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Question 1(a) use of technology


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Question 1(a) use of technology

  1. 1. A2 MediaWelcome back for the final 8 teaching weeks…..
  2. 2. Aims• To offer feedback for evaluation for G324.• To introduce Section A Theoretical Evaluation Question - 1 (a)
  3. 3. G324 Evaluations• Alex Booth – No final products or evaluation• Hannah and Liam – no q3 and unfinished q4• Jonny Baron – no paths on prezi and missing 2 questions• Sophie Gilroy – incorrect order on blog. Missing one evaluation question.• Brett Egan – incorrect order on blog
  4. 4. G324 Evaluations• Jack and Josh – weak question 4• Elisha, Alicia and Adam – Videos on prezi for q3 wont work – spelling errors on q4.
  5. 5. Section A1. (a)• Question 1(a) requires candidates to describe and evaluate their skills development over the course of their production work, from Foundation Portfolio to Advanced Portfolio. The focus of this evaluation must be on skills development, and the question will require them to adapt this to one or two specific production practices.• Digital Technology• Creativity This is are the areas welook These the area we will will• Research and planning look at this week at today!!!• Post-production• Using conventions from real media texts
  6. 6. Applying a simple structure:Digital Technology Starter Define digital technology and re-call digital technologies across the course.
  7. 7. Pre- Production Blogs• You used to organise your planning materials. Blogger is an example of Web 2.0 technology (O’Reilly, 2004). This means that the technology is interactive – audiences can post and edit content on the blogs – it links to the idea of two-way communication, communication is no longer linear (one way). Web 2.0 software is collaborative.
  8. 8. • In terms of your 2 minute film opening it means that audience feedback was posted along with tutor comments.• You also uploaded planning materials and evaluations to your weblog. You used iMovie or Final Cut to edit short videos and audio files that had been recorded on the Flash mic or the Sony Hard Drive cameras (Hardware). Movie Maker introduced you to timelines, dissolve and fade transitions, titles and the layering of audio over images.
  9. 9. Production Hardware AS You all used iMac computers to create your film openings. Before you began filming for your sequence you used the Sony hard drive camcorders (? Mega pixels) to practice filming for your prelim task. You then uploaded the video footage using a USB cable to the desktop computers. You then used the software discussed to edit this footage. This initial task helped you learn basic editing and framing skills in terms of shot types.
  10. 10. Some of you used the TV Studio.The studio is equipped with Sony HD cameras, green screen and lights.You MAY have also used our Nikon D80 stills camera.
  11. 11. Production/Post ProductionSoftware AS • Adobe Photoshop (image manipulation) The image manipulation program allowed you to manipulate graphics to create titles and company logos for your film. You used crop tools such as Marquee (magic wand), Lassos, and colour converters such as Red Eye Corrector, Colour Variations, Colour Dropper, Dodge and Burn.
  12. 12. iMovieYou used iMovie to create an animatic for your film sequence.You may have also used iMovie to create examples of test footage. Live TypeSome of you used Live Type on the Mac computers to create interesting titles for your film opening.Once you had manipulated the effect, size and colour of your title you then needed to render out the title for use in Final Cut.
  13. 13. Final Cut• You used Final Cut to edit your 2 minute film sequence.• You used the basic features of the software package and used razor and in/out markers to edit footage.• You may have used some effects and transitions.• You may have also used the TEXT under VIDEO GENERATORS
  14. 14. Garageband• Some of you used Garageband to create your soundtrack or to record sound effects for your film (narration/foley).• Some of you used the Flash Mic to record the sound and then imported the MP3 file using a USB cable into the software.• Once completed the sound had to be exported to iTunes before dragging onto the audio track in Final Cut.
  15. 15. Software and Hardware A2As filmmaker and designer Mark Towse (2002) detailsdigital video (DV) to be one of the most importantadvancements in motion picture technology sincetelevision. Film and video production is now not onlydone rich film production companies, but can be done inthe home owing to cheap software and hardware. Final Cut. You edited footage on a timeline and this enhanced your knowledge of layering various video footage and audio that was far superior to iMovie and you used more intricate techniques compared to your film sequence.
  16. 16. To capture the digital video from a your hard drive camera a USB cable was used.Some of you imported into iMovie first and then dragged the quicktime files into Final Cut and some of you have to use Stream Clip to batch convert your files into dv file type which is preferred by Final Cut.
  17. 17. For A2 your music video had to be lip synced and cut to the beat. To achieve this you used markers both on your video and audio.The non-linear editing software allowed you to edit footage. Consider some of the edits you achieved – cross cuts, match on action, jump cuts etc.To cut this footage you most commonly used the Razor tool in Final Cut and the in/out points on the clip viewer window.
  18. 18. You didn’t have access to special effectspackage such as Adobe After Effects, but youheavily utilised the Video Effects andVideo Transitions bins in Final Cut.Many of you used the following:-Colour corrector-Chroma Key-Strobe-BlurIf you cannot remember the effects which you usedgo back to your master edit file or your blog.
  19. 19. You used blogs throughout the planning, construction, evaluation of your A2 coursework. For your ancillary products you also used:Adobe PhotoshopNikon D80- Consider how you manipulated images once you had conducted your photoshoot for your ancillary texts. Give specific examples of the tools used to manipulate the image.
  20. 20. Q1a) Structure...It is possible to teach some essay structure for theseoptions if we structure a plan to the three elements ofthe production process (which is what the wholequestion is essentially asking you toevaluate).- Pre-Production- Production- Post-Production
  21. 21. Marks and Timing•All that does seem a lot for you to write in30 minutes.•But to get the marks you need examplesfrom your work.•So – could limit the examples to 3 persection (e.g. 3 digital technologies at AS atpre-production stage and at A2 3development examples)
  22. 22. Applying a simple structure:Digital Technology AS A2 Pre-Production
  23. 23. Applying a simple structure:Digital Technology AS A2 Production
  24. 24. Applying a simple structure:Digital Technology AS A2 Post-Production
  25. 25. Marks and Timing•In terms of essay introductions for 1a), use athree part structure1. Answer or give point of view to question.2. Outline briefly what they made acrossboth years.3. Explain to the examiner how they aregoing to structure their essay.
  26. 26. Essay question.• June 2011• Post essay onto blog under a new tab.