Task 4 PPM - Group 4 - Presenting Information


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Task 4 PPM - Group 4 - Presenting Information

  1. 1. MATHEMATIC TEACHING PLANNINGCRITICAL TEACHING SKILLS FOR PRESENTING INFORMATION Group Four: Pika Purnama Sari (A1C010010) Eva Yulinda Lubis (A1C010006) Ernesty Dameyani (A1C010031) Tia Titi Afsah (A1C010029) Yusefdi(A1C010002) Course Lecture: Dewi Rahimah, S. Pd, M. Ed Mathematics Education Study Program Departement of Math and Science Education Faculty of Teacher Training and Education University of Bengkulu 2012
  2. 2. 1.Give examples responding to diversity when planning visual supports in teaching onetopic in mathematics Increase the number of visual supports used Its meaning that teacher must increase number visual supports using in the class.Teacher can choose some visual supports as like real object,gesture and graphic organizers.Visual support to explain in materials about circle.In the materials circle.before learning in the class.Teacher ask the student to bring object in their enviroment that shape as 2D-shape.And then in the class student is asked to identification object that include circle.Student also can bookmark internet sites about characteristic of circle.Teacher can make a persentation or demontration about circle. Example:To explain and identification characteristic of circle teacher ask the student to divide circle be some part.So student can understand about characteristic of circle.And then teacher using persentation or demontration so its clearly to student. Be sure that all students,including those who are english language learners,can understand wording on visual supports. Example:Teacher can write importance points as like “formula area of circle,radius,diameter, in the whiteboard.After that,teacher give student list of steps for props of circle area. And then solution in LKS.Content of LKS is procedures to find area of circle.I is completed with figures as models.Its make new information more real and clear to student. Use Visual prompts to highlight essential information Example:Teacher underlines important words about circle such as radius and diameter.Teacher can show the props of circle or explain which radius and diameter from the circle.In exercise teacher show or illustration about exercise for student with object real so student get a visual support. Provide individual copies of the visual support for students to have at their desk. Example:Teacher ask student to make the list of step that make their confused and also student can checklist so teacher can help their problem.For example,student confuse about props of formula area of circle so student checklist point about formula area of circle.And then teacher known what that make their confuse and teacher explain again about the points. Use pictures to suplement written words on a visual support Example :Teacher make a picture or draw the real circle in blackboard.Then teacher make a poster which content of poster is the characteristic of 2D-shape especially characteristic of circle and map characteristic of circle which hang
  3. 3. up in the wall so student can read and see what is expected.To visual support,teacher ask the student to draw circle with some different measure in carton.2. Give examples responding to diversity when giving directions in teaching one topicin mathematics Shorten and simplify directions Directions about solving linear equations in two variables. When teacher give student task about linear equations in two variables, teachers must be explanations to student how to solving linear equations in two variables. The explanations must be short and simply, so student can understand easier. For examples shorten and simplify directions, solving linear equations in two variables using eliminations. Example: We have equations x + y = 7 and 2x + y = 2, now the steps to solve that equations is:  You must clear up one of variable from equation (clear up y) x+ =9 2 + =7 x=2  Then you must clear up the other variable (clear up x) 2x + y = 9( x + y =7 ( 2x + y = 9 2x + 2y = 14 -y = -5 y=5  Last, write the completion the equation. So, the completion that equation is (2,5) Give fewer directions at a time and have students repeat or paraphrase what are to do (check for understanding) In this point, when teacher give student directions, teacher must give one by one of direction, don’t give direction all at once. And give fewer every directions. After one steps is given, give a time to students understand
  4. 4. direction and then have student repeat what the meaning that direction.Student can repeat direction in their word (paraphrase), if they moreunderstand with their comprehension. So the students now what are to do.Example:Teacher says “ ok, students, I have two equations that is 3x + y = 7 and x + 4y =6. And now, what the value of x and y ? solve that equations withsubstitutions.”That directions is:  Give the numbers every equation 3x + y= 7…..(1) x + 4y = 6…..(2) in this direction, student can write with their word, because the number of equation can change with other symbol, such as : 3x + y= 7…..(a) x + 4y = 6…..(b)  Chose one equation, and then change that equation to other equation 3x + y = 7 y = 7 – 3x….(3) student can use the other equation or change with different equation from teacher’s give and give name the new equation with c, like this : x + 4y = 6 x = 6 – 4y ……(c)  In second equations, change variable y with third equation x + 4y = 6 x + 4(7 – 3x) = 6 x + 28 – 12x = 6 x – 12x = 6 – 28 -11x = -22 x = 2…..(4) In here, students can use a equation and change variable x with c equations 3x + y = 7 3(6-4y) + y = 7 18 – 12y + y = 7 -12y + y = 7 – 18 -11y = -11
  5. 5. y = 1…..(d)  Chose one equations, first or two equations, then change variable x with fourth equation, let first equations 3x + y = 7 3(2) + y = 7 6+y=7 y=7–6 y=1 Students can use b equations and then change variable y with d equations, so x + 4y = 6 x + 4(1) = 6 x+4=6 x=6–4 x=2  Write the value of x and y So, the value of x and y is 2 and 5. Or students can say : the completion the equation is (2, 5)From all of directions on top, student can easier to understand step by stepwith fewer direction for every step and if directions is clear so students canunderstand with paraphrase (check understanding student).Cue directions with numbers (for example, “ first “ or “ second “ ) andgestures( showing one finger, then two ).In this point, when teacher give student directions to solve linear equations intwo variables, the teacher can explain the steps to completion by writing thenumbers and show his hands. for example, if the teacher explains the firststep, the teacher can show a finger. if the second step, the teacher shows twofingers. And so on.Emphasize key words with intonations in your voice and with gesture.In this point, Teachers were asked to emphasize keywords in solving linearequations in two variables. Emphasize keywords is done by raising - loweringthe volume and tone of voice coupled with gesture. For example: teacher
