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  1. 1. MAPEH 1 Philippine folk dances
  2. 2. • Lesson plan in Mapeh 1 • I.Objectives: a. identify different philippine folk dance b. know the history and origin of the different philippine folk dances c. learn the basic step in the different philippines folk dances d. perform a dance presentation • II. Subject Matter: Topic: Different philippine folk dances materials: pictures,video, computer
  3. 3. • II. Procedure: • A. Daily Routine: Checking of attendance • B. Motivation:(EXPLORE) • Group the class into 4 with 8-10 members each group. Present some pictures of different philippines folk dances, tell the student to identify the philippines folk dance that is shown in the picture, (and you can also ask them if they can identify the place where the dance originated or at least identify if it is in luzon, visayas or mindanao) the group with the most correct answer wins the game
  4. 4. C. Lesson proper:(FIRM UP) 1. Ask the student to sort the pictures of the different philippine folk dance based on the region Luzon Visayas mindanao 2. have the learner watch some videos of different philippine folk dance, after each video be sure to prepare some questions with regards to what they have seen.(e.g costume, props, steps)
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  6. 6. 3. Ask the students to recall and describe the different Philippine folk dances they have seen. 4. From the sharing of the students, explain the history or origin of each folk dances, summarize the discussion have a lecturette about the different philippines folk dances * history * nature of the dance 5.Divide the class into subgroup with 8-10 people. Tell them that the grouping will be their group for the culminating activity of the class. The group will perform one philippine folk dance and present it in the class. Assign a particular folk dance for each group:
  7. 7. IV. Evaluation:(DEEPEN) Evaluation of a Performance of different Phlippine folk dances based on the following criteria: *Appropriate movements *Appropriate sound and music * Appropriate costume *Culturally based *Creativity V. Assigment:(TRANSFER) Sharing of individual thoughts, discoveries and realizations through experience paper. Criteria Insightful Reflective Self-adjusting