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October ...
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Welcome to your October issue. I hear a lot
of people have been ...
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Situated 1...
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Front from left; Didier,
Roger. Back from left
Walter, Jo...
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www.eastalgarvemag.com www.eastalgarvemag.com
Casa das Portas is a
unique shop in the heart of
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Health Health
If you struggle to find
motivation to exercise
regularly, here are
a f...
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ecycling is part of the fabric
of modern life. Everything
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taviraauctionAladdin´s Cave
New & Used discount store
Page www.eastalgarvemag.com Pagewww.eastalgarvemag.com
Focus on Downtown FaroPhotographs by Richard Bassett
any of us fo...
Page 20 Page 21
hen you buy a property
abroad, you should
do your home work.
Familiarize yourself with
the laws and cust...
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Company AMI 7673
Office: Tel/Fax 281 952 820
Mobile: 00351 9...
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Tel: 00351 289 792 785
Mobile 963...
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Internet via Satellite
Access the Internet ...
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Live Life in Comfort
Monday to Friday 10am - 1pm and 2pm...
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 
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Perfectly accompanied by
a Smoked salmon stuffed
with crab mousse starter,
from Restaur...
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Restaurant & SNACK Bar
34 294
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QM E Algarve 180x130 04-10.indd 4
QM E Algarve 180x130 04-10....
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Urb. Parque da Azinheira, Lote 3, 	
R/C Dto, 8150-...
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O mero aconselhamento jurídico é tendencia...
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Insurances for:
Health (international),
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Pro stats Name:	 Keith Ashdown
Title:	 P.G.A. Resident professional
Pro since:	 1964
Born:	 Crowborough, Su...
East Algarve Magazine - OCTOBER 2010
East Algarve Magazine - OCTOBER 2010
East Algarve Magazine - OCTOBER 2010
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East Algarve Magazine - OCTOBER 2010


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East Algarve Magazine - OCTOBER 2010

  1. 1. m a g a z i n e FREE OlhÃo · sÃo brÁs · tavira · Alcoutim · castro marim · vila real de santo antÓnio EastAlgarve October 2010 Finance © Downtown Faro Health Golf tips From Keith Ashdown Gardening Olive trees Focus on Keeping fit Investing in Gold
  2. 2. Page 3www.eastalgarvemag.comPage 2 www.eastalgarvemag.com Welcome to your October issue. I hear a lot of people have been poorly recently, so we wish you all well. The team have suffered too, but we're back on top form to bring you another bumper 52-page issue. We have featured a seafood dish from the restaurant Alfarroba, met with the team from Tavira's Restaurante Museu do Vinho and caught up with Steve and Debbie from the former Tavira Auction to discover the changes to the business and exciting news for the future. Mesa do chefe are also making management changes, leading to expansion of the enterprise. We bring you our regular golfing tips from Keith Ashdown, an informative Olive tree article from our gardening expert Mark O'Shaughnessy, health, sport, homes and much much more. Rest up and enjoy this issue and please keep you letters coming in. Welcome... Editor PUBLISHER & designer Richard Bassett eDITOR Katie Bassett editorial co-ordinators Richard Bassett Snr. advertising Call 961 700 200 or email info@eastalgarvemag.com consultant Arne Jakobsen the Great Dane printed by Litografis-Artes Graficas Lda, Ferreiras Distribution Advertisers will be issued copies for distribution, along with retail outlets. All rights reserved. Except for normal review purposes, no part of this magazine may be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. Every care has been taken in the preparation of this magazine, but the contents are only meant as a guide to readers. The proprietors of this magazine are publishers not agents or sub agents of those who advertise therein. The publisher cannot be held liable for any loss suffered as a result of information gained from this publication m a g a z i n e EastAlgarve 4NOTICE BOARD Let us know your thoughts. 5WHAT’S ON Things to do this month. 6NEWS Get up to date on the latest East Algarve news! 8People Meet Didier and his team. 10ARTS Eyes on the Alentejo. 12HEALTH Exercising tips. 15PEOPLE Mesa do Chefe expands. 16PEOPLE The Tavira auction. 18FOCUS ON Downtown Faro. 20property Advice before buying. 22property UK news. 24property Property of the month. 26LIVING Countdown to BLiP. 29HOME Mosaics & Under floor heating. 32FOOD From Restaurant Alfarroba. 36gardens The Olive tree. 39environment Nuclear energy. 42finance Gold hits record high. 46sport Golf tips from Keith Ashdown. 48sport The latest from Chris Wright. 50BOOK lovers’ corner A science fiction novel. 51classifieds Grab a local bargain. 36 32 18 CONTENTS 8 16 Dish of the day + drink €6.50 Dish of the day + drink + dessert and coffee €8.50 Specialities include Fresh local seafood • Cataplanas • Special seafood rices • Fish noodles • Fresh grilled fish • Filet in Mirandesa style (considered the best meat in Portugal)• French veal steak • Duck breast in orange and honey PLUS MUCH MUCH MORE! Rua da Liberdade n.º 126 Fuseta • OlhÃo • Algarve Telephone 289 798 045 FUSETA 16
  3. 3. www.eastalgarvemag.comPage 4 Page 5info@eastalgarvemag.comwww.eastalgarvemag.com Email: info@eastalgarvemag.com Telephone 961 700 200 Postal Address: EN270, CXP797A, Fonte Bispo, Tavira Contact us This notice board is free for readers to use. Send us news, ideas or suggestions you’d like to share with our readers. Page 5 guesthouse, BAR & BISTRO QUINTA FONTE DO BISPOQUINTA FONTE DO BISPO Call 281 971 484, email info@qtfontebispo.com or see our website www.qtfontebispo.com or see our map on the back page In answer to the group of golfers looking for Fado Evenings in Tavira for November, Restaurante “O Principe” in Pedras da Rainha, Cabanas holds a Fado Evening every Wednesday. Call. Nr. 913 544 417 for bookings. HELLO MUMMY! “My names Maria, are you my Mummy? Have you got me a big pink dummy? My, your gorgeous, I love you so much Though I think you’re going to be a soft touch” “I’ll try to be good, and not make a noise You know you can always bribe me with toys There’ll be battles of wills, you’ll never win ‘Cos I’ll just give you a big toothless grin” “When I have a wet bottom, reach for the powder If you don’t put it on I’ll scream even louder I’ve got a full tummy, and now I am sleepy Ooooh hek I’ve just done a pee pee” “I think I’ll love being your daughter And I bet I get juice, instead of plain water You’ll be my world, and I’ll be yours too Oh mummy, mummy I do love you.X” By Nana Soo The Bowen Technique Treatments in Olhao clinic only 30 Euros. Call Gareth for appointment tm.912 540 071 What’s on Your guide to what's on, in and around the East Algarve this month. Have fun! Things to do this October 2010 bank holidays and festivals Here’s your handy cut out & keep guide to the 2010 bank holidays and festivals, with compliments of East Algarve magazine. Carnival/Shrove Tuesday......... 16 Feb Maundy Thursday........................1 Apr Good Friday, ................................2 Apr Easter Sunday..............................4 Apr Liberation Day (Sunday)............25 Apr Labour Day, (Saturday).............. 1 May Corpus Christi, (Thursday)......... 3 Jun National Day in Portugal, (Thursday)................................. 10 Jun Assumption Day, (Sunday).......15 Aug Republic Day, (Tuesday)..............5 Oct All Saints’ Day, (Monday)...........1 Nov Independence Restoration Day, (Wednesday)................................1 Dec Immaculate Conception, (Wednesday)................................8 Dec Christmas Eve...........................24 Dec Christmas Day, (Saturday).......25 Dec Music TAVIRA - Concert by the Orques- tra do Algarve, 09/10, 21h30, Carmo Church. TAVIRA - The Birth of the Baroque in Portugal, 16/10, 21h30, Carmo Church. S.B. DE ALPORTEL - Meeting of Bands, 23/10, 21h30, Cinema The- atre. Free Admission. TAVIRA - Concert by "Pel De Noz", 29/10, 22h00, Santo Estevao, Casa do Povo. TAVIRA - Elvis vs ROY ORBI- SON, 23/10, 19h30, Quinta Fonte do Bispo, Sta Catarina. Vote for your favourite tribute artist. LOULE - Michael Jackson Dance Tribute, Daily, 22h30, Vilamoura Casino. Theatre S.B DE ALPORTEL - Lets catch the theatre: "D. Quixote and Sancho Pança - The adventures of the Seed", 15/10-24/10, "show room" travelling around the munici- pality, admission free. OLHÃO - Childrens Theatre by the Braga Theatre Company, 23/10, 16h00, Municipal Audito- rium. V.R.STO. ANTONIO - Revue "Fu- jem Moços Que Vem A Gripe!" by Boa Esperança, 21/10-23/10, Monte Gordo Casino. exhibitions S.B DE ALPORTEL - Exhibition of works by Dorneles and Lucia Silva "Concert Cork", Until 15/11, Alportel Museum. TAVIRA - "City and Rural Worlds", Until 18/6/2011, Municipal museum and Palacio da Galeria, Tues-Sat 10h00-12h30, 14h00-17h30. S.B DE ALPORTEL- Paintings by Eduardo Dias, until 31/10, Munici- pal Gallery. TAVIRA - Letters and Colours, Ideas and Authors of the Repub- lic, until 31/12, Municipal Library. TAVIRA - Centenary of the Re- public, Books and Memories, Until 31/12, Municipal Library. TAVIRA - "The 1st Republic in Tavira: Transformation and Con- tinuities", Until 31/12, Municipal Museum. S.B DE ALPORTEL - Tapestry and Drawings by Cruzeiro Seixas, Until 31/10, Zem Arte, Armazens de Arte. T. 289 840 000, Closed Thursdays. S.B DE ALPORTEL - "Long Live the Republic!...On Tour", 30/10- 01/11, Largo S. Sebastio. fairs ALCOUTIM - 4TH Partridge Fair, 15/10-17/10, 18h00-24h00, 10h00- 24h00, 10h00-18h00, Pavilion Jose Rosa, T. 281 540 500. Sales of items connected with hunting, handycrafts, cheese, sausages, brandy and other local specialities. www.eastalgarvemag.com Page 5 CARVERY Lamb, Beef & Turkey, plus all THE trimmings Sundays from 1.00pm Booking advised Only 10€ 3 course option available for only 14€ STEAK night Fridays, from 6.30pm *RUMP €8.50 *Rib EYE €10.00 *SIRLOIN €13.00 *16oz t-bone €19.50 (48 hours notice for T-Bone) All steaks come with home made chips, onion rings, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, and peas. MARKETS Loulé: Every Saturday. Estoi: 2nd Sunday of the month. Moncarapacho 1st Sunday of the month. Quelfes: 4th and 5th Sun- days of the month. Tavira: 3rd Saturday of the month. Vila Nova de Cacela: 3rd Sunday of the month. Castro Marim: 2nd Saturday of the month. Sta Catarina: 4th Sunday of the month. The Ayamonte AnimalRescue FundraisingCommittee do amarket the firstSaturday of each month at Calico Park, VilaNova de Cacela. Elvis V Roy Orbison. Tribute artists at Quinta Fonte do Bispo, 23/10, Tel 281 971 484Congratulations to Mrs Larson who won this wonderful quilt in a raffle held at Quinta Fonte do Bispo. Made by Fay Carroll, and150euros was raised for the Ass. Oncoligica do Algarve of Faro. This is the second quilt Fay has made during patchwork/quilting lessons with Gillian Stapleton from Quinta Fonte do Bispo, who meet on Thursday mornings. Anyone interested in joining the class should call Gillian on 966 006 436
