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Lofter - China's New Social Media

China has seen rapid growth with new, innovative mobile social applications in the past few years. Lofter, NICE, Meipai, Weishi ...among others are leading the way.

Despite this competition, Lofter has defined itself as the choice for designer interests groups (where NICE is more fashion driven).

A light blog launched by NetEase in 2011, Lofter provides audiences with a user-friendly UI and high-quality user-generated contents.

With Instagram and other foreign apps blocked in China, Lofter has enjoyed rapid growth recently. It currently has 10m users ...and is growing quickly, especially among early adopters.

With this presentation we look at how the application works, who uses it ...and how brands in China are using it for marketing purposes (with case studies from Cadillac, Xiaomi, IWC, among others).

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Lofter - China's New Social Media

  1. 1. new Chinese social media lofter An introduction by Totem Media.
  2. 2. what is lofter
  3. 3. what’s lofter A light blog launched by NetEase in 2011, lofter provides audiences with a user-friendly UI and high-quality user-generated contents. its built around interest groups. with instagram and other foreign apps blocked in china, lofter has enjoyed rapid growth recently. it currently has 10m users ...and is growing quickly, especially among early adopters. lofter, nice and a number of other light/mobile blogs are in tight competition. despite this competition, lofter has defined itself as the choice for design interests groups (where nice is more fashion driven).
  4. 4. is a mobile, Social app with Lofter 10m+ users NetEase Internal Report 2015
  5. 5. Source: Nice Internal Report, 2014 Nice Oct, 2013Launch 12m users Dec. 2014 Source: NetEase Internal Report, 2015 Overview Of The Market 10m users Early, 2015 Aug, 2011Launch Lofter Dian Dian April, 2011Launch 6m users April, 2012 Source:
  6. 6. Account Recommendations Based on Interest Newsfeed My ProfileHomepage Discover Chat/Notifications/Likes Take a Picture Homepage
  7. 7. Homepage Brand & personal accounts will show up here for you to discover and explore! Recommendation on who you may like, and updated likes of those who you are following. 36 interest groups are waiting for you to join in and share with the groups your best moments.
  8. 8. Discover Page Topic Labels Label/Topic Page Feed Recommendation Theme/Topic/Talents Search Box
  9. 9. Lofter - A Post Account Name Text Description Have a Chat! Image Labels & Tags Comments, Reposts, Likes and Favourites Follow Popularity Score Calculated by total number of likes and favourites
  10. 10. 1 2 3 4 5 5 steps to shoot, edit and share Choose to share to more social media platforms. Stickers & Filters are shown together on the editing step. Every sticker has a limited quantity. You can also upload from your album You can tag anything, and add your location.
  11. 11. Homepage Lofter Art Product Page Lofter Art is an e-commerce platform for selling framed pictures and postcards produced by Lofter artists. The platform is open to any Lofter artists that upload HD photos, get authorised, and provide original works. Lofter Art is still in its initial stage. In the near future, high quality notebooks, phone cases and even photography services will be offered for sale.
  12. 12. user analysis
  13. 13. 10m+ registered users: affluent, young and have strong interest in design. Most of all, they enjoy and love to share About their Lives. Source: Lofter Internal Report, 2014 Who Uses It
  14. 14. He is a 26 year old advertising professional working in Beijing, who likes cartoons, plants, design, and writing. By attentively managing his social media, he stands out and is quite well-known in his circle with unique writing style and design works. He’s got a unique personal image and can be easily found… Lofter accumulates numerous talented users like him. User Profile
  15. 15. 10m Registered users: Source: Net Ease Internal Report, 2015 Who Uses It 0 10 20 30 40 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65~ 27.5% 33.5% 15.5% 12.5% 5.5% 5.5% 46 : 54male female 30m Daily PV Daily UV 2.7m
  16. 16. Source: NetEase Internal Report, 2015 Who Uses It Sun Jun Photographer Cai Lan Gourmet Writer Ronald Singer/Actor Photographer Ji Di Cartoonist Ci Heshang Fashion Blogger Cai Zhizhong Cartoonist Hundreds of Professionals/celebrities from various industries are using Lofter.
  17. 17. how brands use it
  18. 18. 1. open a verified brand account
  19. 19. Brand Homepage Have A Chat Follow Me A Post
  20. 20. 2. Interact with audiences
  21. 21. Case Studies
  22. 22. Lofter X Photography Contest Taking advantage of its focus on HD photography, Lofter often cooperates with brands and celebrities for photography contests Almost every week, Lofter will share at least one contest on their official account, and call on users to participate in it by giving them some incentives, like smartphones and travel vouchers
  23. 23. Xiaomi X CAPA From 13 Aug to 15 Nov in 2014, fashion magazine CAPA cooperated with Xiaomi and Lofter for a photography contest Competitors uploaded their original photos with any topic and device to Lofter, adding the tag 4 Winners participated to win prizes from Xiaomi. Throughout the campaign, 44,793 photos were uploaded to the contest page
  24. 24. Lofter X 2015 “Power To Go” “Power To Go” is a publicity campaign started by celebrity Chen Kun in 2011 In 8 June 2015, Lofter built a campaign page to recruit volunteers for the best talents in Lofter for a trek to Shangri-La in Yunnan, together with Chen Kun in Sept for 7 days Lofter also promoted the topic “2015 Power to Go”, encouraging users to share their pictures about their own journey
  25. 25. Lofter X Fleet of Time The movie Fleet of Time cooperated with Lofter for an official page A customized sticker was also created with limited release, which triggered a large number users to share their photos of youth together with the sticker Within just 2 days, more than 10k Lofter users shared their photos with the sticker
  26. 26. Cadillac • Van Gogh As the sponsor of “2015 Van Gogh Alive”, Cadillac created an artistic Lofter campaign from 15 to 31 July, and called on users to enjoy the master work and find the beauty of art The sticker named # # (#encountering Van Gogh) was created during the campaign. Lofter users needed to upload original photos with the sticker “Cadillac • Van Gogh”. Winners were selected according to the popularity of their works. After the 2-week campaign, 39,393 pieces of works were gathered
  27. 27. 1. Paradise for Artists As a light blog, social platform, focused on interest groups (design specifically), Lofter has gathered large groups of professionals - who are skillful with words and images. In some interest groups, the percentage of professional artists may be as high as 50%. This strong artistic environment provides a lot of encouragement for brands to co-create content with audiences. 2. Create Great Content Like a Pro With gossip and ‘copy-cat’ content filling up most social steams on Weibo and WeChat, Lofter defines itself as a place for original, high quality content, inspired by true creators and innovators. While there are a lot of professional creatives in Lofter, the amateur “Lofters” are also highly skilled at creating quality, original ideas ...and driving strong engagement with followers/fans. 3. Light E-commerce Platform Lofter is exploring e-commerce - similar to Mogujie & Dui Tang - with a unique “social first” approach to ecommerce. Creatives on Lofter with strong follower numbers and deep engagement are finding success with linking through to ecommerce. Lofter users, focused on fashion, “celebrity chasing” and cartoon categories are enjoying the highest demand for purchases. Some users are boasting up-to 30% conversion rates. key insights on lofter
  28. 28. Chris Baker, Managing Director Email: Twitter/WeChat: Talktototem