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Why globalization? World wide picture


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This slides explain importance of globalization while product development. English is not only language in world. Users prefer and more comfortable when product is available in there native languages.

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Why globalization? World wide picture

  1. 1. 1 Why globalization? WWoorrlldd wwiiddee ppiiccttuurree Pravin Satpute Internationalization Team Red Hat
  2. 2. Isn't English is sufficient? 2
  3. 3. 3 NNuummbbeerr ooff ssppeeaakkeerrss !!!!
  4. 4. 4 [a]
  5. 5. LLaanngguuaaggeess wwiitthh aatt lleeaasstt 5500 mmiilllliioonn ffiirrsstt--llaanngguuaaggee ssppeeaakkeerrss Language Speakers in Millions Chinese 1,197 Spanish 414 English 335 Hindi 260 Arabic 237 Portuguese 203 Bengali 193 Russian 167 5 [[bb]]
  6. 6. EEnngglliisshh lliitteerraaccyy rraattee iinn IInnddiiaa 6 ● As per 2011 census its 15% ● (Its high in urban side but low towards non-urban area) ● It makes out of 1.25B (125 crore) around 187M (18.75 crore) can speak english. ● This population is more than twice population as UK (64M) ● It means any product in English will find good number of consumers in India.
  7. 7. 7 Second LLaanngguuaaggee VVss FFiirrsstt LLaanngguuaaggee
  8. 8. SSeeccoonndd llaanngguuaaggee VVss FFiirrsstt LLaanngguuaaggee 8 ● If we are reading two newspaper one in first language and other in second language which one can you read quickly? And prefer?
  9. 9. SSeeccoonndd llaanngguuaaggee VVss FFiirrsstt LLaanngguuaaggee 9 ● Do you feel same emotions with certiain phrases in first language and second language?
  10. 10. IInn oonnee ssttuuddyy,, CCaallddwweellll--HHaarrrriiss ccoommppaarreedd SSppaanniisshh-- EEnngglliisshh bbiilliinngguuaallss 10 [[cc]] ● They read or heard the expressions, their skin conductance was measured, which can change in response to emotional stimuli. People responded to many emotional words similarly in their two languages. ● ““SShhaammee oonn yyoouu!!”” or ““DDoonn’’tt ddoo tthhaatt!!”” elicited a stronger response in Spanish for people who learned English late — who were yelled at mostly in Spanish as children — while, for people who learned English early, these reprimands produced the same response in English and Spanish."
  11. 11. SSeeccoonndd llaanngguuaaggee VVss FFiirrsstt LLaanngguuaaggee 11 ● If the brand name is designed to communicate strong emotions, which in marketing we believe is really important, then doing that in the native language is much easier because it’s easier to connect emotionally with people.
  12. 12. 12 Ted TTaallkk ffrroomm SSuuzzaannnnee TTaallhhoouukk [[dd]]
  13. 13. SSuuzzaannnnee TTaallhhoouukk:: ""DDoonn''tt kkiillll yyoouurr llaanngguuaaggee"" 13 ● if you want to kill a nation, the only way to kill a nation, is to kill its language. ● The Germans, French, Japanese and Chinese, all these nations are aware of this. That's why they legislate to protect their language. ● Turkey, Malaysia and others, they carried their language with them as they were climbing the ladder, protected it like a diamond. ● Started campaign to save Arabic language with slogan ""I talk to you from the East, but you reply from the West.""
  14. 14. 14 When LLeeaarrnniinngg aa SSeeccoonndd LLaanngguuaaggee MMeeaannss LLoossiinngg tthhee FFiirrsstt -- Lily Wong Fillmore* University of California, Berkeley [[ee]]
  15. 15. LLeeaarrnniinngg aa SSeeccoonndd LLaanngguuaaggee MMeeaannss LLoossiinngg tthhee FFiirrsstt !!!! 15 ● first discussed it in relation to French-Canadian and Canadian immigrant children whose acquisition of English in school resulted not in bilingualism, but in the erosion or loss of their primary languages
  16. 16. 16 o Example off MMoobbiillee ggrroowwtthh iinn IInnddiiaa !!!!
  17. 17. MMoobbiillee pphhoonnee ggrroowwtthh iinn IInnddiiaa[[ff]] 17
  18. 18. 18 Do yyoouu tthhiinnkk ssaammee nnuummbbeerr wwee ccaann ggeett ffoorr ssmmaarrttpphhoonnee??
  19. 19. YYeess,, oovveerr tthhee ttiimmee iitt wwiillll hhaappppeenn 19 ● It is all ready supporting major indian languages. [[gg]]
  20. 20. YYeess,, oovveerr tthhee ttiimmee iitt wwiillll hhaappppeenn 20 [[hh]]
  21. 21. CCoonncclluussiioonnss 21 ● Yes, English do have importance in global business but still there is huge diversity and need of languages in world. ● It is basic right of each individual to get product in his own language. (RTI) ● Each product must be available in First language of users.
  22. 22. 22 QQuueessttiioonnss??
  23. 23. 23 TThhaannkkss aa lloott !!!! PPlleeaassee hheellpp ttoo sshhaarree tthhoouugghhtt psatpute AT redhat DOT com Twitter @prravins FB
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