lesson plan for stress and verb pairs


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lesson plan for stress and verb pairs

  1. 1. Lesson Plan I English II RBEC Competencies Listening: Identify the changes in meaning signaled by stress Speaking: Use stress to signal changes in meaning I. Objectives At the end of a 60-minute lesson, the students are expected to: 1.Identify the changes in meaning of words as the stress changes 2. Use words with correct stress in the discourse of speaking 3. Appreciate the importance of speaking with the correct stress of words II. Subject Matter The Stress of Noun and Verb Pairs Materials: Visual aids, words in cartolina References: Handbook for Oral Readers of English as a second language pp.45-46 by Adelaida Paterno III. Procedure A. Preliminary Activities Prayer Greetings of Good Morning and letting the students have their seats B. Motivation Chant recitation The teacher models the poem to the class and let the students repeat trying to keep the same rhythm and intonation as the teacher models. A: I’m going to the bank, what about you? B: I’m going to the store, I need new shoes. A: I need new shoes, just like you! B: Then get your money and come along too! A: That’s a great idea for a beautiful day. B. Let’s stop for lunch at a small café. C. Presentation Teacher: Class, have you noticed that there are some words in the poem that were given emphasis? Class answers. Teacher: What do you call those syllables that were given emphasis? Class answers. Teacher: What is stress? Do you have any idea what stress is? (Teacher elicits answers from the whole class and asks a student to sum up what the classmates answered) STRESS in language is a special emphasis given to syllables of words. It is a strong syllable to give emphasis. The symbol fr stress is (‘). Noun and Verb Pairs English has a number of word pairs that may be nouns or verbs. They are nouns when stressed on the first syllable, and verbs when stressed on the second syllable. EXAMPLES: Digest content produce increase Desert record present
  2. 2. C. Activity GAME The students will be grouped into two. Each group will be asked to make a sentence out of the word that will be given by the teacher. Each group will use the word as a noun and as a verb. THE GROUP WHO GOT THE HIGHEST CORRECT ANSWERS WINS. D. Generalization What is stress? Why do we have to use stress in speaking? Is stress important in communicating with others? What is the importance? Can you cite one?IV. Evaluation Put the stress on the underlined word and identify its function on the sentence. 1. That insult calls for an apology. 2. Should I apologize if I didn’t insult her? 3. I hesitate to present such a little present to her. 4. He has made a material progress, but he needs to progress spiritually. 5. Anyone who tries to conduct himself properly is praised for his conduct.V. Assignment Use each word in a sentence either as a noun or as a verb and put the correct stress on the word. 1. record 2. permit 3. object