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  1. 2. This is a picture of McFly when they had just started. As you can see, in the photograph the band are very confident and the shot is being taken from low down to make them look superior even though this photo has an element of fun to it as they are carrying on, posing.
  2. 3. This is another cover of one of McFly’s later albums. As you can tell the band are fun, and this is shown in the photograph as Dougie is jumping up and they are all pulling funny faces. The band are also shown to be quite stylish and cool in the shot, with Tom holding up his guitar, suggesting that they are confident as well as good musicians. The photograph also has a mysterious look to it as they are not looking straight into the camera. However, you can tell that in this photograph the background has been set up to express their personality as a fun, loving music band.
  3. 4. As you can see, McFly’s look has changed over the years as they have became well known. Instead of their usual funny album covers, they have gone for a more mature pose with their hair styled and make up to make them look superior to anyone else, whilst also suggesting that they are taking a more sensible approach to their music. Two characters are looking directly at the camera and audience whereas the two character’s behind are looking to their left, away from the camera shot. This adds effect to the photograph and also adds elements of curiosity.
  4. 5. In this photo, Amy Winehouse looks different to her usual self as her complexion is smooth and she looks clean. However, the tattoo and heavy eyeliner show her personality which the media usually convey as “druggy” or “bad girl” image. This photograph has been taken from a low down angle to help make her look superior, and the pose adds elegance to the picture.
  5. 6. Pop music is usually understood to be commercially recorded music, often oriented towards a youth market. Generally, young people like pop music as it is catchy. The media tend to pick up on the pop stars like “Lady Gaga” because of her outgoing personality and her weird yet wonderful dress styles and crazy songs/videos.
  6. 7. An example of mediation in the Music industry is a new album which would be mediated before it reaches its target audience . SELECTION : Whatever ends up on the screen or in the paper, much more will have been left out- there are always alternatives and other sides to a story. ORGANISATION: The various elements will be organised carefully in ways that real life is not: in visual media this involves mise-en-scence and the organisation of narrative. FOCUSING: Mediation always ends up with us, the audience being encouraged towards concentrating on one aspect of the subject or text and ignoring others. Reflective Representation According to this view, when we represent something, we are taking its true meaning and trying to create a replica of it in the mind of our audience- like a reflection. Intentional Representation This is the opposite of the reflective approach. The most important thing in this kind of representation is the person doing the representing- they are presenting their view of the thing they are representing and the words or images that they use mean what they intend them to mean. Constructionist Representation Constructionists feel that a representation can never just be the truth or the version of the truth that someone wants you to hear, because that is ignoring your ability as an individual to make up your own mind and the influence of the society that you live in.
  7. 8. Goths Emo’s Chavs Grungers Pop Princesses