel WheelProtection Quantity Tide Wheel Nirma Ariel Low Low Surf Excel Price Price Surf Excel : Daag Acche Hain
  12. 12. Surf Excel: Creative Strategy for „Daag Acche Hain‟ • Informational Appeal from early days of „Lalitaji‟ • Ads have been only about unhappy housewivesHistory of • Comparison of white shirt and yellow shirtAdvertising • Boring stereotype, predictive and formulaic ads • Says its OK to soil your clothes for a good cause • Known for its newness, simplicity and clutter breaking ability • Emotional connect with the audienceBreaking the • Focus centered around people rather than brand or the product, Cliché intangible aspects are highlighted • Came up with Surf Excel „Forgiveness‟ Campaign (Sequel of „Daag Acche Hain‟) Present • It has increased the brand recall value status Surf Excel : Daag Acche Hain
  13. 13. Surf Excel: Media Strategy (Traditional) SURF EXCELVarious categories of communication systems like broadcasting, print media, etc.are used for Surf ExcelBillboards and postersIn the Print Media, suchas newspapers,magazines, direct mails,out doors, etc. are usedIn the broadcastingmedia, television andradio (FM channels) arethe major toolsThe frequency of ads is higher during the time slots 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm and 9.00pm to 11.00 pm for stronger impact on target populationWord of mouth publicity Surf Excel : Daag Acche Hain
  14. 14. Surf Excel: Media Strategy (Non- Traditional) SURF EXCEL Title sponsors of TV shows (Surf Excel Little Masters) Every year Surf Excel organizes children‟s festivals – Kala Ghoda 2010, 2009; Anand Mela 2007, D-Mart 2008 Surf Excel has it‟s own YouTube channel wherein children share their “Dirt is Good” experiences Surf Excel tied up with the movie – Chillar Party Surf Excel : Daag Acche Hain
  15. 15. Surf Excel: Media Strategy (Non- Traditional)Organizes various competitions , e.g. World‟s largestHand-Printing Competition (over 70,000 childrenparticipated, Surf excel smart choice contest – luckywinner to get Whirlpool washing machineOnline promotion strategies –website www.surfexcel.inVarious initiatives “Surf Excel and You” suggesting mothers to encourage active learning in their children, mother‟s pride – in which mothers can share their pride stories - special moments from the moment they have children, knowledge beyond books, expert advice Children‟s ClubSocial media marketing through facebook – „Santa ClausCarnival‟ etc. Surf Excel : Daag Acche Hain
  16. 16. Surf Excel: Impact The perceived quality of Surf Excel is now more compared to competition brands Long lasting impact on the consumer because of its emotional connect Developed a positive attitude towards stains by highlighting child‟s happiness over stained cloths 15-20% increase in sales in the Indore area In a semi-urban area like Rau, sales increased by about 150% (from 6 Kg a month to 15 Kg a month in a retail shop) over last 1.5 years Out of 30 homemakers we interviewed brand recall was found to be about 80% Percentage of respondents 100 50 0 Percentage of respondents Surf Excel : Daag Acche Hain
  17. 17. Surf Excel: Recommendation Concentrate more on trade promotions Concentrate on consumer promotions Increase trade margins (currently 7%) Increase point of purchase displays and try to get more shelf space in small scale retailers Not sufficient presence in rural markets, product sells primarily in sachets Company needs to reinvent ad campaign. It will be beneficial to associate the brand with some social cause Tie ups with electronic showrooms, hotel chains etc. Recency Planning : Reduce ads frequency during cricket tournaments, sports shows as the expected impact on target audience is less Also balance between frequency and continuity of media schedule saves cost (as more than 50% of impact is of the first exposure) Surf Excel : Daag Acche Hain
  18. 18. Surf Excel: Proposed IMC Revamped campaign with the tag line “Daag Acche Hain, Aur Hamesha Rahenge” Linking to a social cause, viz. save water campaign Specific ads during festive season especially Holi etc Holding special events for kids on festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Krishna Janamashtami in metros and tier-2 cities Flash Mobs with kids Surf Excel : Daag Acche Hain
  19. 19. QUESTIONS ?