  4. 4. News Page 6 Page 7www.eastalgarvemag.com www.eastalgarvemag.com Page 7 AFFORDABLE LIVING ON THE EASTERN ALGARVE Situated 11km from Tavira and 11km from Vila Real de Santo António and the Spanish border. Most plots have sea views as the coast is only 5km from the park. The park has a swimming pool, Bar and Restaurant, Free Internet access, Daytime Reception and 24 Hour Security. Tel: (00351) 281 951 360 Tlm: (00351) 917 925 031 www.calico-park.com calicoparksales@mail.telepac.pt Visits by Appointment only Caliço ParkA L GA R V E P O R T UGA L VISIT OUR Showhome 2 BEDROOMS, 3 BATHROOMS, FULLY FURNISHED • New homes for sale • resales 5% off until 31/12 • year round rentals • short and long term • rentals with option to buy • finance options available • plots to rent from 100m² Charity golf day and Barbeque at Benamor Golf ACharity Golf Competition & Barbecue held by the Tavira Golf Club, at Benamor Golf on September 4th raised 1200€, which will added to the current “collection”. The cheque with the final and total contribution will be presented to the “Associação Uma Porta Amiga” (A Friendly Door) at the end of the year. The winning team are pictured above, from left to right: Michael Relf, Michael Storman, Maggie Lea & Dottie Powell, also pictured are Vice-Captain Colin Campbell, Captain Tommy Spreadborough and a representative from PremierFX. Tourists to pay toll charges After a huge backlash from residents, the government has allegedly now decided to charge tourists to use the A22 motorway, allowing free use to residents and businesess. The Deputy State Secretary for Public Works and Communication revealed that tolls could be levied on the A22 long before looming renovation work to the EN125 is concluded. Having a viable alternative to the A22 has been one of the principal requirements for regional representatives prior to the introduction of tolls on the Algarve’s sole motorway. “Should the decision be taken to charge tolls before schedule, those who live and work in the Algarve will always be entitled to an exemption”, Paulo Campos told reporters in the Algarve. Introducing tolls on the A22 “is a necessary and above all, just measure. It’s a matter of justice when verified with a combination of presuppositions”, the state secretary reasoned. Major renovations will start on the EN125 by the end of summer, beginning of Autumn. The cost of the work on the EN125 is estimated to be €150 million and will cover 273 kilometres through 14 councils of the region. It is not clear how the government will implement the charges. There are rumours of cars having micro- chips fitted on the number plates which could be read at intervals along the motorway. There are however, complications within the car hire industry. Should drivers be exempt? A local car being driven by a tourist? This creates a mockery of the whole system. Another potential spanner in the works is the foreign registered cars using the road. They would not be fitted with the device and the only alternative is to erect costly booths on a motorway not designed to accomodate them. It is reported that the implementation of tolls would cost the average driver 21.30 euros to use the motorway from Lagos to Vila Real do Santo Antonio. Motorways currently cost the taxpayer 700 million euros a year. Restaurant, bar and pool. Upcoming events: Sat 9th October - Buddies with Danny Maverick • Fri 15th October - Live music from the Teddy boys band • Fri 29th October - Music & karaoke • Sun 31st October - Halloween fancy dress party, buffet & entertainment, 7.50€ per person • Sat 6th November - Danny Maverick Live • Fri 12th November - Live music from the Teddy boys band. Contact montbelo@hotmail.co.uk 927 364 157 or 927 168 059 Ba r & R e s tau r a n t Mont BeloCaliço Park, Vila Nova de Cacela, Only 10mins from Tavira. REGULAR EVENTS - Quiz, Music, Karaoke & Car boot sale(1st Saturday of each month. 10am) Mini Market stocking a selection of UK products. Pool table & Dart board. SPECIALITIES • English Breakfasts from 4.50€. Fish & chips in homemade beer batter with mushy peas 5.50€. • Sirloin steak 10€. Lamb shanks 12.50€. Mussel mariniere 9€. • Sunday roast dinner - Beef & Turkey with all trimmings 8.95€ or 5.95€ for children (from 1pm to 4pm every Sunday). • Homemade cheesecakes. House wine 1€ caneca 2€. Under New Managment Caliço ParkA L GA R V E P O R T UGA L ’OS GORILAS’ FLAGS STOLEN IN PORTO Before the game against Porto several members of the travelling group were set upon by local youngsters who stole the Sao Bras de Alportel flag and the new Union flag featuring the gorilla logo. The flag had been presented to the expat group by their Portuguese friends at the game against Portimonense the previous week. No one was hurt in the confrontation and the party continued to enjoy a great weekend.
  5. 5. Page 8 Page 9www.eastalgarvemag.comPage 8 www.eastalgarvemag.com Front from left; Didier, Roger. Back from left Walter, João-Pedro Meet Didier, owner of Restaurante Museu Do Vinho and the team that makes this place so special. People People T his month we met with the owner of Restaurante Museu do Vinho in Tavira, run by Didier Fernandez. Didier moved from Paris where he had his own haulage company, to Tavira 5 years ago. He met his partner Melissa in Paris, fell in love and moved with her to Tavira where her parents lived. While working as a waiter in various restaurants, Didier made some very good friends, significantly, Roger and João-Pedro. These meetings proved to be very significant in the years to come. A year later Didier discovered the Restaurante Museu do Vinho, a vacant restaurant with a poor reputation. Immediately, he saw a fantastic opportunity, and a real challenge. Very soon, Didier aquired the restaurant, took on a chef, and was up and running. Not long after opening, he realised that due to its location, he needed some help bringing in customers. This is where his old friends Roger and João-Pedro came in. João-Pedro can be found at the Roman Bridge, inviting customers to visit the restaurant, while Roger welcomes them at the door. With the addition of Walter the waiter, Restaurante Museu do Vinho really has a winning team. Around the same time, just as the restaurant was rebuilding its reputation, the chef had to leave to return to Brazil. Didier always had had a passion for cooking, often entertaining friends and family in Paris. After having spent so long with his chef, he felt he could take on the job himself, and fulfill his lifetime ambition of owning and cooking in his own restaurant. He offers international cuisine, with French specialities. Restaurante Museu do Vinho continues to go from strength to strength, with customers returning regularly. Why not pay them a visit? You will find the friendliest of teams and excellent food in a unique setting. For contact details and location, see their advert on the opposite page. Vintage seller Restaurante MUSEU DO VINHO Rua Almirante candido dos Reis 63 - Tavira R.Joao Vaz corte Real R.deSant’Anna BecodeSantana R.DrAntoniocabriana R.Jacques Pessoa R.Jose Joaquim Jara R.Eduarda Lapa R.dos Cais PraçadaRepublica CalçadadaGaleria CalçadadeDonnaAnna R.Gonçalo Velho R.dos Pelames R.Dr.Jose Pires Padinha R.Dr.Jose Pires Padinha Travessa Dr.Parreira R.M onialvao R.daLiberdade R.Palmeira R.Silva R.Dr.Parreira R.SilvaDomingues R.Poeta Emiliano da Costa R.Alm.Candido dos Reis R.Bordad e Agua da Asseca R.Alm.Candido dos Reis R.Ama liaRodrigues R.Dom M arcelino Franco Dr.Augusto CarlosPalma R.Dom Paio Peres Correia Traves sadaFonte Roman Bridge, Tavira “Very welcoming & excellent food, thoroughly recommend it! Excellent service and friendly atmosphere” “Excellent food, good wine, great excperience” “Excellent food, fantastic service, always with a smile” For reservations Telephone 918 502 029 International cuisine with French specialities Private dining room available & Warm Patio eating area Located in the center of Tavira, only 5 minutes from Vila Gale and Porta Nova hotels
  6. 6. Page 11Page 10 ArtsArts www.eastalgarvemag.com www.eastalgarvemag.com 24 Casa das Portas is a unique shop in the heart of Tavira, the most beautiful town in the Algarve. Visit the shop and experience first-hand not only the extraordinary images of the town created by the owner, Jane Gibbin, but also the ever changing collection of beautiful things ethically sourced from Portugal and around the world. Casa das Portas, Rua Dr Augusto Silva Carvalho, 3, 8800-324, TAVIRA, Portugal Telephone: +351 281 321 025 email for orders and information: info@casadasportas.com www.casadasportas.com T he two full-time, professional artists behind the show come from very different backgrounds. Carolyn Caldwell is American and normally works at her studio on Deer Isle, close to the North Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Maine. Over 3,000 miles away in England, Sally Stafford is based deep in the Gloucestershire countryside in the Forest of Dean. They met earlier this year working as resident artists at the Obras Foundation near Evora Monte in the Alentejo. For both of them it turned out to be a professionally formative experience. Carolyn - whose paintings are usually small and accurate – was impressed by Sally’s bold, expressive style. As she explains, “I had been trying to break free from my habitual way of painting to explore more adventurous, abstract territory. Watching Sally working helped to nudge me off the cliff into a grander more demonstrative style! I bought several large canvasses and began to represent the landscape in a much more carefree way.” For Sally, on her third visit to Obras, “It was a real benefit to have a visual artist to share ideas with,” she says. “Carolyn and I had a joint fascination for the blue shadows that we saw in the hour before sunset. This phenomenon led to interesting discussions about the role of tone, colour and line in our paintings. Initially we did some experimental work together and eventually I came up with a new collection of paintings that I entitled ‘Blue Walls Series.’” Towards the end of their residency Pedro Corte Real and Tom Compton came from the Algarve to select some of Sally’s paintings for display at their gallery in Paderne. She is one of several established artists who contribute to their varied collection of international paintings, sculptures, ceramics and handcrafted items for the home. When Sally introduced Pedro and Tom to Carolyn, they were enthralled to see her recent paintings. Eager to exhibit exemplary, contemporary work they chose several for the gallery, explaining they would mount a joint display of both women’s paintings during October. For fine art enthusiasts their show is an exceptional highlight of this year. Galeria Corte-Real is delightfully located on the outskirts of Paderne. From the Eastern Algarve a drive through the unspoiled countryside on the EN 270 makes a wonderful outing. Refreshments are available at the gallery. Galeria Corte-Real is signposted from Paderne, Boliqueime & Ferreiras Open Thursday to Sunday, from 11am until 5pm The gallery’s Beach Exhibition is also on display. For more information telephone: 918 981 199 or 912 737 762 Eyes on the Alentejo Words Carolyn Kain, Carolyn Caldwell & Sally Stafford Inspired by the vast plains and cork forests of the Alentejo, a new display of exquisite fine art can be seen at Galeria Corte-Real throughout October Onlineshoppingnowavailable Seewebsitefordetails– www.minimercadocorotelo.yolasite.com International & Portuguese newspapers and magazines • Fresh bread daily • Large range of British brands • Frozen foods • Fresh fruit and vegetables • Beers wines & spirits • Special offers Secondhand bookshop adjoining mini market Garage sale on site 23rd october, 12 – 4pm Mini Mercado Guerreiro, Corotelo, Sao Bras de Alportel, 8150-029 Tel: - 289 843 920 Email: - corotelo.mercado@gmail.com
