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Quanbit - Leveraging E-commerce with Enterprise Social Networking


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This was the presentation used at CeBIT 2012 (Hannover, Germany) named "Leveraging E-commerce with Enterprise Social Networking: How an on-line customer community can boost your e-business".

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Quanbit - Leveraging E-commerce with Enterprise Social Networking

  1. 1. Leveraging E-commerce with Enterprise Social Networking How an on-line customer community can boost your e-business Hugo Teruzzi UK - ArgentinaTwitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  2. 2. Social Networking Leveraging E-commerce How and How much?Twitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  3. 3. Social Networking - Facebook Prediction: 1,000,000,000 users in 2012 Facebook & E-commerce in 2010  FB Stores  F-commerce concept born in 2011  Is F-commerce the “next evolution” of E-commerce?Twitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  4. 4. F-Commerce vs. E-commerce Is Facebook a competitor or an ally of traditional E-commerce websites?Twitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  5. 5. Competitor or Ally?  The number of micro-stores is growing fast  Several Apps are available to build sites & stores  Launch your free site or store in Facebook  60,000 stores are based on Payvment  Payvment 2012: “Cross-Store Shopping Carts”Twitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  6. 6. Competitor or Ally “Cross-Store Shopping Carts”Twitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  7. 7. Competitor or Ally  Payvment concept is not new! CompetitorTwitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  8. 8. Competitor or Ally The other side of the coin: Facebook Open Graph Protocol Websites can use the “Like”, “Want” and “Own” buttons allowing visitors to share and connect with friendsTwitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  9. 9. Competitor or AllyThe biggest Facebook Open Graph partnerships: Pages customised according to each visitor’s profile Product recommendations, birthdays’ notifications… Ally Twitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  10. 10. Social Commerce “Integrating Facebook Open Graph technology across eBay’s global commerce platforms represents a powerful way to bring people together across an inherently social activity: SHOPPING” Katie Mitic, Director of Platform and Mobile Marketing at Facebook. WE-Commerce?Twitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  11. 11. The WE-Commerce Era WE-Commerce or Social Commerce connects Social Media and E-commerce to enable consumers to shop with their friends This is what industry leaders are doing:Twitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  12. 12. Facebook benefits for E-commerce  WE-Commerce  A Great Marketing Tool  A fantastic Traffic Driver  A way to spy on competitor activityTwitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  13. 13. Engaging in Open Conversations? This is the essence of Facebook but …How good is Facebook for companies engaging in conversations with their communities?Twitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  14. 14. Limitations of a public environment  Confidentiality is at risk  Negativity is difficult to manage  Participation is low  Facebook is oriented to PeopleTwitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  15. 15. Confidentiality is at risk Communities of employees or partners cannot be publicTwitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  16. 16. Negativity is difficult to manage  Negativity from clients  Negativity from associates or partnersTwitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  17. 17. Participation is low Only 1% of the visitors create content “1% Rule” or “90-9-1 principle” • 90% of visitors are Lurkers • 9% of users are Commenters • 1% Creators – value adders 2000 contributions need 200,000 visitsTwitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  18. 18. Facebook is oriented to PeopleTwitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  19. 19. Product Orientation Companies need product centred networksTwitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  20. 20. How to overcome these limitations?  Confidentiality is at risk  Negativity is difficult to manage  Participation is low  Facebook is oriented to People Let’s take a quick look at what some of the industry leaders are doing  Twitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  21. 21. What are the flagships doing? @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  22. 22. What are the flagships doing? @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  23. 23. What are the flagships doing? @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  24. 24. The strategy is … To combine Private and Public Social Networks to leverage E-commerce Creating a safe private environment for engaging in conversations and co-creating with your community Using Public Social Networks to promote what you have developed with the private online community Twitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  25. 25. Benefits of Private Social Networks Private Social Networks can be bespoke designed around your product They allow privacy among community members They encourage deep member insights Twitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  26. 26. Encourage deep member insights In a Private, recruited, 400-person community, more than 64% of members contribute new content 7+ times every month = an average of 2,000 meaningful insights! Communispace Study, 250 communities, 100,000 members You need 200,000 visits to your Facebook fan-page for a similar number of insights Twitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  27. 27. 1% rule  64% rule - Why? Most appreciated values of Private Communities  Exclusivity and privacy – in small communities  The opportunity to forge relationships with other “selected” members and with the sponsoring brand  The knowledge that one’s voice is being heardTwitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  28. 28. Some Conclusions  Public Social Networks strongly collaborate with E-Commerce  Private Communities are becoming a MUST for E-commerceTwitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  29. 29. What about price?  Public Social Networks are seen as FREE  Private communities are not FREE  Not every company is eBay or Starbucks How much is a Private Social Network?Twitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  30. 30. How much is a Private Social Network?  Private communities are product oriented and bespoke; functionalities might be extremely variable  The job involves both technical and psychological skills; a multidisciplinary team is necessary – 5 to 10 people on averageTwitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK
  31. 31. Building Private Social Networks PROPRIETARY Time between 12 and 18 months SOFTWARE Price €500,000-€1,000,000 OPEN SOURCE Time around 6 months SOFTWARE Price €50,000-€100,000Twitter @Quanbit @GlobaliseUK