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2015 update: SIP and IPv6 issues - staying Happy in SIP


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What's the state of SIP and IPv6?
- An update I gave at the Netnod spring Meeting 2015.

Nothing much is happening, despite the fact that we have proven real issues with dual stacks in SIP.

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2015 update: SIP and IPv6 issues - staying Happy in SIP

  1. 1. 😀 Staying Happy in SIP @oej | #NetNodMeeting 2015 spring or “Does IPv6 affect application level protocols?”
  2. 2. 😀 Happy Eyeballs. IPv4 IPv6 IPv4 IPv6
  3. 3. HTTPThe Internet world is more than one protocol.
  4. 4. SIPThe world of realtime communication
  5. 5. SIP in one slide • Locate service by using DNS Naptr, SRV • Set up connections using TCP (TLS) and UDP • Media is 99.99% UDP
  6. 6. RFC 3261 - published 2002
  7. 7. Does SIP have a problem too?
  8. 8. Testing Asterisk IPv6. Thank you to Uninett for sponsoring these tests. ??? Strange stuff…
  9. 9. Testing at SIPit INTEROPERABILITY
  10. 10. Problems to check Find best working media path Set up connection to signalling Set up best connection between users Dual stack, IPv4 only, IPv6 only, multiple IPv6
  11. 11. Yes! And we use a lot of connectionless UDP. Happy Eyeballs affects SIP too.
  12. 12. Crashes. No connections. IPv6 in the route set. IPv6 in the SDP IPv6 in DNS DUAL STACK
  13. 13. Even for IPv4-only SIP user agents.
  14. 14. Of course someone is going to fix this.
  15. 15. <wait>
  16. 16. Oh no. I’m someone.
  17. 17. Of course everyone else will join and fix this quickly.
  18. 18. Hmmm…
  19. 19. Media: ICE! I’ll show you mine and you show me yours! Handles dual stack issues by accident. Solution for NAT traversal
  20. 20. Summarized my thoughts in 2011. Twitter @sipv6
  21. 21. No reaction.
  22. 22. Put pressure on the SIP Forum
  23. 23. Became co-chair of the SIP Forum 
 IPv6 working group.
  24. 24. FLOW RFC 3261 defines a URI RFC 3263 defines how to use the URI to find next hop RFC 2782 Defines DNS SRV records
  25. 25. Fun fact RFC 2782 is prepared for AAAAAAAAAAAA
 records. DNS SRV records
  26. 26. “OR” RFC 3263
  27. 27. Spread like virus Many RFCs say IPv4 orIPv6 Developers read this and use when implementing.
  28. 28. DoS Attack For an IETF newbie it felt like a 😩 “OR” != “OR”
  29. 29. Why do they behave like this? ABBA: Money, money, money.
  30. 30. Drafts • Development: Advice to developers of IPv4 only SIP ua:s • DNS: Locating SIP services in dual stack networks • Coming (if I get energy): Happy Earbuds: Setting up SIP connections in a dual stack network No action. SIPCORE WG Action item. In my head.
  31. 31. Drafts getting nowhere • No one seems interested in fixing this • Not a real world problem - chicken and egg issue. • IPv6 will not get deployed in SIP unless we solve issues with IPv6. • Hard to get time in a two-person company…
  32. 32. Last SIPit - 2014 fall Tested IPv6 source address selection No client or server did it correctly. Not a single one. All the other problems
  33. 33. Summary • Happy eyeballs-like issues exist in a lot of protocols • May be issues apart from just the connection (like SIP DNS SRV) • Who’s looking into this? • If you want to help with funding my work in the IETF - please contact me.
  34. 34. Thank you. @oej