  7. 7. www.eastalgarvemag.comPage 12 Page 13 Health Health If you struggle to find motivation to exercise regularly, here are a few tips from our health expert Gareth Bullock. www.eastalgarvemag.com T he results are in and its official – regular exercise is good for our health and well being. The results are not surprising. Every day we hear, read and see reports on the benefits of exercise. Studies have proved that regular exercise burns more calories, strengthens our muscles, boosts immune system, improves cholesterol levels and increases circulation throughout the body. The benefits are not just physical. Research has found the people feel better as a result of exercising. The increased circulation to the brain has a positive effect on our mood. The lack of physical activity has also been studied. Research has found that inactivity is a health risk just like smoking or eating a poor diet. Unfortunately, more than sixty percent of adults are not sufficiently active. Our bodies are meant to move. We have over six hundred muscles in the body and the familiar saying "if you don't use it, you'll lose it" is true. What's good to know is the fact that it is never too late to start exercising. The benefits of exercising are universal, meaning it applies to everyone and it works every time. But even when we know that exercise is good for us, getting started is sometimes hard. Our minds may actually work against us in the beginning. Something holds us back. It seems that we would rather stay comfortable in our current state than take on a new routine. The way to break out of this state is to recognize whereweareincontrolofourlivesand have the strength to make a change. Here are some helpful suggestions to start exercising and have the mindset to stick with it: 1. Make Exercise an Important Part of Your Life. Regular exercise should be a top priority in all of our lives. Make the time to exercise because you'll never find the time. Decide today that you will not compromise or make excuses when it comes to exercise. The rewards (good health) are too great to miss and the consequences (poor health) are too great to ignore. 2. Set Short and Long-Term Goals. Setting goals is good practice in business, personal finances, relationships and it works well with exercise too. Put your health and fitness goals in writing and review them daily. An example of a short-term goal may be to develop a good habit by working out regularly for two weeks straight. Another goal may be to lose a certain amount of weight or improve muscle tone and Exercising: 10 proven tips to get started and stick with it body composition. Your long-term goals should centre on using regular exercise as an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, preventing disease and remaining active all of your life. 3. Take Measurements. Create your personal 'before and after' ad. Weigh yourself and use a tape measure to take measurements of your neck, chest, waist, hips, and thighs at the start of your exercise program. Write down the measurements. After 60 days of regular exercise, take the same measurements again and compare the results. This is an excellent way to chart your progress. 4. Choose an Exercise Program That's Right for You. There is something for everyone when it comes to exercise. It does not matter how old you are or what condition you are in when you begin. The key is to start slowly and choose a program that interests you. Don't be afraid to explore by consulting with a certified personal trainer, reading articles and books or watching videos for guidance. 5. Visualize Success. Picture yourself finishing a workout and feeling really great about it. Visualize yourself achieving your goals and the confidence you will have from this accomplishment. If you believe it, you can achieve it. 6. Keep a Journal. It always helps to plan and think on paper. In your own health and fitness notebook, write down your goals, workout schedule, progress and diet information. It also helps to include any obstacles you may encounter in order to overcome them and get back on track. 7. Use the Buddy System. Studies have shown that people who make exercising social stick with it longer. Encourage a spouse, friend or co-worker to join you when you work out. Offer to join a friend when they exercise. 8. Variety, Variety, Variety. Use your imagination to keep your workouts interesting. Create a workout music soundtrack with your favourite songs. Change the environment from time to time. Exercise with different people. Sign up for a new fitness class. Play a sport that you never played before but always wanted to try. 9. Challenge Yourself. Our bodies are capable of performing great feats and accomplishing more than what we believe possible. After an exercise session, tell yourself that you are great today. And challenge yourself that you will be even better tomorrow. The challenge will keep you focused and help you reach your goals. Do not set limits on what you can accomplish. 10. Reward Yourself. Take credit for the all of the good things that you have accomplished – small and large. After reaching a goal, treat yourself by purchasing a new outfit, getting for a massage at the spa or having a healthy dinner with family and friends. Consistent exercise is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. Getting started on a regular routine is not always easy so applying these tips will help. Once you start moving the Law of Momentum will kick into gear. This law states that it is hard to get moving in the beginning but once you get going – it gets easier and easier to keep moving. No more excuses, make the time and get started today. Are you a personal trainer, run a gym, yoga or pilates class, organise cycling, walking or any sporting activities? Would you like to be featured on this page? Contact Gareth Bullock at info@eastalgarvemag.com . I would like to make a feature of you to help promote you and fitness to our readers. I look forward to hearing from you. Gareth Bullock, Bowen Therapist. Osteopathy For muscular and articular problems, treated by harmonising and resetting the body’s structure. CranioSacral therapy Massage service •All massages are performed by health professionals using biologic essential oils for aromatherapy •Swedish massage,Quiromassage, Reflexology, •Lymphatic drainage, Traditional Thai massage, •Local massage for legs and feet or neck back and shoulders. Catherina Pauwels, Ilse Brenner Tel: 919 660 211 or 963 706 624 IN THE CENTRE OF TAVIRA Mail: catherinapauwels@clix.pt
  8. 8. Page 14 www.eastalgarvemag.com Page 15www.eastalgarvemag.com R ecycling is part of the fabric of modern life. Everything that can be re-used or turned in to something else, of course should be, to save energy and resources that might not be as abundant as we first thought. The same goes for your hearing aids they may be outdated by our standards, but they could change the life of someone in a developing country if recycled. Companies regularly refurbish electronics as it's often more economic to clean and replace separate components than it is to pull a new unit off the conveyor belt. The consumer benefits too, since companies sell on refurbished products at a knock-down price. They are simply the same product with one slightly newer replacement part; still in good working order and ready to use. The same goes for hearing aids, but often there's no need to replace parts, a simple clean and check is all they need before being shipped to another country. The result is often charity- based, though a few clinics in some developing countries are able to make a paying trade out of donated hearing aids, which can benefit local economies. Unfortunately local recycling centers in Portugal cannot currently accept hearing aids, but our hearing centre can put them to very good use. Bring your old hearing aids to us and we can send them on to be used again in countries where hearing aids, batteries and proper hearing care are desperately rare. Because at CAT - Centro Auditivo de Tavira we want you to benefit from the very latest digital technology we have included a trade-in value of 300€ off the cost of your new state- of-the-art hearing devices. This is a welcome opportunity for hearing aid users to replace their old hearing aids and get a brand new digital system to further improve their hearing. The Scrappage Scheme is open to all hearing aid users, no matter where they bought their original hearing aid. The only condition is the hearing aid must be at least 4 years old. CAT - Centro Auditivo de Tavira also offers a full 30 day money back guarantee. If you purchase a hearing aid system under this scheme and you're not totally satisfied, you can return the hearing aid at any point within the first 30 days after your system has been fitted, and receive a full refund. Contact us today to receive more details on this unique offer. Never be tempted to throw your old hearing aids away. If you get new ones CAT - Centro Auditivo de Tavira can recycle them for use in third world countries. Hearing aid scrappage scheme I t has never been a secret that ever since opening Mesa do Chefe in Moncarapacho back in February, owners John and Emma were keen to make their venture the first of a small chain. The concept of International tapas, combining many flavours on one plate, has proved to be a huge success and John and Emma are now on the lookout for a premises for their second restaurant. ‘In order to make this possible we had to find someone that we could trust to run the business in our absence with the same drive, determination and enthusiasm as ourselves’ says John. ‘We have found this and more in our new managers Ramona and Gratiella who have recently joined us at Mesa do Chefe and now head up the team’. Gratiella and Ramona settled in Portugal 6 years ago with their mother and live in the tranquil village of Santa Barbara de Nexe. With their passion to serve the public, they opened their own bar in Santa Barbara and ran this very successfully until their lease recently ran out. It was in this bar that John and Emma (who were customers at the bar) first met Gratiella and Ramona. Ramona, who has studied Psychology and Gratiella, who is a qualified architect have proved to be a hit with our customers and comments have been made that the excellent service now matches the excellent food and that is the recipe for success. ‘We feel very confident and happy working at Mesa do Chefe’ says Ramona, ‘the food is well received by the clients and repeat business is very high. It is easy to build a rapport with such lovely clients’. ‘You can expect to receive the same high standard of service and food as before’ says Gratiella, ‘My sister and I also have many new ideas to bring to Mesa do Chefe to help push the business forward.’ We would like to invite all our customers new and existing, to come in and meet the girls and mention this article to receive a free glass of house wine with their meal to toast the girls new appointment. Since the opening of Mesa do Chefe we have advertised in East Algarve Magazine every month and the level of business generated from this has been high and really helped us reach customers who would not necessarily have heard of us, says John. The write up in May and the food page in September has been well received and has helped to give us a wider customer base. Now we are launching our Mesa do Chefe at Home brand (see our advert) offering tapas meals to take away and free delivery locally and feel the East Algarve Magazine is the best way to let all our existing and new customers know. The evenings are drawing in now and here at Mesa do Chefe we appreciate that not everyone wants to dine out, but also not everyone necessarily wants to cook either! During the month of October, every take away order over 25 euros will attract a free bottle of our superb house wine, with a choice of red or white. Emma and John are keen to let all their customers know that they will still be very much around. ‘We are not jumping ship!’ says Emma. ‘I am still heading up the kitchen and John will still be front of house and leading the business in the right direction. You can be assured that however many restaurants that we have, all the food will be to the same high standard and all will have Mesa do Chefe special ribs, with the secret rib recipe that only I know the ingredients to!!’ ‘We have exciting plans for Mesa do Chefe in the lead up to Christmas and beyond, so watch our adverts in East Algarve Magazine and feel free to join our Mesa do Chefe Facebook page to keep abreast of our new happenings! Our first 8 months have been fantastic to date and we would like to say a big thank you to all our customers for their continued support.’ A Growing chainThis determined duo are sure to be a success, we found out the latest on Mesa de Chefes expansion plans People
