House Styles for music magazine


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House Styles for music magazine

  1. 1. NME magazine is effective because the photographs use direct address to engage the reader. The magazine ‘holds together’ by attracting the reader using bold font colours and lots of interesting headlines. The convention that is most dominant would be the colour scheme. The colour of the text is mainly red, with the celebrities’ names in a white font as they are the main focus of the magazine.
  2. 2. PME magazine is effective because it is very colourful and bold which attracts the potential audience of teenager up to adulthood. It holds together well because the colour scheme runs through the whole of the magazine, and the “punky rock chick” theme continues. The conventions that are most dominant is the colour scheme and the unique style that has been adapted to suit the magazine. The syle and colour of the magazine also helps to create a style which is cool and unique.
  3. 3. The Kerrang house style is very effective because of the bold font and the pictures of rockstar legends. It “holds together” because the picture of the main inages are of famous people and the whole “rock” style helps to engage the potential audience of teens to adults depending on what kind of music interests them. The grouping of elements together helps engage the reader for example the picture of californian punks helps to make the reader attracted to that article because it’s interesting and rock related- which is the house style.
  4. 4. The ‘REAL R ‘N’ B” magazine is effective because obviously the bright yellow font which is used throughout as part of the house style is very attractive to the audience. Also the large images add effect as they are interesting and edited effectively. It “hold together” because the colour scheme is used throughout the magazine and the graphic features like the CD images and the “free poster” are great elements which are used to match the ‘cool’ ‘stylish’ house style.
  5. 5. The rolling stones’ house style is very effective because of the use of images and font which create a rock n’ roll/ cool theme. Firstly, the image of lil wayne on the front cover attracts readers’ because he is well- known and very iconic. The house style holds together because the font style and size is the same throughout the magazine.
  6. 6. The magazine Siren is quite effective because of the bright colours which help to attract the target audience to the magazine. Also the house style which is a ‘hip hop’ ‘pop princess’ kind of theme helps to draw the reader’s attention too. The text styles are also the same throughout helping to create a colourful house style.
  7. 7. Double Page Spread Conventions Feature Article Photo Headline Mast Head Graphic Feature Acts like a caption
  8. 8. MAST HEAD The title THE HOURS is big at the top left of the page and it shows the name of the magazine. HEAD LINE This text acts as a headline as it is below the mast head and is about the article which follows on the next page. CAPTION This quote acts as a caption because it is telling you extra information about the artists in the article. GRAPHIC FEATURE The graphic feature is used to make the double page spread attractive. The photograph feature is of some clocks which relates to the band as they are called “THE HOURS”. FEATURE ARTICLE PHOTO This is a picture of the band “THE HOURS”. It is used to let the audience know what the double page spread is about and also to engage the readers attention. One of the band members is looking directly into the camera (direct mode of address) and the other band member is looking away (indirect).
  9. 9. Mast Head Headline Feature Article Photo Menu Strip Cover Line Anchorage Kicker
  10. 10. Mast Head The large, bold “Q” is the large at the top of the page to help draw attention to the cover page and attract its audience. Also it shows the name of the magazine. Head line It is bold and large to engage the reader. The words “sexy beast” and “wicked” help to attract attention from the reader and encourage them to buy the magazine because they are very positive words. Feature Article Photo The artist is large and in the centre of the page to engage the reader’s and let them know who is featuring in the magazine. The panthers help portray her “wild” and “mysterious” character which is related to the “sexy” pose she is conveying. Kicker Additional information to help influence people to buy the magazine. It’s an exclusive. Menu Strip Used as a small contents to persuade potential buyers. Anchorage Used to show the exclusives in the magazine
  11. 11. Mast head Menu List (contents of magazine) Feature Article Photograph (shown with page number so readers can go directly to that page) Date and issue information Header Caption Tagline (Additional Info. About Magazine
  12. 12. Feature Article Photograph Shown with page number so readers can go directly to that page. Header- to introduce the departments in the magazine Mast Head It is bold and big to engage the reader. Tagline Shows additional information about the magazine. Date and Issue Shows the date and what issue it is example premiere, autum, summer etc. Menu List To show what the contents of the magazine is. It is set out vertically to make it look more unique and interesting. Caption Used to interest the reader and give a little information about the magazine.