The Brave New World of Social Media Activism


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Cut! Engage! Activate!

Cause Marketing & Media and the Brave New World of Social Media Activism

Ever wonder how Anna used FB and Twitter to get so many people out every day? Did the Egyptian Saffron Revolution begin with a single post? Can we form entire social movements online using social tools? Can cause driven films make a real impact online? The line between cause marketing, meaningful media and social media is blurring rapidly. In the US, companies like Participant Media are building activism around documentary films, websites and social networks leading to thousands of mini-revolutions. In India, cutting edge filmmakers use Social Media to get crowd funding for their films, arrange meet ups and showings and to spread the word. The world of cause marketing has never been more exciting as the new media is helping generate a global revolution. Using real world case studies and models Raja explores this exciting and brave new world for marketers.

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The Brave New World of Social Media Activism

  1. 1. The Brave New World of Social Media ActivismRaja ChoudhuryCUT! ENGAGE! ACTIVATE!
  2. 2. What is Social Media? Web and Mobile Technologies that turn Communications into Interactive Dialogue The Creation and Exchange of User Generated Content Engage Web and Mobile users in CONVERSATIONS about life, media, brands and causes
  3. 3. Cause  What is a Cause?  Any Person or Issue that gives rise to an Action, Phenomenon or Reaction  Corruption  Rights  Freedom of Speech  The Environment  Electoral Reform  Children’s Education  Governance  Law and Order  Fair Trade  Peace on Earth
  4. 4. Activism  Intentional efforts to promote, impede or direct social, political, economic or environmental change  Film  Content – TV, Book, Website, Video, Blogs  Protest  March  Direct Action  Media Awareness Campaign  Social Media Campaign
  5. 5. Impact
  6. 6. USA: Social Media Activism
  7. 7. Facebook
  8. 8. Who is talking most
  9. 9. And WHO is being talked about
  10. 10. The Masters: Participant Media
  11. 11. Social Media in India India is set to be one of the biggest 121 Million Social Media Markets in the World: • 121 Million Internet Users (Dec 2011) in India accessing the Internet at least once a week • Will be over 250 million by 2015 • 34 Million Facebook Users at present • 881 Million Mobile Phone Users • 23% of Indian Mobile Users have Smart Phones (200 million +)
  12. 12. Facebook India
  13. 13. Anna and the Lokpal
  14. 14. One Billion Votes: Jaago Re
  15. 15. Indian Social Media Successes 557,000 FB Likes 100,000 used FB to attend Government Conceded New Lok Pal Bill being drafted Millions saw the movie 581,000 FB Likes Education Reforms Millions watched Ads 650,000 Voters Registered 100,000+ on FB
  16. 16. The Opportunity: Cause Marketing  Bring individuals, supporters, brands, companies and funders together with causes and cause driven non-profit organizations  Raise Money for Campaigns  Creates Awareness about Causes  Uses Film, Video, Media, Web, Social Networks and Word of Mouth to achieve results.  Ensures ACTIVISM has IMPACT!  MEASURES the impact that Social Media can have on a Cause using Tools and Apps  Keep Member Base active during Slow Periods
  17. 17. Your Opportunity If you wish to work in this space: • Study Causes in India – they are looking for Social Media savvy people NOW! • Offer your services to them for Free to get a reputation and learn… • Study brands and companies and understand their Non-profit strategies • Study how things are done in US and elsewhere – Read Mashable.comSocial Media Marketing is • Read everything you can about Indian Social Media – Watblog, IndiaSocialrevolutionizing Cause and in2012, we will see more etc.convergence and demand for • Learn all about Film & Video – hang out with film-makersskills that combine Marketing,Social Media and Cause – • Live and Breathe Facebook, G+ & TwitterAre you ready? • Be at home on Youtube & Vimeo • Understand new Social Media platforms as they emerge • Understand iOS and Android Apps • Learn to use Social Media Monitoring Tools and Sites: Technorati, Radian 6, Trackur, Twitter Center, Google Alerts etc. • Never stop learning!
  18. 18. Thank youRaja