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Peter Trombetti - Bad Networking


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Peter Trombetti of Oficio Group discusses who NOT to be at a networking event.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Peter Trombetti - Bad Networking

  1. 1. Who NOT to be at a Networking Event by Peter Trombetti Oficio Group
  2. 2. Importance of a First Impression Your introduction is the first thing someone thinks about you It’s a make or break moment with that potential connection It sets the stage for all your future interactions Networking events usually allow for only quick interactions and introductions. So don’t be one of these guys…
  3. 3. The Name Dropper Don’t immediately go into who you know Comes across as disingenuous. Do you want them to remember your name? Or the people you’ve met?
  4. 4. The Card Dropper Dropping your card off is not an introduction People are not going to keep that card without knowing who you are Comes across as rushed an impersonal
  5. 5. The Assumer Don’t always hand out 2 cards to one person. It’s presumptuous and assumes they are going to pass it on Get to know that person first, then ask them for referrals when you have established a relationship
  6. 6. Rambling Man Don’t get overexcited No one wants to hear you life’s story Or the story of how you got to the meeting Or how you met your spouse…
  7. 7. The Limp Fish No one likes a weak handshake It can come across as weak and/or unprofessional Practice a firm, yet no overzealous, handshake
  8. 8. The Steamroller The opposite of the limp fish, the aggressor comes across as over confident Don’t barrel your way through the crowd and steamroll other people’s conversations Be respectful and jump in when the moment is right
  9. 9. The Technology Zombie Don’t spend all night on your phone It comes across as aloof and unapproachable Pay attention and leave your phone in your pocket If you have to be available via email or phone, check it as infrequently as possible
  10. 10. Thank you!