  9. 9. Page 16 www.eastalgarvemag.com Page 17www.eastalgarvemag.com taviraauctionAladdin´s Cave New & Used discount store Looking for a reasonably-priced sofa or washing machine? Want to get rid of your bed to make room for a new one? Convert all your unwanted goods into cash! Remember, we want to buy your used furniture and household items, either one piece, or an entire household. Just give us a call! FARO N125 Mte Gordo Gran Plaza Tavira Auction Petrol Station TAVIRA Open Tues-Fri 10am-4pm Saturday 10am-1pm Tel 00351 916 138 059 00351 916 138 060 Email debbie@taviraauction.com www.taviraauction.com At Aladdin's cave, we buy, sell, and trade furniture and household items every day so our inventry is always fresh.You never know what you'll find when you visit our store. We deal in most everything you find in a house and home: white goods, furniture for all rooms, furnishings, linens, pictures, light fittings, lamps and decorative items. Since we are buying every day, our selection is always changing, so it pays to shop often. if you can't make it to our store, call us any time to find out if we have what you're looking for. Keep in mind that these are one of a kind items, and when they're gone, they're gone, but there is always something new arriving soon, so keep checking with us. Timing is everything! I sn't it strange how, in life, one small action can sometimes lead to a life changing experience? A couple of months ago I picked up a copy of the East Algarve magazine, (not an easy thing to do in Olhão!) I read an article about a hearing aid clinic that had opened in Tavira. (This was of interest to me because after an operation for an acoustic neuroma six years ago, I was left with limited hearing in one ear only.) A few weeks later the tube of my hearing aid snapped and I was plunged into silence. Remembering the article I looked it up and made an appointment at the CAT Centroauditivo Clinic in Tavira. The audiologist Pedro Martins was so caring and understanding of my plight, he saw me straight away, replaced the tube and would not accept payment even giving me a new set of batteries to try. He did point out, however that my hearing aid was past its best and that at sometime in the future I should consider having a thorough hearing test and assessment. A month later I was taken out for a boat ride in the Ria Formosa, the wind dislodged the aid and the salt spray did it no good either! The next day it did not work at all! At least I now knew where to go for help. During an appointment at the clinic my hearing loss was assessed, including by inviting statements from my family, on my interactions socially etc. Yesterday I had a new hearing aid fitted and the quality of my life is going to improve by leaps and bounds. I am now able to use the telephone and have no sensation of having anything in my ear at all, the aid is so light and comfortable. I know this all probably sounds like a commercial or paid advertising but it really isn't. I didn't realise when I picked up that East Algarve Magazine that day that a whole chain of events would follow and how beneficial it would be to me. That is why I felt compelled to write this letter. So thank-you East Algarve Magazine and a big thank-you to Pedro Martins and his colleagues at the CAT Centroauditivo in Tavira. Pamela Lambie, Olhão You say...People Thank-you East Algarve Magazine and CAT, Tavira D ebbie and Steve have recently taken over the Tavira auction. They used to go to the auction when Emma and Mike ran it and when they announced it was to close down due to their work commitments, Debbie and Steve expressed an interest in taking it on. They moved to Portugal from Spain in October last year to embark on their new business. Debbie worked for more than fifteen years in banking and finance in the city but got made redundant two years ago when everything went "pear-shaped" with the banks. I remember well the build up to their first ever auction day, it was a pretty nerve racking experience for them, but they continued on to make it a success. The auction initally ran as before, but then Debbie and Steve offered further options for customers to buy or sell. People could bring in unwanted household items, furniture, garden tools, white goods etc, then give a desired price, (bearing in mind the commission charge), and were given space in the warehouse for two months to try and sell them. If the goods are not sold after this period, they have to be collected or donated to charity, (generally a childrens or animal charity). They started opening the auction warehouse five days a week as a lot of people advised that they couldn't always attend on the Saturday auction day. It also became apparent that customers weren't always happy to bid at auction "some found the process quite daunting" but wished to be able to buy, or bring in, "as and when". Taking these points into consideration they have now put the auction on hold and will just have one for charity when leftover stock dictates. You will find a wide variety of items, from washing machines, cameras, golf balls, televisions, beds, tables and much much more. Debbie and Steve had work carried out to open up the warehouse and it is now much brighter and airier. They now have the space to bring in brand new furniture and can offer a full furniture pack for as little as 2,300 Euros. They also sell individual items of new furniture, mattresses and linen. The warehouse is now open Tuesday - Friday: 10am - 4pm and Saturday: 10am - 1pm and they are happy to take in and sell good quality furniture and working household items on customers behalf. They also do house clearances, full or partial, restaurant and bar clearances. Debbie and Steve will buy items and arrange collection, but they don't take in clothes or jewellery. Delivery can also be arranged for a small charge. If new furniture is bought from them, they will arrange to collect, sometimes buy and remove the old unwanted items. For example, if you buy a new sofa from them, they'll remove you're old one. For more information please call Debbie or Steve on 916 138 059/916 138 060. Going, going gone!The Tavira auction is on hold, but the warehouse is a hive of activity with buyers and sellers galore.
  10. 10. Page www.eastalgarvemag.com Pagewww.eastalgarvemag.com Focus on Downtown FaroPhotographs by Richard Bassett M any of us forget the beauty and history of what surrounds us on our doorstep, so we thought we'd take a mornings stroll around the old sector of the capital city. Faro offers a mix of period architecture. Just opposite the edge of lazy lounge magnet Jardim Manuel Bivar is the Acro da Vila entrance to Faro's old town. You'll notice on this baroque archway a statue of Faro's patron saint St Thomas Aquinas. This entrance was built after the 1755 earthquake - part of Faro's reconstruction orchestrated by Bishop Francisco Gomes. However, much of Faro's city walls survived the earthquake. The cobbled street then bends round to the main square where the cathedral and other buildings of note sit alongside orange trees. The cathedral forms the centrepiece of the square and, as is the common practice, is thought to have been built on the site of pre-existing religious buildings such as a Roman temple, Moorish mosque and a Visigoth cathedral. Much of what you see today was rebuilt after the earthquake. Note the huge storks nesting on the rooftop - in fact you can see these storks on many of the historic tall buildings around Faro. Just beside the cathedral is the Convento de Nossa Senhora da Assuncao dating from the 16th century. The convent is now the Prince Henry Archaeological Museum. This museum contains archaeological remains from the Roman and pre-Roman eras and religious paintings. Other rooms contain collections of pre-historic tools and weapons, mostly found locally, in addition to numerous statues.Thereisalsoasmallmaritime museum containing model ships, as well as a collection of colourfull shells and models explaining the techniques of the fishing industry. Other buildings in the main square are more recent, like the Bishop's Palace with its mimic Manueline doorways which is late 18th century. These later buildings and the pristine main square contrasts with older domestic buildings outside the main square (note the old iron balconies on these buildings and their old peeling exteriors), and indeed older churches such as the Igreja do Carmo which dates from 1719. You exit the main square via the Arco de Repouso (Gate of Rest) out towards the Ferry Pier and stunning marina. Ornamenting the square is a 49 foot high obelisk, commemorating the naval minister and diplomat Ferreira de Almeida. You can take your pick of historic churches around Faro. One of the most striking is the Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Carmo with its adjacent intriguing 'Chapel of the Bones' or Capela dos Ossos. Built in the last century, what gives it a macabre appeal is that it's lined with the skulls and bones of human skeletons. Apparently an over-enthusiastic 19th century bishop used more than 1,200 skulls from monks buried in the old Carmo cemetery in the construction of the chapel, considering human skulls both cheaper and preferable as building materials to traditional bricks and stone. Some say the point was actually to make visitors realise their own mortality and to shock them into a sinless life. The baroque fronted church still dominates the Largo do Carmo square, despite now being surrounded by modern buildings, particularly banks. The architecture is ordered, almost perfectly symetrical with twin bell towers. We hope you find some time to discover the historic sector of Faro; it really is beautiful, and there are many boutique shops to browse around as well.
  11. 11. Page 20 Page 21 W hen you buy a property abroad, you should do your home work. Familiarize yourself with the laws and customs of a country and find out what local taxes must be paid. If you are planning to reside permanently in Portugal, your tax situation on your global income may change and you should seek advice from a tax consultant with good understanding of both jurisdictions prior to making your move. You are considered a resident in Portugal if you are staying in excess of 183 days during a calendar year. Should you choose to become a resident, it is nice to know that since January 1st 2004 Portugal has abolished inheritance tax for close family members (spouse, children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents). Find out the cost of living. The Algarve is still regarded as a place where a price of most goods and services is lower than elsewhere in Northern Europe. If you are retired or soon will be, do a stress test to see if you have sufficient means to get by, e.g. reduce your income from a pension by 10%, then make a calculation as if your currency would be 20% weaker than where it is trading now. If you are buying a property without a pool, don’t automatically assume that you will get planning permission just because your neighbours have a pool too. Like in most Northern European countries, if you want to make an extension you need planning permission. Only deal with reputable real estate agencies that are licensed in Portugal who can assist and advise you. They will have an AMI number with a validity date. REAL ESTATE L I V E , I N V E S T A N D E S C A P E GOLF PROPERTIES VILLAS A PA RTMEN TS T O WNH OU SE S P L O T S LHV - 927 Covering the whole of the Algarve as independant real estate agents, we can provide you with unbiased advice when you decide to purchase a property and can introduce you to a wide choice of reputable mortgage banks, architects, lawyers, builders, charteredsurveyors andinterior designers. We have been in business forover 12 years, finding the right property for countless satisfied clients. We currently haveover 700 properties available online and would bevery pleased to help you find your idealhome. If you are the owner of a good quality property and wish to sell, please contact us to arrange an appointment C o n t a c t us t o d a y : 2 81 32 0 28 1 www.lan dan d h ousesalga r ve.com T A V I R A R ua J osé P i r es P a d i n ha 1 78 8 80 0 - 3 5 4 T a v i r a V I L A MOU RA N1 2 5 , B en f ar r as, B ol i que i me 81 0 0 - 0 6 8 B o l i que i m e PROPERTY MANAGEMENT H A P P Y H O M E S A L G A RV E ALGARVEAN COTTAGES VILLAS A PA RTMEN TS TOWNHOUSES QUINTAS Happy Homes has since 2003 provided outstanding property management services and value to non-resident property owners. covering every requirement, Including Inspection, main- tenance, administration,letting and marketing services, we have developed relationships we are proud of with reputable accountants, architects, local councils, builders and housing professionals. Let happy Homes ensure that you have the best possible support to maximize and protect your investment for a brighter future! C o n t a c t us t o d a y : 2 81 32 0 28 3 www.portugal-accommodation.com A brighter future h a p p y h o m e s l da. R u a D r . P a r r e i r a 1 3 7 n e x t t o B a r c l a y s B a n k 8 80 0 - 3 46 T a v i r a Property This license is valid for three years, after which it must be renewed. You may be considering offsetting costs by renting out your second home. Be aware when entering into a long term rental agreement, Portugal has strict eviction laws. Although for short term holiday rentals you need a license (Alojamento Local), the extra income can be a big bonus and it offers more flexibility. If dealing with tenants is not your cup of tea, select a property management company with a good track record and local knowledge. They can also assist obtaining the rental license. If you need financing, always match your assets with liabilities in the same currency. You can borrow up to 70% of the value of a property if you are not a resident. Lastly, if you have made an offer on a property and it has been accepted don’t forget to secure the exchange rate. This can be done by just converting the amount of Euros you need to complete the transaction, e.g. a spot trade or do a forward trade if the date of completion is still sometime out. The latter can save you money on the exchange rate when the interest rate in your home country is higher than abroad. Speculating on currency movements is not advisable: if the exchange rate goes in your favour it is nice, if it goes against you it can be a potential disaster. Make sure your dream does not turn in to a nightmare. Robert Bijker Land & Houses Algarve – Yellow Homes www.landandhousesalgarve.com Rua Dr. José Pires Padinha 178 8800 - 354 Tavira AMI 6232 Tel: 281 320 281 Fax: 281 321 901 www.eastalgarvemag.com www.eastalgarvemag.com Tlm:(+351) 915 500 141/2 Office (+351) 961 952 148 Fax (+351)281 971 076 Ângela Dias Tel (+351) 969 459 200 Rua José Pires Padinha, No 44, Escrit.13, 8800, Tavira eapr@iol.pt • eapm@iol.pt www.east-algarve-property-rentals.com • www.east-algarve-property-management.com By the sea, in the mountains or in the city... enjoy your stay with us. We’ll take care of you and your house as we would our own. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT PROPERTY RENTALS From property expert Robert Bijker. Things to know before buying property here in Portugal
  12. 12. Page 22 Page 23www.eastalgarvemag.com info@eastalgarvemag.com Company AMI 7673 Office: Tel/Fax 281 952 820 Mobile: 00351 911 041 861/2 SALES: www.algarvemantaproperties.com RENTALS: www.algarvemanta.pt EMAIL: sarah@algarvemanta.pt Casa Anibal R/C loja B, Estrada da Manta Rota 8900-038 Vila Nova de Cacela APARTMENT IN CABANAS 180.000 Euros 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, top floor apartment with a Terrace of 26.89m2 facing the ocean in a closed condominium with a pool and garage, very close to the beach in Cabanas, This is a great condominium as there are only five apartments sharing the pool. All apartments have a fitted kitchen which is open plan to the lounge, air conditioning, mosquito screens, a safe and a parking space in the garage. This is a great investment opportunity as it is so close to all bars and restaurants and only one minute on foot to the beach. Last apartment available. Ref: 1049 For more information please contact us. Serving You and Your Guests with Complete Satisfaction in Mind 00 351 913 692 170 or UK 0161 298 4800 www.smartavillas.com Rentals & Property Management Let us make renting easy. Management Packages tailored to suit your needs Advertising•Enquiries & Bookings •Payment Collection•Cleaning •Laundry•Meeting•24/7 Helpline •Bill Payments•Guest Services; Golf Leisure Trips & Transfers MAIN OFFICE – E.N.125, Cevadeiras, 8900-024 Vila Nova de Cacela TEL: 281-951165 FAX: 281-951438 CABANAS OFFICE – (Waterfront) Ava Ria Formosa, Centro Comercial Loja 2, 8800-591 Cabanas de Tavira TEL: 281-370277 FAX: 281-370761 EMAIL geral@estealgarve.com WEBSITE www.estealgarve.comLICENÇA No 504-AMI Tavira– Exceptional property with outstanding view of the coast, cosisting of a modern 6 bedroom villa, plus a second refurbished algarvian cottage with 2 bedrooms, surrounded by approx. 14.000 m2 of land with beautiful garden, double garage, swimming pool (60 m2), situated ap- prox. 4 kms west fromTavira. Ref: EA 064 FTAV 698.000 Eur. DETACHED VILLA – QUELFES In a quiet residential area, this com- fortable and attractive, high quality 3 bedvilla is very well located within walking distance to supermarket, bus stop, 5 mins to Olhão. Plot of 475m2. Above ground pool.Garage. Solar pan- els. Ref.: EA 066VQU 299.500 Eur. ▲ ▲ East Algarve Home & Garden A full range of cleaning and maintenence services for home, garden and pool For a prompt friendly service Tel 00351 912 977 218 email e.a.homeandgarden @gmail.com T he Bank of England revealed that mortgage approvals fell again in August - to a 7-month low. According to the Bank, mortgage approvals for the month fell to 47,372 from 48,346 in July - however, the figure was in line with expectations. The figure continues to be well below the 60,000 reached in November 2009 as buyers took advantage of the stamp duty holiday, which prompted a rush to buy homes towards the end of last year. However, they are less than half the level reached at the height of the housing boom in 2007. Paul Diggle, an economist at Capital Economics Ltd. in London, told Bloomberg: “The headwinds facing the housing market seem to be stacking up. “They include the fiscal contraction, the slowing pace of the economic recovery and the likelihood of a renewed rise in unemployment. Thereislittleprospectofameaningful improvement in mortgage approvals for at least the next 12 months,” he concluded. Last week, the British Bankers’ Association (BBA) and the Council of Mortgage Lenders both reported falls in the number of new mortgages approved in August. Property UK Mortgage approvals fall to 7-month low in August With many expats still owning homes in the UK, it's troubling news that the house market there is still showing no signs of making a recovery
  13. 13. Page 24 www.eastalgarvemag.com Page 25www.eastalgarvemag.com RUSSELL & DECOZ REAL ESTATE Tel: 00351 289 792 785 Mobile 963 085 580 Email: propertyrussell@mail.telepac.pt AMI License nº 870 - Member of APEMIP nº 1178 Av. Maria Lizarda Palermo 43a, 8700 - 081 Moncarapacho, Algarve, Portugal * Renovated split level Quinta of 138m² * 2.840m² of sloping land * entrance hall * lounge with wood burner * 2 spacious bedrooms * shower room * fitted and equipped kitchen with wood burner and dining area * office * lovely covered terrace along the whole South side of the quinta with superb views * workshop/storage room * shared borehole * cistern * telephone * SAT-dish * parking place under a huge Azinheiro * low maintenance garden * automatic irrigation * walking distance to local good restaurant * Stª Catarina at 6km * private yet not isolated * sold fully furnished! * A little GEM! ONLY 225.000€ Ref: 1266Q Location: Bemparece www.algarve-pt.com Property of the month This cozy QUINTA is the perfect retreat in the hills! Nestled on the South slope of a hill it enjoys SUPERB country and sea views!
  14. 14. Page 26 www.eastalgarvemag.com Page 27www.eastalgarvemag.com Broadband Algarve Internet via Satellite Access the Internet even where phone lines cannot reach Packages to suit everyone Special discounts for afpop members (00351) 918 771 381 (Vic) (00351) 918 851 232 (Stephanie) www.broadbandalgarve.co.uk enquiries@broadbandalgarve.co.uk ALGARVE AUCTIONS & SALES Barracha São Brás Over 1,000 items for sale, each and every week. Antiques, furniture, household goods, etc., always available. For intake of items please ring first Tel 919 767 066 algarveauctions@hotmail.com Sta Catarina EN270 Sao Bras Barracha ✤ Interior and exterior painting ✤ Friendly service ✤ Highest quality paints ✤ Free quotes ✤ Algarve covered Tel 289 841 896 Mob 912 780 721 email stephenfreeman@sapo.pt Professional painter and decorator STEPHEN FREEMAN T he exhibition is organised by Exiberia on behalf of afpop, Portugal’s largest association for foreign residents, and will be held on October 16 and 17 at the ExpoArade exhibition centre in Portimão. This is a chance to find out more about the services on offer from businesses in the region, to learn about living in the Algarve or even to do a spot of pre-Christmas shopping, all under one roof. For new visitors to BLiP, there is everything from financial services to fashions, banking to books and interior design to insurance to draw your attention, while for regulars, not only will you be able to catch up with familiar faces but there will be plenty of new exhibitors, special promotions and competitions all weekend. The BLiP exhibition is free to enter and is open between 10am and 7pm on Saturday and from 11am until 6pm on Sunday. For further information about BLiP, please visit www.blip-exhibitions.com (available in English). Countdown to BLiP has begun BLiP, the popular Better Living in Portugal exhibition, is back for its eighth year with plenty for residents to enjoy. Living Open Mon 9am - 4pm Weds 10am - 1pm, 2.30pm - 4pm Sat 9am - 1pm
  15. 15. www.eastalgarvemag.com www.eastalgarvemag.comPage 28 Page 29 Home Live Life in Comfort Monday to Friday 10am - 1pm and 2pm - 6pm Saturday 10am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm 27 Estrada de Vale d’Eguas - Almancil T. 289 396 385 • E. linenwarehouse@sapo.pt • www.linenwarehousealgarve.com The widest selection of linen & towels in the Algarve Hatton, White Sienna,Black Summer Palace Home Christmas is fast approaching, try making a mosaic piece, a unique gift for someone special with this guide by Kathi Veninga. I t is time again to think about making presents for your loved ones. Is it not so much nicer to make a special present for friends and family? I would like to show you how easy it is to make beautiful presents with mosaics. And anyone can do it, the range is wide, coasters, lamps, candle holders, flower pots… or even a wall picture can be conjured up. Just follow the instructions on the following example or simple visit one of our workshops in the Quinta Fonte do Bispo or restaurant The Andalusian (Isla Canela, Spain), or during October, every Wednesday at the QM garden centre. For more information: www.ElMundoMosaico. com or email Mosaicshop@hotmail. com Mosaic lamp, materials: Tiffany glass(15x15 + 10x10), mirrors (10x10) Silicone glue & grout. 1With a plastic knife it is easy to apply the silicone glue suitable for glass. Do not apply to much glue as once you put the Tiffany glass on it might push the glue in between the joints and after grouting it will not look good. 2First spread out some of the Tiffany glass (15x15) over the surface of one side, then some of the mirrors (10x10) to get the picture in balance. After that you can fill in the rest with the Tiffany glass (10x10). It is important to press the glass gently on and make sure that there is no air bubbles left behind the glass. 3Let the glue dry for a few hours and then finish side for side. Once all 4 sides have been finished wait for 24 hours before grouting. 4Mix the grout with water so that it is consistent like tooth paste. Apply the grout with a grout rubber, let dry for about 20 minutes. As soon the grout is not sticky anymore you can start cleaning the surface carefully. Let your object dry for a few hours and polish of the remaining dust. Piecing it together Various artwork from workshop students.
