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A collection of 11 case studies of businesses that effectively used Twitter to enhance business processes and day-to-day business activities.

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Twitter for-businesses-11-cases

  1. 1. 11 Twitter Case Studies Compiled by: Ethinos Digital Marketing Share this presentationShare : Twitter | Facebook Twitter | Facebook
  2. 2. 5 tips to increase followers on Twitter 1 The simplest way to get people 2 to follow you is to follow them. Before you follow someone, make sure However, remember to be discreet you have posted a few relevant tweets. No about whom you follow. Follow only one will follow you back if your tweets are those who are relevant to you, your irregular or if you constantly tweet about business or your clients. how hungry or tired you are. 3 Complete your one-line bio and include a URL in your profile because people need to know you before deciding to follow you. Add your Twitter feed to 4 your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social profile where you already have a set of Reply to people who you are following, followers. especially if they are not yet following you. 5Share : Twitter | Facebook
  3. 3. Using Twitter to do business better How Twitter can make business processes more efficient and cost effectiveShare : Twitter | Facebook
  4. 4. Using Twitter for Recruitment Sodexo Group The Challenge : Effectively using social media for recruitment. The Solution : Sodexo deployed a recruitment team (@SodexoCareers) to create a presence on Twitter. This team monitored references and mentions on Twitter to reach out to potential employees. The Result : A private chef in Florida had tweeted that he was interested in returning to Sodexo, where he had interned years earlier. The recruitment team found him a new job on the same day. The company attributed Twitter, and social media for tripling traffic to its job site in 2009.Share : Twitter | Facebook
  5. 5. Using Twitter to Create Customers The Coffee Groundz The Challenge : Effectively using social media to popularize a neighborhood coffee shop and create a set of regular, loyal customers. The Solution : The Coffee Groundz created a presence on Twitter (@CoffeeGroundz). It became the first business that used Twitter for take-out orders. It also created “tweetups” and used Twitter to post updates on upcoming events. The Result : The coffee shop is gaining customers and popularity. The “tweetups” bring in almost 200 people a month and many of these end up becoming regular customers.Share : Twitter | Facebook
  6. 6. Using Twitter for Customer Service Comcast Corporation The Challenge : Effectively using social media to manage customer satisfaction inspite of cutting support costs. The Solution : Comcast, which had previously struggled with customer satisfaction, started providing customer support on Twitter (@ComcastCares) as an alternative to having customers wait in the phone queue. By using Twitter, the company could show the customers that it actually tried and most times succeeded in giving them a high level of service and support. The Result : American Customer Satisfaction Index reported that Comcast rose to a level of 9.3% in satisfaction. The only change was the team of 10 Comcast support employees using Twitter.Share : Twitter | Facebook
  7. 7. Using Twitter to Clear Out old Stock Dell Inc. The Challenge : Clearing out the old stock of expensive-to-sell refurbished computers. The Solution : Dell created Twitter’s first retail store, (@DellOutlet). The account tweeted messages to bargain hunters about available computers and also offered discount coupons. The Result : In its first year, (@DellOutlet) did approximately $2 million of business. The cost and time per sale were considerably reduced.Share : Twitter | Facebook
  8. 8. Using Twitter to connect with Target Audience Levi Strauss & Co. The Challenge : Connecting with the young male target audience of Levi’s to increase sales of Levi’s denims. The Solution : Levi’s hired a college graduate, Gareth Hornberger to manage their Twitter feed. Gareth, (@Levisguy) provided Levi’s fans an insider look at Levi’s the company. He shared behind-the-scenes access at Levi’s events and updates on new products. In addition, he engaged his followers’ interests by spurring conversations about topics that mattered to them. The Result : The Levi’s guy has 8053 followers on Twitter. Levi’s has successfully resonated with the target audience and maintained their reputation of always being authentic and accurately knowing the pulse of their audience.Share : Twitter | Facebook
  9. 9. Using Twitter for Damage Control Ford Motor Company The Challenge : Controlling a major PR disaster that could have occurred as a result of a misunderstanding about Ford fan sites and legal battles that accelerated on Twitter. The Solution : Scott Monty, the chief social media officer at Ford Motors (@ScottMonty) asked people to give him a chance to investigate, saying the information being spread was incorrect. He reported the accurate details and garnered a public apology from the fan site. The Result : When the dust settled, Fords reputation appeared to be more enhanced than damaged and fans seemed happy with the company for listening and responding.Share : Twitter | Facebook
  10. 10. Using Twitter to Speed up Awareness Paramount Pictures The Challenge : Paramount’s Super 8 was challenged with a modest budget in a summer full of huge blockbusters. Their goal was to quickly increase awareness and ramp-up box office results for opening weekend. The Solution : Paramount used a single Tweet combined with a Promoted Trend to exclusively announce early screenings a full day in advance of the premiere. After igniting the conversation with early screenings, a second Promoted Trend ran on the day of the film’s premiere to keep the buzz and excitement high. The Result : The Twitter exclusive sneak previews generated $1 million in box office receipts. Receipts for the opening weekend surpassed expectations by 52 percent.Share : Twitter | Facebook
