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Development activities - Fedora globalization DevConf CZ 2016


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This presentation gives brief information about different parts of G1!N and explains active developments plan for Fedora 24.

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Development activities - Fedora globalization DevConf CZ 2016

  1. 1. Fedora Globalization Pravin Satpute, Mike Fabian Presenting Twitter: @prravins, @mfabian1963 Development activities
  2. 2. Today's Topics G11N with Fedora Quick walk through Internationalization (I18N) Localization (L10N) Zanata Fedora Language testing group (FLTG) Development activities for F24 and ahead
  3. 3. Globalization Widely used term Economic, Markets, Business… In Fedora terms Its strategic collaboration of Localization, Internationalization, Zanata and Fedora Language Testing group.
  4. 4. Need?
  5. 5. Core I18N Encoding standards (Unicode, ISO., SJIS) Input methods Fonts & Rendering Locales, Sorting..
  6. 6. Application I18N Internationalized application Gettext PO files Sometime strings not available for L10N
  7. 7. Localization Translation from English to Target language. Around 80+ teams in Fedora GUI Docs Websites Magazine
  8. 8. Zanata Translation management framework. Emerged as a translation platform of a choice. Fedora, OpenStack and many more coming. Many feature and more collaboration with Fedora.
  9. 9. FLTG Fedora Language Testing group. Need language knowledge. Planning and Organizing language testing.
  10. 10. Glibc Sub-packaging Lead: Mike Who needs it? Minimal Installation Two approaches Sub-dir locale-archive database Test packages:
  11. 11. ITS for Gnome W3C Internationalization Tag Set (ITS) Allows to translate XML documents using PO files. Shaun has developed ITS tool. Daiki is adding ITS support in gettext.
  12. 12. DNF Langpacks Already in used but need few more api from DNF. Creating language spins for languages. Glibc Packaging. Anaconda installations. Change proposal: Langpacks Installation With RPM Weak Dependencies for F24. Lead: Parag Nemade
  13. 13. Auto Testing I18N and L10N. Time and resource constraints. GTK IMs, missing translations in UI, font coverage. Lead: Akira Tagoh
  14. 14. String breakage Package updates after string freeze. Few strings remains untranslated. Tracking package builds? Upstream git repo? Lead: Jens Petersen, Akira Tagoh
  15. 15. Badges for contributors Zanata is FedBus is not connected yet. L10N can get badges based on translations. Even reviewers can get badges. Lead: Alex Eng
  16. 16. Thank You !! Contact: Email: Emai: Freenode: pravins, mfabian
  17. 17. References Statsilk graph: Why G11N? Glibc Subpackaging: Langpacka Change proposal: encies ITS Tool: String Brekage Monitoring: Funny video link: