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  1. 1. MEMOIRS OF A KILLER Film Pitch Matthew, Tom and Rachael
  2. 2. CONCEPT The genre of our film is horror/psychological thriller The storyline of our film is a tragic tale of man who has adisturbed childhood, as he witnessed his family being brutallymurdered, and has grew up to be a author who’s mentality is effectedby his writings.
  3. 3. NARRATIVE The beginning of our film starts with the main character. As achild, witnessing his family being brutally murdered. We then go to the present day, where the child has now grew tobecome a published author. But his unhinged mind starts todeteriorate as he runs the fine line between fiction and reality.
  4. 4. CHARACTERISATION It would seem that the character is the opposite to apsychopath, although he is on the verge on insanity. He is very private and like to keep himself isolated from the widersociety.
  5. 5. ANIMATIC
  6. 6. SETTING,LOCATION,PROPS The setting of the film will be in the characters home, we will useRachaels house. The props we will use is a doll house for the murder scene, murderweapons and fake blood.
  8. 8. TIME AND TECHNOLOGY Flash back to his childhood and progression
  9. 9. TARGET AUDIENCE 15-25 year olds, avid cinema goers
  10. 10. MOCK POSTER