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Fritospowerpoint 111129231129-phpapp02

  1. 1. Problem and opportunity • Consumers believed that Frito-Lay snacks are unhealthy • Survey indicated that only 30% of influencers agree that Frito-Lays offers healthier snacks
  2. 2. people perceptionon lays product
  3. 3. Research Findings• 92% of people say that recommendations from family/friends/experts are the most powerful influences on purchase decisions• Evaluation of coverage found that it’s important to tell the health and wellness story without relying on one product
  4. 4. Research Findings pt 2• Evidence-based, science- driven messages reviewed/shaped by influencers are critical
  5. 5. Key Publics• Any form of media that’s aimed towards nutrition• Health professionals• Influential bloggers• Brand fans• Scientific/academic leaders• Health organization leaders
  6. 6. Marketing objective and Goals Change Change the perception of Frito-Lay’s snacks from junk food to healthy food . Convert 85% of health professionals to Frito’s advocates Generate positive media impressions Elicit 250 online customer recommenders to generate an additional impressions
  7. 7. Objectives• Convert 85% of health professionals to Frito’s advocates• Generate positive media impressions• Elicit 250 online customer recommenders to generate an additional impressions
  8. 8. Strategies• Engage• Educate• Experience• Evangelize• Core messages -• Better for you than you think!”• Frito’s snacks are for health conscious people on the go
  9. 9. Core Messages• “Better for you than you think!”• Frito’s snacks are for health conscious people on the go• The company is committed by converting to healthier oils and removing all trans fats from their products
  10. 10. LOGOS-• Evidence based, science-driven messagesPower words -• “Good Fun”• “Brand Fan”• “Healthy Snacking”
  11. 11. Power Words• “Good Fun”• “Brand Fan”• “Healthy Snacking” nonverbal communication
  12. 12. Nonverbal Communication
  13. 13. Spokespeople• Popular bloggers who worked with Frito-Lay’s to host giveaways. • chosen to become familiar with the audience and to make the audience aware of the campaign
  14. 14. Tactics• Roundtables were hosted with the Society for Nutrition Education and American Dietetic association to familiarize key influencers with Frito- Lays• Identified nearly 2,000 influential chip lovers online interested in learning more about Frito-Lay’s; invited to a brand fan program
  15. 15. Tactics• Coordinated booth presence at blogger conferences Healthy Living Summi and Social Luxe Lounge.• “Chip Challenge” on Twitter• Hosted media, bloggers and health professionals at Frito-Lay plants in 6 states to see first hand how the food is prepared
  16. 16. Tactics•
  17. 17. Evaluation• 90% of health professionals reported a more positive view of Frito-Lay• 89% of people agreed that snack chips could be a good snack option• 19,000 + visitors to various snacking website inquiring about Frito’s new healthier products
  18. 18. Evaluation• Super Bowl outreach resulted in 2 national segments, 6 local segments and 7 blog posts featuring Fritos as a healthier snacking option• Featured on The Today Show• 130 plant tour participants• Electric truck coverage• Thousands of visitors to the youtube channel
  19. 19. Questions?