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Realtime communication over a dual stack network


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Fosdem 2017: A short talk about dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6) issues when using SIP, WebRTC, XMPP and other realtime platforms in a dual stack world - where both client and server is connecting to the new and the old Internet.

Side note: Uploads to slide share doesn't work on IPv6-only networks.

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Realtime communication over a dual stack network

  1. 1. 😀Staying Happy in a dual stack
 realtime network @oej | #Fosdem 2017 spring or “Does IPv6 affect application level protocols?”
  2. 2. -“Room AI, Download documentation from @oej Fosdem 2017” 15 GB, 8%, estimate two days, three hours and 42 minutes
  3. 3. IPv6 is now. Not in the future.
 needs to be IPv6 and dual stack compatible. IPv6 😀 It’s simple.
  4. 4. 😀 Happy all the time. IPv6 IPv6
  5. 5. 😀 Happy Eyeballs. IPv4 IPv6 IPv4 IPv6
  6. 6. 😀 Making selections IPv4 IPv6 IPv4 IPv6 CGN IPv4 IPv6 We need to be better at selecting the route.
  7. 7. 😀 in a changing world IPv4 IPv6 IPv4 IPv6 CGN IPv4 IPv6 Things change during the session, new interfaces show up….
  8. 8. HTTP/2The Internet world is more than one protocol. 😀 One protocol for us all
  9. 9. SIPThe world of traditional realtime communication 😀 Heard about “VoIP”?
  10. 10. XMPPThe world of traditional realtime communication 😀 Heard about “Chat”?
  11. 11. WebRTCThe world of realtime communication Suffers from HTTP issues. 😀 The new black. Or?
  12. 12. RFC 3261 - published 2002 140 pages of fun! 😀
  13. 13. Does SIP have a problem? Only one? Come on! 😀
  14. 14. Find best working media path Set up connection to signalling Set up best connection between users Dual stack, IPv4 only, IPv6 only, multiple IPv6 Dual stack fun. Really! 😀
  15. 15. Yes! And we use a lot of connectionless UDP. Happy Eyeballs affects SIP too. Oh no. 😀
  16. 16. Crashes. No connections. IPv6 in the route set. IPv6 in the SDP IPv6 in DNS DUAL STACK IPv4 doesn’t protect you. 😀
  17. 17. Even for IPv4-only SIP user agents.
  18. 18. Of course someone is going to fix this.
  19. 19. <wait>
  20. 20. Oh no. I’m someone.
  21. 21. Of course everyone else will join and fix this quickly.
  22. 22. Media: ICE! I’ll show you mine and you show me yours! Handles dual stack issues by accident. Solution for NAT traversal
  23. 23. “IPv4 OR IPv6” RFC 3263 Do not select. Use both! 😀
  24. 24. Where Are we? • SIP: One RFC published, one SIP Forum document, more IETF drafts in process • XMPP: The same Happy Eyeballs problem as HTTP, needs ICE for Jingle • WebRTC: “Should work” on dual stack and single stack IPv6 networks. • WebRTC clients on IPv6 only “should” request IPv4 address from turn server to assist devices in need. • ICE candidates should be IPv4 and IPv6 WebRTC ignores IPv6. 😀
  25. 25. State of Open Source • Kamailio has issues • Asterisk has issues • FreeSwitch most likely also have not solved this • Goes for PJSIP, ExoSIP and other stacks as well propably It’s getting painful now.
  26. 26. Summary • Happy eyeballs-like issues exist in a lot of protocols • Maybe issues apart from just the connection (like SIP DNS SRV) or HTTP provisioning with old library • It’s now. • Fix your applications! Build a testbed! 😀
  27. 27. Thank you. @oej😀