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Trabajo realizado por un grupo de alumnos/as de 2º de ESO tras su visita a la ciudad vecina de Gibraltar.

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  1. 1. My trip to GibraltarWhich of the followingactivities do you prefer?Watching TV. Listen tomusic.WatchingTV.When you go shopping,what do you mostlybuy?Clothes andshoes.Food Clothesand ShoesHow often do you crossthe border to Spain?Every Day.Relativesshopping Going torestaurantWhat is your favouriteplace for a holiday?America Hawai China.What kind of restaurantdo you prefer?Burguer King McDonald FosterHollywoodHave you got a pet? No Yes, a cat Yes, a birdWhich is your favouritesport?Gym football BasketballDo you like any Spanishsinger?Pablo Alborán Bisbal MelendiDo you watch the Yes, tele 5 no Antena 3
  2. 2. In a restaurant and a shop -the name of a starter: Prawns in garlic sauce -a main course:steak -a dessert:ice-cream-the price of a pair of shoes: 40 £ -the price of a pair of jeans: 39,99£ the price of a lipstick: 7,99£ The price of a teenage magazine:6,99£ The price of a packet of crips:0,60p
  3. 3. Opening and closing times for: Banks:9-3:30 Shops:9-4 The name of a famous Spanish writer (buriedin San Roque)who died in a battle inGibraltar: Jose Cadalso The name of Britain Miss Universe:Kaiane A famous Gibraltarian fashion designer: John Galliano
  4. 4. Information A Gibratarian newspaperGibraltar Chronicle The name of three different religions thatcoexist in gibraltar Muslims, Jewish, Christians.
  5. 5. Information -the price of a pair of shoes:40p -the price of a pair of jeans: 39,99p the price of a lipstick: 7,99p The price of a teenage magazine:6,99p The price of a packet of crips:0,60p (1$)
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