  16. 16. Page 30 Page 31www.eastalgarvemag.com                                   www.eastalgarvemag.com Neil & Emily Richardson removals “Caring for your possessions is second nature and we strive to care for yours as if they were our own” Tlm. +351 939 486 870/+351 939 486 807 Member of the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce Tel +351 281 963 191 or 0844 579 6577 (UK local) Email: neilandem@sapo.pt Website www.ne-internationalremovals.com Apartado 166, 8800 TAVIRA REMOVALS & STORAGE LOCAL, NATIONAL & UK Packing service • Mudanças e Armazenagem Home Open 7 days a week Located between Olhão and Pechao on the EN 2-6 Call now to place your order: Tel 937 809 074 - 937 809 065 - 289 703 020 Set lunch menu, 11.00-15.30 Authentic Indian food at its best! Enjoy your food inside, or out on the terrace. Good parking facilities. Quality food • Excellent service • Good prices Restaurant & Tapas bar santa luzia Menu includes; Octopus rice with prawns, Sea food, Tuna steaks, New Zealand lamb chops, Spare ribs and Steaks etc. AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE EVENTS Open 12:00-11:00pm Closed Tuesdays Avenida Eng. Duarte Pacheco, No 8 8800-545 Santa Luzia, Tavira, Algarve Tel +351 281 328 527 A beautiful restaurant with tradition, art and culture. English speaking staff. T hey might have been there a long time, the spores of the black mold that silently attacked us this past winter; just waiting for the right conditions to start their insidious spread throughout our homes and business premises. Even our clothes and furnishing can suffer if care is not taken. For a long while we have been lulled into a false sense of security, but bam it hit us with a vengeance. Even the walls started bleeding a salty residue that was caused by using unwashed sand during construction, and strange prismatic growths appeared, protruding several millimetres from the walls. We hear how some people protect their clothes by placing a light bulb in their wardrobes, supplying just enough heat to keep it above dew- point, but a long-term solution is to keep the whole premises above dew-point. We asked our friend Ged from SolarPanels4U.com to suggest a cost effective solution and, just by chance, his company has a subsidiary named sp4u eco that can provide such a solution. Here Ged discusses a technology that we have touched on before, but is a worthy option: Underfloor heating has become extremely popular as a modern system for home comfort that responds to today’s needs and has consolidated its position on the market as an ideal heating system. It has achieved the critical mass that brings the price to a level that is affordable by most households, even custom solutions for ‘adventurous’ designs. Your design team will need to ensure that the under floor heating system and all its components are perfectly matched and meet all the most demanding quality and installation requirements, regardless of where they are laid, in homes, offices, business centres, industrial premises, hospitals, sports centres or outdoor areas. Under Floor – V- Above Floor Heating Its main features are: total comfort for users, flexible design and installation, energy saving, as well as being more eco-friendly. It does not cause draughts or air currents or form pockets of hot air. The Cost for a Typical Algarve Home Three Bedrooms Two Bathrooms is around 12,000 Euros and includes free Domestic Hot Water. The Payback & Return of Investment is estimated at six years in part due to the big savings on buying wood, oil & gas for the winter months. It also serves to cut down your carbon Footprint and gives you an automatic B rating in The Energy Performance Chart. For a free site survey contact Ged or Keith on 00351 964456022 or info@solarpanels4u.com. For more information go to www. solarpanels4u.com Beating the moldBeat the plague that struck many of us last winter.
  17. 17. Page 33www.eastalgarvemag.com Food Perfectly accompanied by a Smoked salmon stuffed with crab mousse starter, from Restaurant Alfarroba, Tavira. For reservations call 281 107 488 Page 32 www.eastalgarvemag.com PhotographRichardBassett Al- ar-roba RESTAURANT Tavira Al- ar-roba RESTAURANT Tavira A traditional Portuguese restaurant in the center of Tavira, serving typical Portuguese food, in warm and friendly surroundings. Roman bridgePost office Tavira Camara We are here River GilaoRua da Liberdade 72 8800-408 Tavira Tel 281 107 488 964 013 623 www.restaurantealfarroba.com tapas & wine Bistro Rua do Carmo; No15, Moncarapacho, 8700-096, Olhão International Tapas & Fantastic house wines Introducing our new brand Mesa do Chefe at Home Our complete tapas menu to take away Place any order over 25euros and receive a free bottle of our superb house wine (choice of red or white) When placing your order, don’t forget to ask for our daily specials and selection of desserts. See our editorial to see this month’s promotion as we introduce our new managers Gratiella and Ramona. Reservations for the restaurant are advisable, book now to avoid disappointment on 289 792 087 or direct to John on 918 715 028 Open FOR Lunch 12-2pm Except Sat and SUN Every Evening 7pm-10pm Seafood rice with aromatic herbs EastAlgarve m a g a z i n e PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS WITH US from ONLY €55, UP to €275 for a full page If you would like to promote your business with the East Algarve magazine contact us on info@eastalgarvemag.com or Tel 961 700 200. If you would like to meet with a representative, please call Steve Booth on 967 190 218 (Sao Bras) As an advertiser you automatically become a distributer, and will be provided with a number of copies to issue to your customers. Mesa do Chefe at Home Menu Mesa do Chefe Special Ribs €4.30 Tandoori Chicken €4.20 Emma’s Coleslaw €2.50 Spanish Tortilla €3.20 Onion Rings €2.40 Chicken Satay €3.95 Feta Cheese Salad €4.20 Duck and Black Pepper Paté with Tostas €4.60 Fried Prawns with Chilli and Garlic €4.95 Tomato and Mozarella Salad €3.25 Battered Prawns €3.95 Meat Samosa €2.95 Vegetable Samosa €2.95 Pork Loin with Roquefort €3.95 Spicy Meatballs €3.95 ChouriÇo in red wine €3.80 Batatas Bravas €2.95 Pork Loin with Chilli and Garlic €3.95 Creamy Garlic Mushrooms €3.80 Garlic Bread €2.00 Garlic Bread with Chilli and Parmesan €2.50 Tomato Salad €2.00 Mixed Salad €2.60 Chips €2.00
  18. 18. Page 34 www.eastalgarvemag.com Page 35www.eastalgarvemag.com 24 Restaurant & SNACK Bar MONCARAPACHO 34 294 RONALDO’S BAR The place in the hills with a view, Monte Novo, Faz Fato Halloween, Sat 30th, Hot & Cold buffet, music with our very own DJ. D, fancy dress with a prize for the best look! Tuesday afternoons Boules - pétanque, 3pm Afternoon teas, home made cakes available daily Tuesday night, Soup, bangers & mash €6.50 Wednesday night, 3 course indian buffet €8 Thursday night, Soup shepherds pie €6.50 Friday night, Fish, chips & mushy peas €8 Saturday, Steak, chicken & mushroom pie €7 Sunday, lunch, soup, roast pork-chicken €8 Telephone, 912 827 058 Faz Fato RONALDO’S Casa Pasto Fernanda Corte Antonio Martins Campo Golf Monte Rei Vila Nova de Cacela N125TAVIRA V.R.S.A Rua Borda d’Agua da Asseca, 46-50 - 8800-325 Tavira, Tel./Fax 00 (351) 281 323 165, Tlm.916 822 117 E-mail info@beirariotavira.com www.beirariotavira.com New Bar Food Menu Samples, Sirloin Steak Baguette, fried onions, chips, salad and garlic mayonnaise €7.00. Fish in Beer Batter, chips and salad €6.50. Karaoke Saturday night Live Music throughout Summer Specialities: Home made soups, Salads, Fresh fish daily, Steaks, Cata- planas, Vegetarian dishes,Pasta dishes, Home made des- serts, Irish coffee. Extensive range of wines & ports. Sunday Roast Lunch: Roast Rib of Beef, with all the trimmings €9.50. Three Course Special €15.00 ROMAN BRIDGE Rua dos Cais Rua Dr, Jose Pires Padinha PraçadaRepública Câmera Municipal Finanças TAVIRA Traditional Portuguese restaurant in Tavira Specialising in Cataplanas Fish dishes: Salt Cod, Sea food rice, Sea devil rice, Tuna steak and Swordfish. Meat dishes: Steak on the stone, Kebabs, Leg of lamb. Rua Dr. José Pires Padinha, No2, 8800, TAVIRA Tel +351 281 321 642 Email: restaurantamerica@sapo.pt Tea & Flavours Shop 60 varieties of tea, exclusive coffees, hot chocolates, and much more! Need a touch of home? Home made fairy cakes & Muffins Visitus atTavira Gran Plaza,1stfloor,Food Court
  19. 19. Page 36 www.eastalgarvemag.com Page 37www.eastalgarvemag.com QM E Algarve 180x130 04-10.indd 4 QM E Algarve 180x130 04-10.indd 4 QM E Algarve 180x130 04-10.indd 4 23/3/10 18:40:25 LANDSCAPING & GARDEN CENTER B E m - V indo • W elco m e EN 125, c.p. 126-E 8800-118 Luz de Tavira e-mail: geogardim@gmail.com www.geojardim.com Tlm: +351 918 841 766 Tel: 281 961 189 To Olhão To Tavira Fuseta Luz de Tavira EN125 QUINTA DAS PALMEIRAS C E N T R O D E J A R D I N A G E M I have often been asked about the olive tree and how do you harvest the fruit, can you just pick it and eat the fruit and how do you get olive oil. With these questions in mind and with the olive harvest approaching I thought it a good idea to try to answer these questions and explain a little more about this ancient tree. The olive tree is an evergreen tree or shrub native to the Mediterranean, Asia and Africa. It is short and squat, and rarely exceeds 8–15 metres (26–49 ft) in height. The silvery green leaves are oblong in shape, measuring 4–10 centimetres (1.6– 3.9 in) long and 1–3 centimetres (0.39–1.2 in) wide. The trunk is typically gnarled and twisted. The small white flowers, with ten-cleft calyx and corolla, two stamens and bifid stigma, are borne generally on the last year's wood, in racemes springing from the axils of the leaves. The fruit is a small drupe 1–2.5 centimetres (0.39–0.98 in) long, thinner-fleshed and smaller in wild plants than in orchard cultivars. Olives are harvested in the green to purple stage. Canned black olives may contain chemicals (usually ferrous sulfate) that turn them black artificially. Olive trees are very hardy, drought-, disease- and fire-resistant, and can live for a very long time. Its root system is very robust and capable of regenerating the tree even if the above-ground structure is destroyed. The older an olive tree is the broader and more gnarled its trunk appears. Many olive trees in the groves around the Mediterranean are said to be several centuries old, and in some cases this has been verified scientifically. One such olive tree in Algarve, Portugal, is 2000 years old, according to radiocarbon dating, and others like an olive tree in west Athens, named "Plato's Olive Tree", was rumored to be a remnant of the grove within which Plato's Academy was situated, which would date it to approximately 2,400 years ago. The tree was a cavernous trunk from which a few branches were still sprouting in 1975, when a traffic accident caused a bus to fall on and uproot it. Since then the trunk is preserved and displayed in the nearby Agricultural University of Athens. And supposedly even older tree, called the "Peisistratos Tree", is located by the banks of the Cephisus River, in the municipality of Agioi Anargyroi, and is said to be a remnant of an olive grove planted by Athenian tyrant Peisistratos in the 6th century BC. Olives are harvested in the autumn and winter. More specifically in the Northern hemisphere, green olives are picked at the end of September to about the middle of November. Blond olives are picked from the middle of October to the end of November and black olives are collected from the middle of November to the end of January or early February. In southern Europe, harvesting is done for several weeks in winter, but the time varies in each country, and with the season and the cultivar. Most olives today are harvested by shaking the boughs or the whole tree. Using olives found lying on the ground can result in poor quality oil. Another method involves standing on a ladder and "milking" the olives into a sack tied around the harvester's waist. A third method uses a device called an oli-net that wraps around the tree trunk and opens to form an umbrella-like catcher from which workers collect the fruit. Another method uses an electric tool, called the oliviera, which has large tongs that spin around quickly, removing fruit from the tree. This method is used for olives used for oil. Table olive varieties are more difficult to harvest, as workers must take care not to damage the fruit; baskets that hang around the worker's neck are used. In some places in Italy and Greece, olives are harvested by hand because the terrain is too mountainous for machines. As a result, the fruit is not bruised, which leads to a superior finished product. The method also involves sawing off branches, which is healthy for future production. The amount of oil contained in the fruit differs greatly by cultivar; the pericarp is usually 60–70% oil. Typical yields are 1.5–2.2 kg (3.3–4.9 lb) of oil per tree per year. Olives are a naturally bitter fruit that is typically subjected to fermentation or cured with lye or brine to make it Gardens The Olive Tree Some trees are reportedly over 2000 years old! And the process for curing olives hasn’t changed in that time.... In need of retail therapy? Discover a unique shopping experience, in beautiful, relaxed surroundings, with friendly staff! Arriving soon: Christmas crackers, cards and wrap. Lots of gift ideas, fresh flowers and indoor plants. This and much much more! Come and discover QM country shop and Garden centre Massive selection of wall art Indonesian teak sculpture and bowlsSculpture Outdoor living & lifestyle Aquatic plants Inspiration and ideas for your Garden
