2nd Portfolio Development Idea: Video blog


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2nd Portfolio Development Idea: Video blog Website Layout

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  • Of course there are things you can do to address this.  Make sure you include a relevant keyword in your post title.  You can also add a short paragraph explaining what the video is about.  This not only helps optimize the post, but gives readers an idea of what the video is about.
  • 2nd Portfolio Development Idea: Video blog

    1. 1. Video Blog
    2. 2. What is a Video Blog?• It is also known as ‘Vlog’.• It is a platform that uses videos as their basic mode of content to deliver their messages, rather than using text or images.• Basic idea: – Uses videos as a platform to share the bloggers’ thoughts and their views or to raise some kind of awareness about a topic, product or service.• Typical bloggers’ voice who wants to express his or her thoughts.
    3. 3. Purpose of Video Blogging.• Able to reveal thoughts, opinions, feelings etc truly.• It is normally uncensored, thus, it gives the video blogger a chance to share his or her opinions freely.• Video blogging allows readers or viewers to hear your voices clearly, be it in a jokingly or angrily manner.• It also allows the readers or viewers to see video blogger’s facial expressions and their body movements.
    4. 4. What is the difference between Podcasting and Video Blogging?• Video Blogging is placing a video on the traditional blog platform (Written text). Alternative to having a blog post that contains all text, you can have a blog post that is just a video itself, but with little text.• Video Blogging is created from the videos in which the blogger has shoot using digital video camera. It is being recorded, upload it to the computer, followed by uploading it to the video blog, type a short description of the video on the blog, and use coding to make the video display on the blog post.
    5. 5. What is the difference between Podcasting and Video Blogging?• File formats and coding is needed in order to make the video appear on the blog (Video Blogging).• Podcasting is just an audio file that is only available via RSS
    6. 6. Things to consider / add in a Video Blogging website
    7. 7. Consideration: [Richer Web experience]• Instead of having a long blog post, combine what is written in the blog post into a short video.• Able to save time for the readers.• Not many people will read word by word.• Most readers prefer to read introductory messages and tend to skip the rest of the content.
    8. 8. Consideration: [Bigger audience]• Videos tend to attract more audience.• Not all readers like to read from line to line. However, with videos, they are able to estimate / gauge the feelings even if the readers do not understand the language.• Videos are one of the best ways to reach the audience as readers are able to hear and see you in person at the same time.• Readers will have a better understanding about the personal side of yours, readers are able to visualize your (You as the blogger) life just by watching the video.• Thus, it will definitely be able to make you as the blogger to stand out and will leave the audience / readers a deep impression.
    9. 9. Consideration: [Marketing & Promotion]• Alternative to just having a textual blog post to promote the item you are offering it for sale, videos can be one of the best methods to promote it by expanding your reach.• An introduction about the product / service using video is able to gain more trust easily and in a quicker way compared to a textual blog post. At the same time, able to persuade a random visitor to become a customer of yours.• It is known that with the use of keywords to search for something in any of the search engines, we might see some video results being plastered between the search results pages.• Above mentioned, it is one of the good ways to gain some additional traffic through the results to allow more viewers to visit your blog and watch the videos
    10. 10. Consideration: [Time]• Not all viewers have the time to read line by line.• If whatever the person wants to say can combine into a video, the readers will be happy to re-visit the blog again.
    11. 11. Problems that I faced when visiting the original video blogging websites.• Long videos are being posted on the blog.• Not search-engine friendly.• Certain players needed to be installed then can play the video.• Giving the user privacy to blog about their own stuffs
    12. 12. Examples of problems I had encountered.1) Long videos are being posted on the blog Website Link: http://video.gearlive.com/
    13. 13. This is the so main page, with the video about Jawbone Jambox review.
    14. 14. Playing the video… •Long video posted in the website (Squared it with RED) •Followed by a short description of the product that the person is going to introduce.
    15. 15. Another example of long video posted on the website. •Long video posted in the website (Squared it with RED) •Followed by a short description of the product that the person is going to introduce.
    16. 16. Examples of problems I had encountered.2) Not search-engine friendly. Website Link:http://chasingmills.blogspot.com/
    17. 17. Part of the main page of the second website.
    18. 18. No ‘tags’ or ‘relevant keyword’ in the post title.When searching for ‘Blue A few of the videos of theSunday’ video in GOOGLE, same name popped up.
    19. 19. Examples of problems I had encountered.3) Only certain players needed to be installed then can play the video. Website Link: http://chasingmills.blogspot.com/
