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Question one a done

  1. 1. Describe how you developed your skills in the use of digital technology for media production and evaluate how these skills contributed to your creative decision- making. Refer to a range of examples in your answer to show how these skills developed over time.During my time enrolled in a course of A Level media studies I have developed manyskills within digital technology and used them effectively to further my creativedecision making. Over the two years I have created several videos however my maintwo projects were a short film introduction in the style of Film Noir (AS) and a musicvideo to the song Misery by Maroon Five (A2), during the course of this essay I willfirst talk about digital technologies used and applied in AS production, and then inA2. I will then highlight the differences between the two, how I developed my skillsand why (if applicable) I chose to use different techniques between the two projectsand how this fed creative decision making (especially in the second year)During my AS coursework I was initially told to portfolio my work on a websitecalled blogger, this is an online blogging account that supports many Interfaces suchas Microsoft Works, Prezi, Slideshare and Videos such as YouTube. I initially foundthis hard to work with and this is obvious when in comparison to my A2 blog, whichis far more developed. To film our footage we used a Sony Handicam, and a tripod,both these equipment’s were easy to use however they did limit our filming to a quitebasic field, we then uploaded what we did using the USB cable that came with thecamera. After uploading footage we used iTunes movie maker to edit our footage, ourediting techniques were quite basic however we still used cross cuts, text on video,filters, sound over picture, placing still photos in the film and fade outs. I also brieflycreated a still using Photoshop software and a still image from the video in order toplace this into our video. Whilst using Photoshop I learnt techniques such as dodgesponge and burn, and then applied them to our still making the photo grey and alsoslightly blurred (giving the effect I desired). For our final cut we then uploaded thevideo onto final cut and used that to export it to Quick-time, no techniques were usedin final cut during this project. In order to put audio into our video we usedGarageBand to create a soundtrack, during the process of using this we learnttechniques such as sound replacement, how to make a sound fade in and out, welearnt how to splice sounds and cut them, also we learnt how to edit sound into avideo. In order to place audio over the film that was not a soundtrack (speech) we firstused a Flashmic to record the sound we desired, then used a USB cable to upload it toour editing software and then edited it into our video, manipulating the sound as wedesired.During our second year we were tasked with creating an authentic music video to thesong of our choice. Immediately we decided to develop editing skills, as we now feltconfident enough to use Final Cut Express in order to create a higher quality product,whilst using Final Cut we developed many skills such as the razor, in and ourmarkers, video filters, text over video, we layered several layers of film, edited instills, created motion tasks, lip synced audio to fit visual, exported to QuickTime andused Video filters. Furthermore we choose to have a huge portion of our video as stopmotion, this meant we had to use a Nikon D20 camera, this was a stills camera with ahigh level of zoom, the ability to multi-take several pictures at once and a highresolution. We then uploaded the 7fps two minute long stop motion to our Final CutExpress programme, edited still viewing time (at a 7th of a second each) and edited it
  2. 2. into our video making a rather impressive stop motion element. Furthermore whilst Istill used blogger as before I improved and developed my skills which made me muchmore confident in the presentation of my portfolio, I used Slideshare many times, fornot just word products but also for PowerPoint’s, I used Prezi multiple times topresent my storyboard and my evaluation and also embedded videos/Slideshareproducts into my Prezi. Something I had never done before. Furthermore I was able touse embed to place many more videos (such as various stages of editing) onto myblog in order to keep the person who was marking it well informed. In order to createmy ancillary products I used Photoshop once again, however now much moreconfident with the layout of the program I was able to use it in much more depth,using tools such as the lasso, drag, cut. I layered my product at several different stagesand then condensed the layers into one during other stages. I used other tools such aspaint dropped, paint brush, I edited still images into my ancillary products (bothoriginal and not), I placed text into the image, used the magic wand, and on more thanone occasion applied a filter. For filming our video we used two different types ofcamera as we felt much more confident, for filming outside of the studio we used aCanonXL2, a large camera with a very high definition, a large microphone attached toit and a tripod. Whilst in the studio we used SonyHD cameras, which we also used tohelp film our green screen footage, this allowed us to apply anything we wanted to thebackground of our studio footage whilst in the editing stage using Final Cut.Furthermore whilst doing two of our evaluation questions in the studio we used theAutocue that was attached to the bottom of the SonyHD cameras in order to read outevaluation questions out to the camera without needing a sheet.I feel that during the course of my two years my skills have developed greatly overtime as I feel more confident using more complex editing software (such as Final CutExpress as averse to iTunes MovieMaker) I feel I have the ability to use a videocamera in order to create footage that I desire, furthermore my ability to usePhotoshop proficiently has increased greatly as I feel I am now fully competent inusing it and all the available tools with ease, as averse to when I could not layer, andcould only use dodge burn and sponge (AS). I feel that the development of skills inthese areas has lead to a much wider use of creative decision making for my secondyear product as it allowed me to try new techniques such as Stop Motion, somethingthat has helped me gain many marks in my second year piece, furthermore thedeveloped skills in editing allowed us to make a much better overall piece, it also leadme to be able to lip sync audio to video, a task that would have been much moredifficult during my first year. Finally my developed skills in the use of Blogger andpresenting my work online has lead to my portfolio for my second year gaining fullmarks for ‘Research and Presentation’ as I felt much more confident in my abilityto present my work in forms such as a Prezi and more able to upload things such asvideos and SlideShare presentations.David Leighton