  20. 20. Page 38 www.eastalgarvemag.com           Gardens Environment I ran building Nuclear Reactors makes this a burning issue at the moment; if the technology works, then why do the Iranians & their Chinese Technologists not adopt this proven design. It is well docu- mented that, locked in a struggle with a nuclear-armed Soviet Union, the U.S. government in the ’60s chose to build uranium-fuelled re- actors -- in part because they pro- duce plutonium that can be refined into weapons-grade material. The course of the nuclear industry was set for the next four decades. Thorium could solve the nuclear power industry’s most intractable problems. After it has been used as fuel for power plants, the element leaves behind minuscule amounts of waste. And that waste needs to be stored for only a few hundred years, not a few hundred thousand like other nuclear byproducts. Because it’s so plentiful in nature, it’s virtu- ally inexhaustible. It’s also one of only a few substances that acts as a thermal breeder, in theory creating enough new fuel as it breaks down to sustain a high-temperature chain reaction indefinitely. And it would be virtually impossible for the byprod- ucts of a thorium reactor to be used by terrorists or anyone else to make nuclear weapons. The concept of nuclear power with- out waste or proliferation has obvi- ous political appeal. The threat of cli- mate change has created an urgent demand for carbon-free electricity, and the 52,000 tons of spent, toxic material that has piled up around the world makes traditional nuclear power less attractive. Utilities are investigating several next-gen alter- natives, including scaled-down con- ventional plants and “pebble bed” reactors, in which the nuclear fuel is inserted into small graphite balls in a way that reduces the risk of melt- down. Those technologies are still based on uranium, however, and will Page 39www.eastalgarvemag.com PENGUINAIRCON.COM SERVICE HOTLINE: 910 700 777 Av. Eng Duarte Pacheco 222 , 8135-104 Almancil, Algarve Tel: 289 092 595 Fax: 289 392 660 Air Conditioning Pool Heating Underfloor Heating Heat Pumps Solar Water Heating All Algarve covered! PENGUIN Aqua Pura Ldasince 1989 Quality poolcovers delivered in 2 days! Now available D.I.Y. Solar covers Eastern Algarve 967 456 305 Western Algarve 967 025 157 www.aquapura.com.pt info@aquapura.com.pt more palatable. Green olives and black olives are typically washed thoroughly in water to remove oleuropein, a bitter carbohydrate. Sometimes they are also soaked in a solution of food grade sodium hydroxide to accelerate the process. Green olives are allowed to ferment before being packed in a brine solution. American black ("California") olives are not fermented, which is why they taste milder than green olives. Freshly picked olive fruit is not palatable because it contains phenoliccompoundsandoleuropein, a glycoside which makes the fruit too bitter, although not unhealthy. (One exception is the Thassos olive, which can be eaten fresh.) There are many ways of processing olives for eating. Traditional methods use the natural microflora on the fruit and procedures which select those floras that ferment the fruit. This fermentation leads to three important outcomes: the leaching out and breakdown of oleuropein and phenolic compounds; the creation of lactic acid, which is a natural preservative; and a complex of flavoursome fermentation products. The result is a product which will store with or without refrigeration. Fresh olives are often sold at markets. Olives can be used green, ripe green (a yellower shade of green, or green with hints of colour), through to full purple black ripeness. Olives should be selected for general good condition and for firmness if green. For fermentation, the olives are soaked in water to wash them, and then drained. One method uses a ratio of 7 liters (7 kg/15 lb) of room temperature water, plus 800  g (28 oz) of sea salt and 1 cup (300 g/11 oz) of white wine or cider vinegar. Each olive is slit deeply with a small knife; large fruit (e.g., 60 fruit per kg) should be slit in multiple places. The solution is added to a container of olives, and they are weighted down with an inert object, such as a plate, so they are fully immersed and lightly sealed in their container. The gases of fermentation should be able to escape. It is possible to use a plastic bag partially filled with water, and lay this over the top as a venting lid, which also provides a good seal. The exclusion of oxygen is helpful, but not as critical as when fermenting grapes to produce wine. After some weeks, the salinity drops from 10% to around 5 to 6%, once the water in the olives moves into solution and the salt moves into the olives. The olives are edible within 2 weeks to a month, but can be left to cure for up to three months. They can be tasted at any time because the bitter compounds are not poisonous, and oleuropein is a useful antioxidant in the human diet. Curing can be done by several methods: lye-curing, salt-curing, brine-curing and fresh water-curing. Salt-curing (also known as dry- curing) involves packing the olives in plain salt for at least a month, which produces a salty and wrinkled olive. Brine-curing involves placing the olives in a salt water solution for a few days or more. Fresh-water curing involves soaking the olives in a succession of baths, of which the water is changed daily. Green olives are usually firmer than black olives. Olives can also be flavoured by soaking them in various marinades, or removing the pit and stuffing them. Popular flavourings are herbs, spices, olive oil, feta, capsicum (pimento), chili, lemon zest, lemon juice, garlic cloves, wine, vinegar, juniper berries and anchovies. Sometimes, the olives are lightly cracked with a hammer or a stone to trigger fermentation. This method of curing adds a slightly bitter taste. I hope this article gives you a more informative aspect to the olive tree and a few ideas of how to make use of the fruits should you be lucky enough to have these trees in your garden. Even if you only have a few trees or fruits it is an interesting process to get some olives for your own consumption, so why not give it a go. Tests of Thorium Reactors in the 1950’s proved the technology – why was it rejected and is it viable now? A Nuclear renaissance without toxic waste Proliferation
  21. 21. Page 41www.eastalgarvemag.comPage 40 www.eastalgarvemag.com Environment Urb. Parque da Azinheira, Lote 3, R/C Dto, 8150-054, São Brás de Alportel Tlm. : +351 965 059 203 h: +351 912 230 676 Tel/Fax : +351 289 845 385 email: harmoclima@sapo.pt www.harmoclima.pt Solar systems Air-conditioning Heat pumps Central heating Under floor heating Central vacuum systems General plumbing Swimming pools Wind generators ENGLISH SPEAKING Specialists in Peste Control has been exterminating: cockroaches, rats, ants, termites, fleas, woodworm, mosquitoes, wasps, pine tree caterpillar, palm weevil infestations (if the client would like, we also can cut the palm- tree down and take it away), etc. We are a dynamic company, working with a professional team of specialists in the field of disinfection, controlling plagues according to the recommenda- tions and normal standards laid down by the OMS - the World-Wide Health Organisation and Health Ministry, in order to provide the highest hygienic and sanitary levels. We are at your disposal to give you free quotations for disinfecting areas where you have unwanted guests. Swim-Arte is a swimming pool company with over 30 years of experience. • We are experts in pool renovations, pool building, pool covers, UV and salt systems, heatpumps, child safety fences, chemicals and anything else for your pool. • We are distributors for EUROPA Piscinas fibreglass swimming pools. • We service and do pool cleaning. Protect-A-Child Pool Fencing is a strong,tight woven mesh fence which prevents tiny fingers or toes from climbing. The fence also conforms to any pool shape and is completely rustproof and maintenance free. life-time guarantee on the fibreglass posts. these pool fences are easily removable. Fencing around pools are soon to be a new regulation in Portugal. LUGARDE designs and creates wooden garden houses, log cabins, verandas and garages for extra storage in a wide variety of models and sizes. They offer plenty of space for customers to meet their own specific demands. LUGARDE creates high quality products at acceptable prices. •Pool covers and pool enclosures. •Prefabricated swimming pools less expensive and fast building. •DLW delifol pool lining with a 10year factory guarantee up to 12 coloUrs. •Whirlpools and SPAS. •WOOD LINE wooden pools in or above ground. •Filter installations and equipment. SWIM-ARTE E.N. 125, Sitio de Sao Pedro 8800-407 Tavira Tel : 281 326 671 Fax: 281 324 618 Email swimarte@hotmail.com We speak: English, German, Dutch and Portuguesebe beset by the same problems that have dogged the nuclear industry since the 1960s. It is only thorium, protagonists argue, that can move the country toward a new era of safe, clean, affordable energy. Industry players are looking into tho- rium, and governments from Dubai to Beijing are funding research and India is betting heavily on the element. Named for the Norse god of thunder, thorium is a lustrous silvery-white metal. It’s only slightly radioactive; you could carry a lump of it in your pocket without harm. On the period- ic table of elements, it’s found in the bottom row, along with other dense, radioactive substances -- including uranium and plutonium -- known as actinides. Actinides are dense because their nuclei contain large numbers of neutrons and protons. But it’s the strange behavior of those nuclei that has long made actinides the stuff of wonder. At intervals that can vary from every millisecond to every hundred thousand years, ac- tinides spin off particles and decay into more stable elements. And if you pack together enough of certain actinide atoms, their nuclei will erupt in a powerful release of energy. To understand the magic and terror of those two processes working in con- cert, think of a game of pool played in 3-D. The nucleus of the atom is a group of balls, or particles, racked at the center. Shoot the cue ball - a stray neutron - and the cluster breaks apart, or fissions. Now imagine the same game played with trillions of racked nuclei. Balls propelled by the first collision crash into nearby clusters, which fly apart, their stray neutrons colliding with yet more clusters. Voila: a nuclear chain reaction. Actinides are the only materials that split apart this way, and if the collisions are uncontrolled, you un- leash hell: a nuclear explosion. But if you can control the conditions in which these reactions happen -- by both controlling the number of stray neutrons and regulating the tem- perature, as is done in the core of a nuclear reactor -- you get useful energy. Racks of these nuclei crash together, creating a hot glowing pile of radioactive material. If you pump water past the material, the water turns to steam, which can spin a tur- bine to make electricity. I look forward to the day that the Mainstream News headlines read: Iran announces plans for Thorium Based Reactors! Richard Bassett (quotes from UFPPC.ORG- Marie Neptune).