    20. 20. Certain players needed to be installed then can play the video.
    21. 21. Problems that I am going to tackle on.• The timing of the video that is going to be posted on the blog. (Time)• The ‘relevant keyword’ in the post title. (Easier for the user to locate the video)• Players that can be used by almost everyone (Saves time for users who are needed to download a new player just to view the video)
    22. 22. Design Considerations
    23. 23. Video Blog• Requirements of the website. • Research. – Short description of the – Websites / Tutorials. video blog site. – Site visits – original Video – Contact (email, facebook, Blog websites. twitter?) – Logo / name of the website (able to link it back to the home page) – Videos and information to be nicely arranged. – Color used for the website. – Fonts used in the website.
    24. 24. Video Blog• Target Audience. • Website Editing. – 16 + year old and above – Simple layout. (As there would be fans of • Requirements for the users. modern pop music and also • Videos must not be too attracted to other videos long as different users like Entertainment etc) have different bandwidth. – 40 + year old and above • Website must be clear (Fans of vintage music) enough for the user to be able to navigate well. • Must be updated so that it will keep the regular viewers to revisit the website again and again.
    25. 25. Initial Sketches.
    26. 26. First initial sketch
    27. 27. Second initial sketch
    28. 28. 1st layout of the Video Blog website.
    29. 29. 1 video blog layout st
    30. 30. 2nd layout of the Video Blog website.
    31. 31. Pros and Cons found in the 1st layout.
    32. 32. Pros: Neat layout with clear categories
    33. 33. Cons: Eyes will feel uncomfortable because of the light colors. Light wordings Light background
    34. 34. Pros: Search function is good. Search bar at the top left hand corner.
    35. 35. Pros: Good focus point for the users. Video at the main page to absorb user’s focus or attention
    36. 36. Pros: Arrangement of components is good.
    37. 37. Pros: Allows user interaction
    38. 38. Pros: Gives a feeling that it is more than just a video public sharing website
    39. 39. Pros and Cons found in the 2nd layout.
    40. 40. Pros: Nice color management andDarker background combination Dark with light background and also with some darker wordings Lighter background
    41. 41. Pros: User interaction with the “Stay connected” options. User will interact with the “Stay connected” options. (Twitter, RSS and Email)
    42. 42. Pros: More privacy Allows more user privacy with account options before uploading videos.
    43. 43. Pros: Good express links with video categories. Good express links with video categories and submissions of videos at the homepage.
    44. 44. Cons: The Page 1 of 10 options The above ‘Page 1 of 10’ options can be removed as it can be replaced by inserting 1 special video of the day or week to attract users.
    45. 45. Pros: Good arrangement and focus points
    46. 46. Pros: Main logo for user to remember the title of the video blog User is able to remember the name of the website better as the main logo is big and its placed at the top left corner.
    47. 47. Pros: Good flow of components for navigation
    48. 48. Pros: Gives a feel of half video blogging and video sharing (Something like Youtube)
    49. 49. ‘Final Layout’• I would pick the 2nd layout because: – Color management and combination is good. – There is an user interaction which is the ‘Stay connected options’ at the top right hand corner. – It allows more user privacy with account before uploading. – Gives a feel something like Youtube (Half video blogging and video sharing)
    50. 50. Improvement of the 2nd layout
    51. 51. Improvements made.Before After Removed the ‘Page 1 of 10’ options. One special video of the day or week to attract users.
    52. 52. Improvements made. Removed the word ‘Latest’. Latest videos should be as a category. Thus, naming the navigation as ‘Videos’ would be better
    53. 53. Prototype
    54. 54. Homepage
    55. 55. When you clicked “Videos”
    56. 56. Video Page When the user clicked, the tab will turn blue. List of videos will be shown at this page, with a scroll bar for users to scroll through the page.
    57. 57. When you clicked “Articles”
    58. 58. Article Page Title of the name of the articles URLs to be clicked on in order to lead the user to the website of the article.
    59. 59. When you clicked “Contact”
    60. 60. Contact Page A HTML contact form will be at this page for the users to send in their enquires with regard to the video blog site.
    61. 61. From the initial prototype• There are ‘Pages of 1 of N’ options earlier on at the bottom of the website.• ‘Latest videos’ was written as navigation.• There are video categories as express links for the users.• Overall, it is something like Youtube whereby you are able to sign up and upload the videos you want. Or, you can just view the videos that are on the website.
    62. 62. Improved Prototype.• ‘Pages 1 of N’ options was removed because another alternative can be adding some special videos of the day or week to attract the users.• ‘Latest Videos’ has changed it to ‘Videos’ instead as ‘Latest Videos’ should be as a category instead of a navigation. Thus, it has been changed it to ‘Videos’• The rest of the components on the website remained.
    63. 63. A Walk Through.
    64. 64. Home page
    65. 65. Latest videos page.
    66. 66. Articles page. When user clicked on one of the links, it will lead to the website as shown below.
    67. 67. Contact page.