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Fedora 29 features


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Fedora 29 features and enhancements

Published in: Engineering
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Fedora 29 features

  1. 1. Release Party - 15th Dec 2018, Pune Pravin Satpute Presented by Features of Fedora 29
  2. 2. My Contributions ● Joined Fedora: 2007-11-14 ● Package Owner : 45 ● Proven Packager ● Fedora Ambassador ● Fedora Marketing ● Founder of Globalization group ● Past lead for Internationalization. ● Fedora 134 badges : Rank 19/52751
  3. 3. Change proposals ● System Wide ● Self Contained ● Fedora 29 ● 23 system wide changes (F28 31) ● 20 self contained changes. (F28 20)
  4. 4. It is metric compatible font with Arial, Times New Roman and Courier More characters, better hinting. Reintroduced this by providing backward compatibility. Liberation Fonts 2
  5. 5. Ibus 1.5.19 IBus emoji dialog to the input entry on each application using IBus pre-edit text Control_Shift_u Vs Control_Shift_e
  6. 6. Fedora users will have access to a wider range of software choices than they had previously. Fedora Packagers will be able to use modules and module defaults to build each stream once and have it available for any supported Fedora release they wish. They will no longer need to duplicate that work for both the modular and non-modular repositories. Modules for Everyone
  7. 7. Performance improvements in GJS (this should improve GNOME Shell as well as other GJS- based applications). Flatpak 1.0 – Linux desktop app distribution framework. GNOME 3.30 is code-named “Almería” Gnome 3.30
  8. 8. For Developers GNU C library: upgraded to version 2.28. Perl: upgraded to version 5.28 Python: upgraded to version 3.7, but you can still use any other version with tox and friends GoLang: upgraded to version 1.11 Ruby on Rails: upgraded to version 5.2.
  9. 9. Automatic updates through Gnome Software for Flatpak Lower memory usage Atomic Workstation: renamed to Fedora Silverblue Festival: upgraded to version 2.5 Please check [1] for other changes. Other changes
  10. 10. Ansible python3 default Cloud Provider Image Updates GnuTLS enables TLS 1.3 by default MySQL 8 OpenLDAP: Drop MozNSS Compatibility Layer Removing backward compatibility For changes see [1] SelfContained change
  11. 11. Fedora 30? Fedora CoreOS (Replace for Fedora Atomic host) Fedora Silverblue Internet of Things Edition for Fedora 30
  12. 12. Questions? Contact:
  13. 13. References