Living Lab Expo 12102012


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Presentation of ENoLL, and EU-funded projects ENoLL is partner in at the Living Lab Expo in Porvoo, Finland 12.10.2012

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Living Lab Expo 12102012

  1. 1. European Network of Living Labs  
  2. 2. What is ENoLL?•  European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL), Brussels based international non-profit organization, facilitates the cooperation and the exploitation of synergies between its 300+ members worldwide.•  Within ENoLL, the whole ‘innovation cycle’ i.e end-users, SME’s, corporations, citizens, public sector, NGOs, academia and the wider research communities, form a dedicated networks of thematically organized Living Labs.•  Linked with European Commission policies and initiatives and especially recognized value in Digital Agenda for Europe (through Smart Cities, Future Internet), Design, Social Innovation, Culture, Health, eGovernance etc etc……
  3. 3. •  European Commission:•  Living Labs are Public-Private-People Partnership (PPPP) for creation, prototyping, validating and testing new technologies, services, products etc in real-life contexts•  Living Labs are bridging the gap between R&D and market entrance (faster take up of R&D results) and enable SMEs to tackle efficiently obstacles on local and regional markets in the fragmented European market place
  4. 4. Short history of ENoLL...•  ENoLL was founded in 2006 as an informal network in the framework of the Finnish EU-Presidency•  Grown into a non-profit international association representing a diverse community of over 300 ENoLL certified’Living Labs – globally!•  Association founded in 2010 with ENoLL office in Brussels facilitating knowledge exchange, joint action and project partnership ……
  5. 5. ENoLL Full members•  IBBT-iLab.o (BE)•  Flemish Living Lab Platform (BE)•  Northern Rural-Urban Living Lab (FI)•  Laurea Living Labs Network (FI)•  HumanTech LivingLab (FI)•  Suuntaamo Tampere Central Region Living Lab (FI)•  Helsinki Living Lab - Forum Virium Helsinki (FI)•  Ways Of Learning for the Future (FR)•  Telecommunication Networks Integrated Services Lab (EL)•  Trentino as a Lab (IT)•  Lighting Living Lab (PT)•  i2Cat- Catalonia Digital Lab (ES)•  espaitec Living Lab (ES)•  Bird Living Lab (ES)•  Consorcio Fernando de los Rios Living Lab (ES)•  Botnia Living Lab (SV)•  Manchester Living Lab (UK)•  City Lab Coventry (UK)•  The European Society of Concurrent Enterprising Network (IT)•  Aalto University School of Economics (FI)•  ESADE (ES)•  Finnish Living Lab Network of Universities of Applied Sciences (FI) •  …
  6. 6. •  But that’s not all• Check out all the +300 Living Labs on or search by country or by keyword…
  7. 7. ENoLL Office services•  ENoLL Office in Brussels facilitates knowledge exchange, joint action and project partnerships between the members:•  - Organizes networking events, workshops etc. to exchange information and best practice•  - Disseminates information on EU funding and project opportunities, supports to build project consortia and develop joint projects•  - Influences EU policies and engages in debate with EU institutions, takes part in EU Consultations etc•  - Partner in key strategic initiatives and projects of strategic importance and benefit to the whole network•  …
  8. 8. Living Labs, Smart Cities & Future Internet     Smart cities: policies, application pull, public data, citizens initiatives [ Citizens ] Living lab: User-driven playground for co- creating Future Internet testbeds as and validating innovative technology platforms scenarios and services
  9. 9. Living Labs, Smart Cities & Future Internet     [ Citizens ] Living lab: User-driven playground for co- creat Future Internet testbeds as and validating innovativ technology platforms scenarios and services20/09/21   20/09//2012  
  10. 10. ENoLL in projects•  ENoLL is a partner in initiatives and projects of strategic importance and benefit to the whole networko  EPICo  SmartIPo  Concord (FI PPP)o  InnoMatNeto  PERIPHERIAo  FUSEPOOL –o  CENTRALABo  SPECIFIo  CitySDKo  IDeALL•  …
  11. 11. Living Labs & Cloud• EPIC Cloud and the City• The EPIC project solution combines cloud computing with Future of the Internet technologies to provide cities with new tools and possibilities for the creation and sharing of efficient, effective and economic smarter city services.• …•  …
