Introduction to eCommerce


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Seminar introducing ecommerce

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Introduction to eCommerce

  1. 1. eCommerce Introduction to eCommerce Luis M Cordeiro Visiting Professor at University Saint Joseph prof@luismcordeiro.netLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  2. 2. What do you need to know?Introduction to eCommerce Internet Basic Concepts Internet Protocols Type of Websites eBusiness vs eCommerce Advantages and Disvantages of eCommerceLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  3. 3. Internet BasicsIntroducution tu eCommerce World Wide Web Webservers Media Servers HTML/XML Databases Intranet/Extranet Backend/FronEnd Front Office/BackofficeLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  4. 4. Network DepthsIntroducution tu eCommerceInternet:A collection of computers that speak a common language – protocolIntranet:Private version of the InternetMain purpose to share company information and computing resources amongemployeesExtranet:Private network that users outside the company can accessRequires security and privacyCollaborate with other companiesLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  5. 5. Internet ProtocolsIntroducution tu eCommerce TCP/IP IPv4 / IPv6 DNS HTTP / HTTPS FTP SMTP / IMAP / POP TELNETLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  6. 6. Webpage TypesIntroducution tu eCommerce Search Engines Directories Microsite Blogs/Forums Informative Website Institutional Website Corporative Website Marketing Website eCommerce WebsiteLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  7. 7. The MythIntroducution tu eCommerce Is it so simple to have a commerce in internet?Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  8. 8. Needs on CommerceIntroducution tu eCommerce• You need a Product or service to sell• You need a Place from which to sell theproducts• You need to figure out a way to get people tocome to your place.• You need a way to accept orders.• You also need a way to accept money.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  9. 9. Needs on CommerceIntroducution tu eCommerce• You need a way to deliver the product orservice, often known as fulfillment.• Sometimes customers do not like what theybuy, so you need a way to accept returns.• You need a customer service and technicalsupport department to assist customers withproducts.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  10. 10. Needs on eCommerceIntroducution tu eCommerce Almost the same needs as a traditional Commerce but… They are put together in a different way!Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  11. 11. eCommerce DefinitionIntroducution tu eCommerce Exchange of digitized information Technology-enabled transactions Technology-mediated relationships Intra and inter-organizational activitiesLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  12. 12. eCommerce HistoryIntroducution tu eCommerce 1970 First eCommerce Application - Electronic funds transfer (EFT). Limited to large corporations, financial institutions, and some big business;Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  13. 13. eCommerce HistoryIntroducution tu eCommerce 1983 Boston Computer Exchange claims the first public ecommerce systemsLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  14. 14. eCommerce HistoryIntroducution tu eCommerce M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  15. 15. eCommerce HistoryIntroducution tu eCommerce 1994 First Big Wave: eBay and AmazonLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  16. 16. eCommerce HistoryIntroducution tu eCommerce 1998 Supporting this big waveLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  17. 17. eCommerce vs eBusinessIntroducution tu eCommerceeBusiness is an online tool that offers support for businessmanagement but don’t need to complete any sale. It’s just atool available in internet that help managers and marketeersrunning a business. Ex: online budget/bills systems, contentmanagement systems, … VS.eCommerce is an online tool that offers support for businessmanagement with the main goal of selling services and/orproducts.Ex: Any site where you can buy onlineLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  18. 18. Advantages for SellersIntroducution tu eCommerce• eCommerce can increase sales and decrease costs.• The online advertising reaches a large amount of potentialcustomers throughout the world.• There are virtual communities and social networks ininternet that can segment your market for specific products orservices.• A business can reduce its costs by using eCommerce in itssales support and order-taking processes.• Electronic commerce increases sale opportunities for theseller.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  19. 19. Advantages for SellersIntroducution tu eCommerce• It’s easy to expand your market to other countries;• Paper free industry!• Your product database can be used by thirty party togenerate resources like directories, promotions, …• You can have an overall control of who’s accessing yourbusiness;• You can use statistical data generate offers and promotions;• You can manage marketing strategies with objective data.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  20. 20. Advantages for ConsumersIntroducution tu eCommerce• Enables customers to shop or do other transactions 24 hours a day,all year round from almost any location;• Can provide customers more options;• Provides customers less expensive products and services;• Provides customers comparisons tools;• Can provide a lot of payment method;• Makes it possible to participate in virtual auctions;• Makes it possible to interact with other users and exchange ideasand reviews about products and services;• Users can have access rankings and indexes produced by thecommunity, helping the customer choosing the right product.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  21. 21. Advantages for SocietyIntroducution tu eCommerce• More peple can work at home;• People from rural areas can access to the same products likepeople in urban areas;• People from some underdeveloped countries can access tothe same products as people from developed ones;• eGovernment systems reduced the time spent by people inmanaging some administrative tasks;Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  22. 22. eCommerce DisvantagesIntroducution tu eCommerce• Some business processes are difficult to be implementedthrough electronic commerce. (ex: Lawyers)• Return-on-investment is difficult to apply to electroniccommerce.• Businesses face cultural and legal obstacles to conductingelectronic commerce.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  23. 23. eCommerce EvolutionIntroducution tu eCommerce M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  24. 24. DiscussionIntroducution tu eCommercec• Who have never bought any product by internet? And Why?• How much costs an ecommerce System?• Who have a paypal account?• Is anyone selling something by internet?• Is anyone earning money using advertising systems in blogsand websites (ex: AdSense)Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  25. 25. ContactsMy contact informationE-mailYou can contact me atprof@luismcordeiro.netOn the luis_marco_cordeiroLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures