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FIRE slideshow @ICT2013 6.-8.11. 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania


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FIRE general slideshow that was run on the FIRE/AmpliFIRE booth 4A5 at the ICT2013, 6-8- November 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania

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FIRE slideshow @ICT2013 6.-8.11. 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania

  1. 1. Future Internet Research and Experimentation Future Internet Research and Experimentation - FIRE ICT2013 – Booth 4A5 6-8 November, 2013, Vilnius Lithuania AmpliFIRE & ECIOA project teams E-mail: contact(at)
  2. 2. Content • Introduction • FIRE Offering / Portfolio – Open Calls – International Co-operation – AmpliFIRE Support Action project • FIRE in the future • Further information FIRE = Future Internet Research and Experimentation "The views expressed in this presentation are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission" 2
  3. 3. Future Internet Research and Experimentation Introduction
  4. 4. Future Internet: Comprehensive EU approach Future Internet Technology risk FP7 / FIRE FP7 / PPP CIP / ICT PSP large scale trials (using existing technology) Smart Cities market oriented R&D adaptation to specific demands.. Piloting deployment 2-3 years FIRE Testing facilities and experiments 5-10 years time to market 4
  5. 5. Benefits of FIRE for Europe • The FIRE initiative creates an open research environment, which facilitates strategic research and development on new Internet concepts giving researchers an instrument to carry out large-scale experimentation on new paradigms 7
  6. 6. What is FIRE? Validation Research FIRE Research Large Scale Experiments Requirements FIRE Experimental Facility User Communities Test bed 1 Test bed 1 Test bed 2 Test bed 4 Test bed 2 Test bed 6 Test bed 9 Test bed 3 Test bed Exp 3 5 Test bed 7 Test bed 6 Exp 5 Test bed 5 Exp 4 Test bed 4 Exp1 Test bed 3 Exp 2 Test bed Federated 7 Test bed 8 Service Testbedsbed 8 Test Federated Network Testbeds 8
  7. 7. FIRE - Experimentally driven R&D coordination and support measures experimental facility experimentally-driven research • Supporting research and innovation on new network and service architectures • Through large scale experimentation, predict behaviour and assess non-technical impact 10
  8. 8. FIRE Projects • Expanded scope related to networking and far beyond: – Service architectures and clouds – Sensor Networks – Networking: Cognitive radio, Open flow – Increased emphasis on system level testing • Demand-driven open federation of facilities – Joint FIRE Board – FIRE Forum • Massive stimulation of users/experimenters: – Open calls in facility projects reserved for innovative experiments Calls by projects 11
  9. 9. FIRE Facility projects 12
  10. 10. FIRE Projects (November 2013) Coordination & Research support actions projects Call 5 Call 10 (STREPs) Research Research projects Call 7 projects Call 10 (STREPs) (STREPs) International cooperation Call 10 Research projects Call 8 (STREPs) Facility Projects (IPs) Call 5 Facility Projects (IPs) Call 7 Facility Projects Facility Projects (IPs) (IPs) Call 8 Call 10 Projects ended
  11. 11. Connected Smart Cities CIP-Call 4 (2010) EPIC PERIPHERIA Life 2.0 Open Cities SMARTiP PEOPLE SMART-ISLANDS CIP-Call 5 (2011) CITADEL GEN6 Commons4EU i-SCOPE CitySDK LiveCity iCity CIP-Call 6 (2012) SPECIFI CROSS IES Cities Digipay4Growth* RADICAL My neighbourhood * Digipay4Growth : project still under negotiation (call 7) 14
  12. 12. FIRE and the FI Ecosystem Transport eHealth ... Services Clouds IMS Service Delivery Platforms .... Infrastructures Wireless / Sensors Fixed/ Wired Compute/ Storage Peripherals/ Device research, development and operation Media Demand Applications Enabling Technology Internet Users 16
  13. 13. FIRE and the FI Ecosystem Transport eHealth ... Services Clouds/Grids IMS Service Delivery Platforms .... Infrastructures Wireless / Sensors Fixed/ Wired Compute/ Storage Peripherals/ Device research, development and operation Media Demand Applications Enabling Technology Internet Users Comfine 20
  14. 14. FIRE for Experimentations Information Portal* Facility Portal Research Applications Services Networking -------------Information New Experimenters, Users Ext. Contacts Information queries Etc. * 21
  15. 15. Future Internet Research and Experimentation Open Calls
  16. 16. What is Open Call? • The Open Calls are designed to stimulate the use of the facilities through new innovative experiments • 8 IP projects have a ready large scale facility infrastructure that can be used: – – – – – – – – Fed4FIRE - a real federation of experimentation facilities BONFIRE – research in the Cloud CREW – radio spectrum and measurements of wireless OFELIA – networking in Open Flow Smart Santander – Internet of Things – 20 000 nodes in one city OPENLAB – advancing capabilities of early FIRE facilities EXPERIMEDIA – research in Future Media Internet CONFINE - exploration and advancement of the community networks 23
  17. 17. How to use the facility - Open Calls Facility projects will launch Open Calls for experiments: • Who can participate: – Research institutes, universities, SMEs, industry • What are the rules: – Similar evaluation as in EC calls • What is the budget: – Depends on the Open Call – see more on FIRE web • How to participate: – Submit the proposal – If successful you will join the consortium with the rights like a normal partner • What are the IPR rules: – In each case negotiate it with facility provider – Your IP can be protected 24
  18. 18. 25
  19. 19. Main for testbed owners 26
  20. 20. Future Internet Research and Experimentation International Cooperation
  21. 21. FIRE Projects International Cooperation OpenLab and EINS involve a Canadian partner. OFELIA and CONECT involve US Partners FIRE involved through several EU-Japan events. EU-Japan common call. A Korean Partner in EINS. FIRE STATION involved (KOREN, AsiaFI Forum) A Chinese partner in TEFIS, EINS and EAR-IT An Indian partner In MyFIRE TEFIS includes a Brazilian Partner. FIBRE is from an EUBrazil joint call OpenLab, FIBRE and EINS involve an Australian Partner 32