  12. 12. Living Labs & Cloud• See the EPIC Cloud and the City Brussels Pilot : Relocation Service• myportal• …•  …
  13. 13. Living Labs & Smart Citizens•  Focus of SmartIP is on the challenge of transforming public services by empowering smart citizens’ who are able to use and co-produce innovative Internet- enabled services within emerging ‘smart’ cities.•  Project aims to take the experience developed by a wide range of existing user-driven, open innovation initiatives in Europe, particularly those developed through Living Labs, and to apply this experience to engaging citizens as active co-producers of public services•  …•  …
  14. 14. Living Labs & Open Data• City Service Development Kit CitySDK project is being developed to transfer Smart City applications from city to city using an open source service developer toolkit to help make it easier for developers to create new and innovative applications.• …•  …
  15. 15. Living Labs & Internet of Things• Smart Peripherial cities for sustainable lifestyles• Periphèria applies creativity and Future Internet Technologies to address the sustainability issues of your city.• …•  …
  16. 16. Living Labs & Future Internet•  The Future Internet Public-Private Partnership (FI- PPP) Programme brings public and private actors together to “advance Europes competitiveness in Future Internet technologies and systems and to support the emergence of Future Internet-enhanced applications of public and social relevance”.•  Industry-led: the PPP is a short-term (i.e. 5 year) initiative helping competitiveness and growth of industries in the internet value chain (networks, services, applications)•  European-focussed: helping to grow the vibrant European Internet industry – into a European industrial stronghold; and,•  User-driven: as services and applications become ever more agile and changing, users play a key role in driving application led initiative.•  …
  17. 17. Future Internet PPP
  18. 18. Living Labs & BIG data• FUSEPOOL will deliver an intelligent user adaptive matching tool (partner matching, funding matching, patent research, and other possible scenarios). Key asset: information provided by the user (behavior / crowdsourcing and uploads). User data credo: accuracy improves with quantity and quality of user data while variety (breadth) increases with number of users• Open Calls to be published soon to Living Labs, SMEs and developers – Stay tuned!• …•  …
  19. 19. Living Labs & Materials & Design•  InnoMatNet aims to advance the goal of an innovation society by developing a flexible approach that establishes teams of innovators, linking materials researchers with industry (particularly the creative industry) and other innovation actors, providing support to help bring new products and processes to market• !• …
  20. 20. Living Labs & Design for All• IDeALL project brings together communities, driven byuser-centred innovation, namely design centresspecialised in “Design for All together with Living Labs.Focus:Lack of initiatives aimed to demonstrate the added value ofthe integrations between designers and Living Labs,Lack of operative processes for the collaboration/integration between the two different communities;Establishing policy action for permanently integratingdesign in the new product / service for SMEs;Specific action for the Enlarged European Union membersEducation, Training and awareness raising initiatives.
  21. 21. ENoLL Coopeation Agreementso  CAISEC (Beijing City Administration Information System and Equipment Center)o  UNITED (Ubiquitous Network Industry and Technology Development Forum)o  FAO (The Food and Agricultural Organization of United Nations)o  LLiSA (Living Labs in Southern Africa)o  EBN (European BIC Network)o  World Bank (Open Development Technology Alliance)• !
  22. 22. Recent ENoLL activities• ENoLL contribution to the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP AHA)• ENoLL response to the European Commission consultation on Action Plan for Entrepreneurship  
  23. 23. Find out more…••  Follow us on Twitter @openlivinglabs and on facebook•  Subscribe to ENoLL newsletter!•• (beta)••• livinglabs
  24. 24. See you at the Creative Media Days in Ghent (BE) ? Featuring Kent Larson (MIT Labs, Boston, US), European Commission with many more & Launch of the Art&D Call of the iMinds Want to showcase YOUR Living Lab active in creativity, media, culture and/or education?
  25. 25. !Anything you want to know more about? Contact us at the ENoLL Office info(at)