  6. 6. explains that the linear equation s in two variable can be solved with 3 ways:substitution, elimination and combination of substitution and elimination.Teachers should have emphasized the word substitution, elimination andcombined because three words are the key words in solving linear equations oftwo variables. And pointed fingers, like a finger for substitution and two fingersto elimasi and three fingers for the combined substitution - elimination.Make the directions into a list of steps that students can check off as theycomplete each step.In this point, teacher can make a list of steps the linear equations in twovariable completion for students to check.for example: a list of steps that can be taken to determine the resolution oflinear equations with two variables using the substitution method:  The first step: Give the numbers every equation  The second step: Chose one equation, and then change that equation to other equation  The third step: In second equations, change variable y with third equation  Fourth step: Chose one equations, first or two equations, then change variable x with fourth equation, let first equations  Fifth step: Write the value of x and yCheck for understanding by asking specific questions to prevent culturalmiss understandings.After all of directions is given to student, make sure that all of studentunderstand about directions. Sometimes, not all student understand aboutdirections. So, teacher must give question to student about direction until theyunderstand. Teacher can use the other example equations, and then give tostudent to solve that equations with use direction.Example:Teacher say, “ now, I will give you some equation, the equation is x + 5y = 13and 2x – y = 4, to solve equations, use the direction substitutions method likemy explanations. Ok, what first step must you do?”
  7. 7. If students answer they now or can write what they must do at first, is that students was understand first step, but if some students don’t know , so teachers must respect that, and explanations again to students with emphasize the important direction. Next question teacher say, “ after you understand what first you do, now, next to second steps, can you solve with second directions?” And then so on to other steps. The conclude that teacher must make sure student’s understand, so student can solve the task or assignments with use directions are given.3. Give a comment on following video by conecting it to the responding to toenglish laguage learners when presenting informationAnswer :a.First video Our group think in this video when presenting Information usingcommunicate meaning between pyramid volume and volume of a prism is a good waybecause using demonstration and using the props so student can see experiment ofthree dimensional figure , when explain the material about rectangular pyramid andsquare pyramid we can say that rectangular pyramid and square pyramid have sameheight and same base so student can assume, find and calculate from terms andconcept so student can understand with easy way .in this video also using visual andprops we think that is a good way to help make make a new information more realand clear because they can see real objec like pyramid props , square rectangularprops, triangular pyramid,triangular prism, cone and cylinder. When he explain aboutmaterial and proving it we can using good facial expresion and he uses voice changto pressuring about highlight point. We think that good to communicate meanings ofnew terms and concept by using gestures. When he presenting about the way to prove he doesn’t rise his voice but speakclaerly so student can hear well because he presenting information clearly and peoplecan understanding about material that he expain that is about relation volumebetween triangular pyramid and square rectangular ,triangular pyramid andtriangular prism, cone and cylinder. He also using repetition in begining and the end of his explanation we thinkthat is good because student can acquire rhythm ,pitch, volume and tone of a newlanguage. And whe he speak he doesn’t speak too quickly and also he use brief pauss atatural point to allow learners when student hear the explanation about material and
  8. 8. about the way to prove the material, all the process that they hear.When he explainthe wayto prove the material he use important part of steps using pauses at naturalpoint so student can process that they learn. We can see in the video when he write on the white board we think that hewrite it clearly and legibly so we can see and understand what he mean and materialwell,and we can see conclucion about material in the end of presentation and wethink that he doesn’t using avoid idiom.we tink that is a good way. Summmariez the important point we think that in this video can add thesummariez about the important point because when we providing infrmation thereare some point that we think important to summarize because in this video we makesome experiment with another three dimensional figure,like triangular pyramid andsquare rectangular ,triangular pyramid and triangular prism, cone and cylinder. Wethink that we must add sumarize each experiment ,so studen can understand withoutconfuse and can emphaize key vcabulary of material.b.Second videoConnecting video and planning s demonstrastions are : a. In this video show increase the number of demonstrations is when find value of phi. Four of point in the picture Point 1 :(4.6 , 1.5), Point (6.5 , 2.1), Point (7.75 , 2.5), Point (8.1, 2.5) So result form count value point 1, 2, 3, and 4 is phi that show increase the number demonstrastions . b. This video shows part Emphasize or highlight important parts or steps in demonstrations with word “this super important” and with visual support when describes props, tell about across of object and around of object, show the graph picture, show the point and tell about the value of point, and how to get value phi. c. This video shows be sure to use consistent terms and phrasing when demonstrating consistent to show to get value of phi,
  9. 9. d. Point to steps on a written list as they are demonstrated is tell step by step activity to get value of phi start when tell of proofs and finish by value of phi. a. Tell all props b. show across of object and around of object c. how to use circle object to show how to get point in the graph d. how to count from the point that we’ve get e. we will get the same value of phie. This video demonstrations of activity to get value of phi (real applications)