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Fritos Powerpoint

  1. 1. Building Advocates to Change the Perception of Frito-Lay Snacks <ul><li>by Joscelyn Lasky </li></ul>
  2. 2. ISSUE <ul><li>Consumers believed that Frito-Lay snacks were unhealthy. </li></ul>
  3. 5. Research Methods <ul><li>Market research for brand preference </li></ul><ul><li>Case studies to enlist brand support </li></ul><ul><li>Benchmarking survey on Frito products </li></ul><ul><li>Overall evaluation of current products </li></ul><ul><li>Media analysis </li></ul>
  4. 6. Research Findings <ul><li>92% of people say that recommendations from family/friends/experts are the most powerful influences on purchase decisions </li></ul><ul><li>Survey indicated that only 30% of influencers agree that Frito-Lays offers healthier snacks </li></ul><ul><li>Evaluation of coverage found that it’s important to tell the health and wellness story without relying on one product </li></ul>
  5. 7. Research Findings pt 2 <ul><li>Evidence-based, science-driven messages reviewed/shaped by influencers are critical </li></ul>
  6. 8. Key Publics <ul><li>Any form of media that’s aimed towards nutrition </li></ul><ul><li>Health professionals </li></ul><ul><li>Influential bloggers </li></ul><ul><li>Brand fans </li></ul><ul><li>Scientific/academic leaders </li></ul><ul><li>Health organization leaders </li></ul>
  7. 9. Goals <ul><li>Change the perception of Frito-Lay’s snacks from junk food to healthy food. </li></ul>
  8. 10. Objectives <ul><li>Convert 85% of health professionals to Frito’s advocates </li></ul><ul><li>Generate 40MM positive media impressions </li></ul><ul><li>Elicit 250 online customer recommenders to generate an additional 8MM impressions </li></ul>
  9. 11. Strategies <ul><li>Engage </li></ul><ul><li>Educate </li></ul><ul><li>Experience </li></ul><ul><li>Evangelize </li></ul>
  10. 12. Core Messages <ul><li>“ Better for you than you think!” </li></ul><ul><li>Frito’s snacks are for health conscious people on the go </li></ul><ul><li>The company is committed by converting to healthier oils and removing all trans fats from their products </li></ul>
  11. 13. Logos <ul><li>Evidence based, science-driven messages </li></ul>
  12. 14. Power Words <ul><li>“ Good Fun” </li></ul><ul><li>“ Brand Fan” </li></ul><ul><li>“ Healthy Snacking” </li></ul>
  13. 15. Nonverbal Communication
  14. 16. Spokespeople <ul><li>Popular bloggers who worked with Frito-Lay’s to host giveaways. </li></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>chosen to become familiar with the audience and to make the audience aware of the campaign </li></ul></ul></ul></ul>
  15. 17. Tactics <ul><li>Roundtables were hosted with the Society for Nutrition Education and American Dietetic association to familiarize key influencers with Frito-Lays </li></ul><ul><li>Identified nearly 2,000 influential chip lovers online interested in learning more about Frito-Lay’s; invited to a brand fan program </li></ul>
  16. 18. Tactics <ul><li>Coordinated booth presence at blogger conferences Healthy Living Summi and Social Luxe Lounge. </li></ul><ul><li>“ Chip Challenge” on Twitter </li></ul><ul><li>Hosted media, bloggers and health professionals at Frito-Lay plants in 6 states to see first hand how the food is prepared </li></ul>
  17. 19. Tactics <ul><li> </li></ul>
  18. 20. Evaluation <ul><li>90% of health professionals reported a more positive view of Frito-Lay </li></ul><ul><li>89% of people agreed that snack chips could be a good snack option </li></ul><ul><li>19,000 + visitors to various snacking website inquiring about Frito’s new healthier products </li></ul>
  19. 21. Evaluation <ul><li>Super Bowl outreach resulted in 2 national segments, 6 local segments and 7 blog posts featuring Fritos as a healthier snacking option </li></ul><ul><li>Featured on The Today Show </li></ul><ul><li>130 plant tour participants </li></ul><ul><li>Electric truck coverage </li></ul><ul><li>Thousands of visitors to the youtube channel </li></ul>
  20. 22. Questions?