Task 4 PPM - Group 6 - Presenting Information


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Task 4 PPM - Group 6 - Presenting Information

  1. 1. MATHEMATIC TEACHING PLANNING PRESENTING INFORMATION Group : 6 Member’s names of Group: Deti Fitri /A1C010003 /The 5th Semester Yeni Astria /A1C010034 /The 5th Semester Arie Nugraha /A1C010035 /The 5th Semester Herlita Fitria /A1C010039 /The 5th Semester Nopen Satria /A1C009074 / The 7th Semester Musakim Bilal /A1C009071 / The 7th Semester Lecture: Dewi Rahimah, S.Pd, M.Ed PROGRAM STUDI PENDIDIKAN MATEMATIKAJURUSAN MATEMATIKA DAN ILMU PENGETAHUAN ALAM FAKULTAS KEGURUAN DAN ILMU PENDIDIKAN UNIVERSITAS BENGKULU 2012
  2. 2. Group Work 1. Give comments on the following video by connecting it to the responding to english language learners when presenting information! Answer : On the first video we can see strategies previously mentioned are also helpful for English Language learners and mathematic learners. That man explain about volumes of pyramid and prism. We can try on the class when teach about volume. Followings ideas from this video: a. A man use props for demonstrate relationship between pyramid and prism with same high and same base. That is shape and liquid. b. When a man present, he enunciates clearly, but don’t raise his voice. We can hear at the process demonstrate. c. A man use Repetition for help understanding. He repeats demonstrate with different shape. And So, we can see on last video at conclusion about volume. A man repeat a conclusion. d. A man explain slowly step by step and use brief pauses at natural points to allow learners to process. e. On whiteboard, A man write a formula on the bottom of figure. Volume of pyramid is V= 1/3 Bh. Volume of prism is V= Bh. f. A man always making sure to emphasize key vocabulary words like pyramid, prism , square pyramid , square prism, tringular pyramid, tringular prism, cone, cylinder. And He don’t use idioms and slang. 2. Give comments on the following video by connecting it to the ideas that may help in planning demonstration. Answer: On the second video, we can . Remember that it is important to actually do the demonstration rather than to simply tell how to do it. You can increase student understanding about the information being taught by giving effective demonstrations, along with clear explanations.
  3. 3. a. This method can improve students understanding of the concept of a circle, how to determine the circumference and diameter of a circle. Demonstration of learning methods to improve the activity, students in learning. b. teachers can emphasize important words, such tools are used: Circles, calculator, pencil, thread, and scissors. Then there are the coordinates of the emphasis which consists of a round the x-axis and the axis of the object across the objet. c. in this video, the words that are used quite consistent. Students are not to be confused with the words that are used because of early teaching until the end of the words used is appropriate and not out of the learning material. d. measures used is good because it step by step. But it helps if students are given practical modules that students can try for themselves and use their thinking so that they know the concept of what they will be. e. This video has been used in a real object which coordinates boards and other tools. More video is good, because it describes a theory not only by theory but not directly to the performance / practice, students will better understand the learning process if it is done as in this video.3. Give examples responding to diversity when planning visual supports in teaching one topic in mathematics. Answer: the teacher will explain about beam :  For example teacher use the visual supports is power point  Teacher want to explain about triangle
  4. 4. try to use simple language, for example, as shown above, to describe the triangle directly using example. like a triangle has three sides and three angles. for the example: the slide shows that the sentence of the long side underlined and colored red to indicate that the sentence is a key sentence in the division of the triangle. the slide shows that the sentence of the three sides the same lenght underlined and colored red to indicate that the sentence is a key sentence in the division of the triangle. all slides were teached by teachers should also be printed, and then distributed to the students, because each students understanding is different - different, there are students who just by looking directly understood but there are also students who took at look at and read over and over again then understood.
  5. 5.  For example on the xample slide above, the teacher also insert images isosceles triangle, so students will easily be imagined and can clearly distinguish the form of an isosceles triangle.4. Give examples responding to diversity when giving directions in teaching one topic in mathematics. Answer: Examples responding to diversity when giving directions in teaching one topic in mathematics is Teacher give students a task to find area of triangle base a question or problem given. a. Directions: Students, to do this work you have some steps, they are: 1. You must know about formula of triangle areas 2. You must know how much high and base of triangle.
  6. 6. 3. Input and calculate high and base of triangle in formula of triangle areasTeacher give the directions above in a time, and have student repeator paraphrase what are to do. In giving this directions, teacher useyour finger to communicate sep by step to students. Then, teachergive emphasize to words are bold and underline. Finally teachercheck for understanding by asking specific questions to preventcultural misunderstanding. Teacher says: “do you understand thedirections?”, or the other questions about: “what is the second thingyou shoul do ?” or can you tell me what the key word on every stepyou must do ? .