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Media question for 4

  1. 1. Media question for 4how did you use media technologiesin the construction and research,planning and evaluation stages ?
  2. 2. Intro• For are A2 media we did Ben Howard “keepyour head up “ this song was in the folk popgenre and this slide share is going to be theways in witch we used the technologies in areplanning ,research, construction, andevaluation .
  3. 3. Planning• Before we have even started looking atresearch we made a blog on the siteblogger in witch to gain store and showare information that we gathered.• The advantages to using the site is theamount of content you can showthrough this site, you are able to embedyour YouTube clips from your channel,slide shares a power point programme,and link it to all social networking siteand your Gmail accounts
  4. 4. • By having this wide range of content that youcan put on your blog and being able to link itto all of your other accounts it made it moreeasier to upload and share are product in aeducational term and to showcase are productto are audiences
  5. 5. Research• Whilst in are research stages we looked atvarious web site in order to gain informationon are genre, artist ,and conventions of areproduct .• I felt that the biggest gain and use oftechnologies was using social networks suchas twitter and Facebook to helps usunderstand are, audiences , age range, sexand likes in the folk pop genre.
  6. 6. • By doing this we discovered are age range thatwas 15 to 27 year olds , are audience is amixed sex audiences, its not something that isman or female dominated, and also theconvections of using nature as a main themethroughout the genre came out really clear .
  7. 7. • We then used YouTube to look at similarproducts in are genre witch helped us confirmwhat we had already researched , but gave usnew thoughts and inspiration to how wewanted are product to look like , YouTube is sovaluable in these early stages because of thewide range of content that was available to us.
  8. 8. story bored• We had now got to the stage in witch that wehad seen the convections and what areproducts should look like, so we then movedon to creating story board the soft ware wedecided to use was pixtor.
  9. 9. Pixtor• Pixtor allowed us to make are story board with acartoon theme keeping in mind all the differenttypes of shots• we would use also changeable settings andcharacters to give it a really good looking feel to itthat was at a professional standard story bored .• I enjoyed using this software because it was veryquick and detailed in the way that it made areproduct come alive .
  10. 10. Camera• The camera we were using for are production wasa Nikon d5100 a good DLSR with a 18to 50 mmlens witch allowed us to have mid shots with thecharacter in focus and the background out offocus and also vice a versa .• This was a very good camera that had goodframes per second for filming and was alsoportable for the different locations that we didfilm in as many off them were on top off cliffs .
  11. 11. Cons• The main issue I had with that camera and allDLSR are two things .• 1 zooming is manual and by hand witch can makethose zooms look very shaky and unprofessional .• 2 with DLSR cameras they have very poor soundwitch makes it very difficult to sink yourperformance shots to your sound of the track .• Evan with detachable boom micks wind wasalways an issue and a points became a burden
  12. 12. YouTube• YouTube has always been about sharing yourvideos with a wide audience and that is whatwe did by using it , it made showing are videoa lot easier and gave us chances to have feedback in the comments boxes below using partsof test footage and actually footage we wereable to see what worked and didnt work withare audiences opinion .
  13. 13. Facebook• We also needed more ways of getting feedback so by using Facebook a page in witch toshow the artists to the fans and to gainvarious amounts of feedback that made thisfeed back qualitative .
  14. 14. Web site wix• Using Wix I created a free website to help promote andmake a bigger fan base for my artists, the reason whyWixs has been so useful is the level of professionalquality standard to showcase my work , and again theway of adapting and use all different forms of contenton the web site such as .• Video• Pictures• Tour Dates• Bios• Using this made it very easy for me to showcase myartist in the best possible light .
  15. 15. My photo shop cs6• With my photo shop I used it to create my Digipack again this is another form of software thathas a very high quality to the pictures that itcreates• Effects I used were things like Colour tint andchanging the lighting on my photos• also using Black and white tool was used in a lotof my test Digi packs to play around with theeffects and also using the mask tall to keeporiginal colour of the image at times .
  16. 16. Adobe premier pro 5• Using adobe is one of the best soft wares toget a high quality standard finish to areproduct.
  17. 17. • The way we used this soft ware was in things such as• Cutting from point to point with great ease• Importing• Photos• Sound was very essay to use and we quickly were able toupload and sync are track to are video .• Importing movies witch would get uploaded on a dailybasses witch made it essay to see and use the footage wegot• Also using effects on the programme such as the dissolveeffect that we used at the end scenes.• by having access to this soft ware these effects look neatand blended with are video and they stood out becausethey blended into the story instead of because they lookedbad .
  18. 18. Evaluation
  19. 19. Prezi• Using prezi is an better designs than onPowerPoint with the ability to use all forms ofmedia on it such as• Video• Pictures• Links to websites• By using this way of showing my work it essay toshow all content that is relevant to what imsaying again it’s a highly used as a professionalway of showing my answers
  20. 20. Slide share• is a programme in witch you can embedpower points on line to show the use of textwith images instead of writing massive blogposts .• Its also useful because with slide sharesembed code I can up load it to prezi and myblog
  21. 21. Concluding• Most of the technologies is all to a highprofessional standard by using that soft ware .• And I felt that by using soft ware that I coulduse all forms of mix media in it , I felt showedthe rich content in witch I devised my workinto .