  11. 11. Using Twitter to Promote an Event National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), India The Challenge : Promoting and maximizing participation for the NASSCOM Product Conclave held in November 2011. The Solution : #nasscompc was made the official hashtag for the event. Contests were held, comments and tweets mentioning the NPC were tracked, live tweeting was done during the event, the speakers were tagged and Twitter was used to share the website updates. The Result : #nasscompc was trending in India. The live tweeting during the event led to discussions on Twitter and other forums. The followers on Twitter increased by 118% compared to the previous yearShare : Twitter | Facebook
  12. 12. Using Twitter to Educate The American Red Cross The Challenge : Inform and educate people about catastrophes occurring around the globe. The Solution : The American Red Cross (@RedCross), tweets to educate about what is affecting the lives of millions of people. The official account uses Twitter to warn as well as interact with people about situations that may require additional help. Wherever, and whenever disaster occurs the Red Cross lends a hand and also tweets about it. The Result : Since the Red Cross tweets about the disasters, it can enlist the help of followers who may seek to help out. With 618,212 followers, the news and information spreads faster and wider.Share : Twitter | Facebook
  13. 13. Using Twitter to Generate Buzz and Build Traffic MTV Network The Challenge : • Live up to the reputation of evolving with each new generation of viewers and programming content that is relevant to their expectations, wants, desires, lifestyles. • Connect effectively with the current target audience that is highly social and values interactivity. • After pioneering the use of Twitter at the Video Music Awards (VMAs) in 2010 and ensuring that the ratings soared due to network integrated social tactics that drove engagement and buzz, take the phenomenon of social TV to an all new level for the VMAs in 2011.Share : Twitter | Facebook
  14. 14. Using Twitter to Generate Buzz and Build Traffic The Solution: • MTV worked with Twitter’s content and programming team to develop an interactive experience that allowed viewers to engage with and actually influence the live broadcast. • The cable network hosted a custom mobile and online “Twitter Tracker” site and used a Promoted Trend on Twitter with the hashtag #VMA to help amplify the conversation. #VMA was also shown on-air, on and on the “Twitter Tracker” to maintain a consistent cadence and experience for the audience. • Throughout the program, MTV encouraged viewers to tweet about VMA celebrities. The Tweets influenced an online and on-air Buzz experience with pictures that grew and shrank based on the volume of Twitter conversations about those celebrities. • During breaks, MTV displayed the results inside the theater so stars could also tweet about and engage with the live content.Share : Twitter | Facebook
  15. 15. Using Twitter to Generate Buzz and Build Traffic The Result: • The 2011 VMAs was the largest audience ever for any telecast in MTV’s history. 12.4 million viewers tuned in, an increase of 9% from the year before. • Its interactive cross-platform strategy also led to the most visits to its mobile site ever with 2.7 million views in one day, an increase of 50% from the previous year. The incredible volume of over 10 million VMA Tweets contributed to the tune-in success. • Beyonces’ live reveal of her baby bump set a new record of 8,868 Tweets per second. • Of the millions of social mentions it captured for the event, only about 1% came from Facebook while 98% came from Twitter. • The Promoted Trend had a 16% engagement rate — it helped drive 27 times the average mentions of MTV’s Twitter account and 3.37 million mentions of the hashtag #VMA. It also helped drive 128,000 people to follow MTV’s Twitter account on the day of the event.Share : Twitter | Facebook
  16. 16. Using Twitter to connect with Potential Clients Neenah Paper The Challenge : • Increasing sales and growing in a high-end market. • Gaining customers in a small niche market of graphic designers, printers, artists. • Prospects that were turning sales people out. • Prospects who were not responding to traditional media channels like phone conversations or meetings.Share : Twitter | Facebook
  17. 17. Using Twitter to connect withPotential Clients The Solution: • Most of Neenah Paper’s prospects were graphic designers, artists, printing companies. • These prospects spent most time in front of a computer screen. • Neenah Paper decided to engage them using the internet and social media. • Twitter was used as a platform to begin conversations. • This gave the sales team an access point to the prospect and a permission to begin a conversation which was not happening through traditional media.Share : Twitter | Facebook
  18. 18. Using Twitter to connect with Potential Clients The Result: • Neenah Paper today has 9079 followers on Twitter • 10 sales people have been employed to monitor, participate in and respond to Twitter conversations and source leads • These leads are then followed and they result into new clients for the company • Customers and companies use Twitter as a platform to post testimonials like positive response to a new calendar or thanking the customer service team of Neenah Paper, etc... • Neenah Paper also gets the opportunity to collaborate with other companies • The sales process has become more data driven, accountable and feasible.Share : Twitter | Facebook
  19. 19. Have a question, ask the experts! 318, 3rd floor, Powai Plaza, Central Avenue, Opp. Pizza Hut, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, +91 – 9820217252 Mumbai - 400 076, India. @siddhegde +91 - 022 - 40157652 /EthinosDigital More presentations from the Ethinos team Internet usage The case for Social 10 Commandments Digital Marketing : A Snapshot of patterns among Media in B2B of Social Media for The last chance to Digital India affluent Indians Companies Business level the playing fieldShare : Twitter | Facebook