  22. 22. THE EU-CHINA FIRE PROJECT making the future Internet a truly global success. Vilnius ICT2013 November
  23. 23. Fact Sheet & Partnerships Project acronym: ECIAO (EU CHINA future Internet common Activities and Opportunities) Coordinator Grant Agreement: 610418 Funding scheme: Support Action Call identifier: FP7-ICT-2013-10 EC Directorate General: DG CONNECT, Unit E4 Duration: 24 months (August 2013 – July 2015) 12/11/2013 34
  24. 24. Main objectives Strengthen EU-China joint research efforts on the future Internet by developing interoperable solutions and common standards Reinforce academic and industrial cooperation on future Internet experimental research, through a better networking between European and Chinese actors Exchange good practices for IPv6 deployment and support the creation of interconnected IPv6 pilots between Europe and China Build a partnership between European and Chinese organisations to foster cooperation in the domain of future Internet research experimentation and IPv6. 12/11/2013 35
  25. 25. Main outcomes Identification of at least five common topics for EU-China cooperation on FIRE Demonstrate at least two interoperable solutions during related events At least two substantial contributions to Standards Developing Organisations (SDOs) Set-up of a EU-China common IPv6 pilot to exchange best practices Enhanced EU-China cooperation through the common platform the support desk services and the organization of dedicated events 12/11/2013 36
  26. 26. EU-China FIRE cooperation portal Join the EU-China FIRE community and… Enlarge your professional and social networks! Find a partner for your project in the database of registered members Contribute to discussions on hot topics in the community forum! Get support from worldwide known experts on FIRE and IPv6! Exploit the wiki workspace to collaborate with other community members! 12/11/2013 37
  27. 27. The EU-China FIRE project will contribute substantially to establish an efficient bridge between EU and China stakeholders to make the future Internet a truly global success.
  28. 28. Future Internet Research and Experimentation AmpliFIRE project
  29. 29. AmpliFIRE project activities AmpliFIRE Project 40
  30. 30. FIRE towards 2020 41
  31. 31. AmpliFIRE Project Objectives 1. Develop a Vision 2020 of Future Internet research and experimentation, including the role of FIRE facilities; setting out a transition path towards a “FIRE Ecosystem 2020” 2. Assess today’s capabilities and resources, finding those required to realize the future vision, finding gaps to be addressed 3. Explore collaboration opportunities and models to realize longer term sustainability of a European-wide Future Internet experimental facility, based on service offer portfolio 4. Enhance awareness and impact of Future Internet research and experimentation for business and society, identify exploitation opportunities 42
  32. 32. Future Internet Research and Experimentation FIRE in the Future
  33. 33. FIRE Roadmap – Horizon 2020 FIRE in Horizon 2020 FIRE projects (Call 10: Facility + Experiments) FIRE Federation and Sustainability (Call 8: Facility + Experiments) Third Wave of FIRE projects (Call 7: Facility + Internet Science) Second Wave of FIRE projects (Call 5: Facility + Research) First wave of FIRE projects (Call 2: Facility + Research) Preparatory projects under FP6 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 44
  34. 34. FIRE Projects: 2008 -> H2020 45
  35. 35. Europe 2020: 7 flagship initiatives Smart Innovation « Innovation Union » Education « Youth on the move » Digital society « A Digital Agenda for Europe » Sustainable Inclusive Climate, energy and mobility « Resource efficient Europe » Employment and skills « An agenda for new skills and jobs » Competitiveness « An industrial policy for the globalisation era » Fighting poverty « European platform against poverty » 46
  36. 36. Europe 2020 Priorities Europe 2020 priorities European Research Area International cooperation Shared objectives and principles ICT Societal Challenges Industrial Leadership •Health, demographic change & well-being •Smart, green & integrated transport • Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies • ICT • Nanotech, Materials, Manuf. & Processing • Biotechnology • Space •Climate action, resource efficiency & raw material • Access to risk finance •Inclusive, innovative & reflective societies • Innovation in SMEs •Food security, sustainable agriculture, … ICT ICT ICT ICT ICT •Secure, clean & efficient energy ICT •Secure Societies EIT JRC Excellence in Science • Frontier research (ERC) • Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) • Skills and career development (Marie Curie) ICT • Research infrastructures ICT Common rules, toolkit of funding schemes Simplified access Dissemination & knowledge transfer 47
  37. 37. FIRE as Part of a Larger Effort 48
  38. 38. FIRE for the People Experiments by Creative Smart Citizens in Connected Smart Cities, Communities or Regions Future Internet Research & Experimentation 49
  39. 39. Future Internet Research and Experimentation Further Information
  40. 40. Next Key Events in 2014 • Future Internet Assembly (FIA) 2014 Athens – 18-20 March 2014, Athens, Greece – potential (TBC) pre-FIA on 17 March 52
  41. 41. Further Information Useful Websites: • FIRE website: • FIRE Brochure: • FIRE wiki: • FIRE / EU Commission: ire • FIRE channel in YouTube: FIREFP7 • FIRE @ LinkedIn: 53
  42. 42. FIRE web: Click for LIVE web 54
  43. 43. The FIRE Brochure Downloadable: 56 56
  44. 44. The FIRE Call 10 projects Downloadable: 57 57
  45. 45. Thank You for your Attention More information: Contact: AmpliFIRE project team E-mail: contact(at) The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 2007-2013, ICT objective 1.6) under grant agreement nr. 318550 AmpliFIRE. 58