  22. 22. Page 42 www.eastalgarvemag.com www.eastalgarvemag.com Page 43 ÁREAS DE ACTUAÇÃO O mero aconselhamento jurídico é tendencialmente gratuito, por questões de solidariedade e pedagogia de que devemos ser exemplo. Dando por princípio uma especial ênfase à advocacia preventiva, gerindo conflitos e procurando soluções consensuais, não deixa esta sociedade de abordar praticamente todos os ramos do direito. • Direito societário e comercial • Direitos reais, imobiliário e construção • Resolução/arbitragem de conflitos • Direito laboral • Direito administrativo • Direito penal • Direito da família e sucessões • Direito fiscal • Compras e vendas (desde a negociação, promessa, escritura, apoio fiscal e elaboração de contratos de consumo) • Representação fiscal • Direito dos Negócios Apoiamos e aconselhamos juridicamente os nossos clientes nos seus negócios e investimentos. Expressamo-nos em Português, Inglês, Castelhano e Francês. SPHERE OF ACTION The mere legal advice tends to be free of charge, for reasons of solidarity and pedagogy and for which we believe we should set an example. We specialise in preventive advocacy, conflict management and negotiated solutions. We act across the broad legal and commercial spectrum but partic- ularly in the following areas: • Commercial and Corporate Law • Property Rights, Real Estate and Construction Law • Conflict arbitration • Labour Law • Central and Local Government Regulations • Criminal Law • Family, Estate, Testamentary, Probate and Inheritance Law • Tax and Fiscal Law • Purchase and sales (from the negotiation, offer to sell/purchase, deed, tax support and drafting of consumption contracts) • Fiscal representation • Business law Weprovidelegalsupportandadvicetoourclientsonbothbusinessandinvest- ment matters. In addition to Portuguese, we can conduct business in English, Spanish (Castilliano) and French. LOCALIZAÇÃO LOCATION Largo das Sete Ruas, 1-B 8800-604 TAVIRA - PORTUGAL T (+351) 281 325 593 F (+351) 281 326 583 geral@ltcfadvogados.pt www.ltcfadvogados.pt R. DETRÁS DOS ALAMOS LARGODASSETERUAS R.DASFREIRAS R. JOÃO ARIAS R.DASSALINAS LIBERTÁRIO TEIXEIRA & CRISTINA FERNANDES – SOCIEDADE DE ADVOGADOS DE RESPONSABILIDADE LIMITADA (LTCF) foi constituída em 2000. Encontra-se registada no Conselho Geral da Ordem dos Advogados pela inscrição 2/2000 de 5 de Janeiro. Rigor, competência, responsabilidade e um elevado sentido ético e social são os valores que norteiam esta sociedade, os seus advogados e colaboradores. Prestamos serviços jurídicos a particulares e empresas. É nosso objectivo satisfazer com sentido prático as necessidades dos nossos clientes, em estreita colaboração com os mesmos, garantindo uma satisfação plena no que se refere aos seus interesses e estratégias de desenvolvimento. Assumimo-nos como uma sociedade competitiva, sólida e dinâmica, inserida numa região, também ela, cada vez mais aberta aos negócios e às novas oportunidades. LIBERTÁRIO TEIXEIRA & CRISTINA FERNANDES – SOCIEDADE DE ADVOGADOS DE RESPONSABILIDADE LIMITADA (LTCF), was founded in 2000. Lawfirm registered in the General Bar Council under nr. 2/2000, 5 January. Consistency, capability and responsibility, combined with strong ethical and social commitment, are the primary values of this company, as well as of its principals and staff. We provide legal advice to both commercial enterprises and individuals. It is our aim to satisfy our customers’ needs in a practical manner and in close cooperation with them, in order to deliver an optimum result which reflects their current interests and their future development strategies. We pride ourselves on being a competitive company, solidly and dynami- cally established in our region, with a keen awareness of the business interests and opportunities there. HotelVila Galé C M Y CM MY CY CMY K revista_ltcf.ai 7/12/10 11:38:03 AM Finance The Euro – the Canary in the Goldmine. LICENSES & permits We can take care of all your license problems or queries, from Drivers’ licenses, Building permits, Pool licenses, Tourism licenses to car matriculation. Why not benefit from our experience! Please contact us with your questions and ask for a free ALL INCLUSIVE quote. AlgarDocuments Tel. (+351) 913 182 499 Skype contact: algardocuments www.algardoc.com info@algardoc.com AlgarDocuments T hepriceofGoldclipped$1,300 an ounce this week, after investors fled to safe haven as fears were raised about the strength of the dollar. Analysts said there was "no end in sight" for the gold rally, which has seen prices rise by 36pc since the start of the year. Jeffrey Nichols, managing director of American Precious Metal Advisors, predicted gold prices could reach $1,500 an ounce by Christmas. Gold has been one of the best performing assets classes throughout the financial crisis because it is seen as a "safe haven" that will retain most of its value no matterwhatcrisisafflictsthemarkets. The rise in precious metals comes as the dollar flagged to a six-month low against a basket of currencies. The greenback's fall came after the Fed said it was "prepared to provide additional accommodation if needed to support the economic recovery and to return inflation, over time, to levels consistent with its mandate." As East Algarve Magazine readers, you should not be surprised by this news; we have been hammering the point home for two years. The real question is “is it too late to invest now”. Unfortunately, we cannot answer that question for you, so we will raise several questions that might help you decide for yourself. Do you have confidence in the people who police the financial services industries? Do you believe that ‘When America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold’? Do you realize the importance of 130 banks in the USA being shut down by regulators so far this year? Do you think that ‘derivatives’ and ‘mortgage backed securities’ that are held by Gold hits record high Gold prices hit another record high at the end of September.
  23. 23. Page 44 www.eastalgarvemag.com Page 45www.eastalgarvemag.com Finance Insurances for: Health (international), House, Car and more... Proposals and Policy Wordings for various insurances in English!!! Stephan Schade Rua José Pires Padinha 182 (close to Barclays and the old market halls) 8800-354 Tavira Tel: 281 001 170 / Mob: 968 771 577 Rui Horta Law Office ESCRITÓRIO DE ADVOGADOS Lawyer Telephone: 281 325 635 or 281 325 636 Fax. 281 325 612 Mobile Phone: 96 4043 380 or 96 207 6556 E-mail: advogados.law@mail.telepac.pt or mail@taviralawyers.com Website: www.taviralawyers.com Rua 1° de Maio, no 9, 8800-360 Tavira - Portugal Purchase of Commercial and Residential Property • Mortgages on Property or Shares • Formation of Trust Companies • Banking & finance advice • Taxation Advice Development and Planning Law • Personal Injury • Contract Disputes • Powers of Attorney • Will and Probate • Debt Collecting and Process Service • Enforcement of Judgments • Mainte- nance Orders • Family Law and Divorce • Nationality and Residency Applications Portuguese, English, Spanish and French speaking Solicitors offering clients the benefits of local representation. Luís de Brito - Contabilidades, Lda. English speaking accountants All your accountancy issues explained and translated. Professional & Friendly Service Luís Manuel Duarte de Brito Chartered Accountant Rua 1.˚ de Maio, n.˚45-1.˚ Esq. 8800-360, Tavira. Near VILA GALÈ TAVIRA HOTEL Tel 281 324 962 Fax 281 324 222 luis.de.brito@mail.telepac.pt Gabigest banks and other financial institutions will ever gain their purchase value and lift the spectre of bankruptcies from these institutions? Do you understand why European governments have been selling up to 400 tons of Gold a year (then tell me, because I can’t fathom it out!)? Do you think that Gold and Silver are real money, or are they just relics of past monetary systems? Do you know why Gordon Brown sold Britain’s Gold at $250 an ounce, the absolute low on this cycle? Is it possible that many top politician belong to, and take their orders from an ‘elite’ group (Google Bilderberger – ignore wiki) and put the group’s objectives before the public interest? The canary is singing loud and clear – and it’s time to protect your future. 1, I suggest you contact your financial advisor and discuss your current asset diversification. 2, think about your pension fund and decide now where you intend to base yourself. 3, think about QROPS; find out if you qualify and sign up asap. 4, Educate yourself about the best way to protect against a sudden currency devaluation. If you don’t know where to start, please email us here at the East Algarve Magazine (info@eastalgarvemag.com) and if there is enough interest, we will arrange an initial meeting to discuss an agenda, then we will arrange an investment seminar or programme.
  24. 24. Page 47Page 46 Pro stats Name: Keith Ashdown Title: P.G.A. Resident professional Pro since: 1964 Born: Crowborough, Sussex, U.K. Tournament History: •Winner of more than 100 professional golf tournaments in Europe. •Represented G.B. and Ireland in the P.G.A. Cup against the U.S.A. •16 Hole in ones (4 on par 4’s) •Course record holder at Benamor, 65 (6 under par), although has scored 60 strokes on 3 occasions (Not counted as a course record as they were not scored in a professional competition) www.eastalgarvemag.com Par 3, 153m, white tees Email: info@cabanasgolfshop.com Website: www.cabanasgolfshop.com Address: Rua 25 de Abril Nr 18A Conceição, Tavira Algarve Portugal Tel 00351-281 326 939 Tlm 00351-915 424 642 Benamor Golf Cabanas Tavira Altura s anabaC lfoG Sh op We are here s anabaC lfoG Sh op This months offer Sítio do canal. tlm. 917 536 135 / 918 646 544 (gas station Santa Barbara de Nexe 400m. up and 300m. left by the well.) This BAR-BISTRO welcomes every- body for just a drink, some tapas or a dinner. The cosy atmosphere will make you feel at home and welcome. We have different wines by the glass or bottle, zero degrees Heineken from draft and many other choices. For more info visit www.sennas.eu Open from 17.00h, Sunday from 16.00h Closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays Benamor Golf, hole 2 20% discount on all clothes! Cutter and Buck, Calvin Klein, Polo R.l, Girls Golf NOW under New Management The Mad Hatters Riverside Bar Open every day Noon till Midnight Sunday Breakfast 9.30 am till Noon Imported Beers Old Specked Hen Guinness John Smiths Newcastle Brown Boddingtons Ciders Strongbow Magners Vintage Bulmers 43 The Mad Hatters Riverside Bar Agora com The Mad hatters Riverside Bar “MAD HATTERS” by the military bridge in the centre of Tavira. Tel 00351 281 323 886 OPEN DAILY until Late fully air conditioned bar Draught Beers & Ciders: Guinness, John Smiths, Sagres, Strongbow Ciders: Magners and Magners Pear DRAUGHT & BOTTLED BEERS from €1 Grimsby cod, chips, mushy peas, bread & butter and pot of tea €6, Supersize for €8. Pub food served and all day English breakfast. Call to arrange early Tee time breakfast. Premiership, League and Cup football, Tavira Rugby club T his par 3 is the shortest of all our par 3's, but it is by no means easy to make par. When you go to the tee at this hole you must think very carefully about club selection, and the direction of the wind. Most of our golfers here at Benamor tend to under-club. You must play one more club than you think it is. especially when the flag position is on the top level of this 2 tier green, which is well bunkered both sides. Another point worth mentioning is that on all golf courses, sometimes the teeing area does not always point directly to the green. This applies to this hole, so be mindful of your set-up, because the tee aims at the left- side bunker, and many players make this mistake. Good golfing, Keith Ashdown, P.G.A. Resident professional Notice the feet and shoulders pointing in the direction of the teeing areas in front. This shot is destined for the left hand bunker! Here, both feet and shoulders are pointing in the direction of the green. With any luck, you'll be on the green.  www.eastalgarvemag.com