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Webinar: Information Through a New Lens - What Lies Beyond ECM


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Never before has the Intelligent Information Management industry had such potential with content services, and more importantly, an equal ability to deliver to meet the digital transformation needs of organisations of all sizes and industries.
Learn more in this interesting webinar presented by Nuxeo and AIIM.

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Webinar: Information Through a New Lens - What Lies Beyond ECM

  1. 1. Underwritten by: Presented by: #AIIMYour Digital Transformation Begins with Intelligent Information Management Information Through a New Lens – What Lies Beyond ECM Presented 28th June, 2018
  2. 2. Underwritten by: Presented by: #AIIMYour Digital Transformation Begins with Intelligent Information ManagementYour Digital Transformation begins with Intelligent Information Management
  3. 3. Underwritten by: Presented by: Tips for Participating in Today’s Webinar  Group Chat – to talk with each other, found in the icons along the bottom. Note: everyone can see and participate.  Q&A – for questions to the speakers, held for the end (and tech help).  Check out the Resources available to you today, in the box to the right of the slides.  A Survey will open at the conclusion of the webinar – we value your feedback on how we did today.
  4. 4. Underwritten by: Presented by: Neale Stidolph Business Dev. Director Sword IT Solutions Ltd Dave Jones Director, Product Marketing Nuxeo Host: Theresa Resek, CIP Director AIIM Today’s Speakers
  5. 5. Underwritten by: Presented by: Neale Stidolph Business Development Director Sword IT Solutions Ltd Introducing our Featured Speaker
  6. 6. Underwritten by: Presented by: Contact me Neale Stidolph Strategy, Business Development, & IM Specialist, Sword Group Experience More than 30 years of IT & IM experience. The Robert Gordon University, Industrial Advisory Group member Ex-Board member of AIIM & Treasurer, GDPR + Oil & Gas Special Interest Groups Oil & Gas UK Council Representative Previous roles: Head of Strategic Development Lockheed Martin UK, and Head of Information Management, Lockheed Martin UK Tel. +44 7841 868974
  7. 7. Underwritten by: Presented by: ECM, was it the answer and is it obsolete? The answer is valid but the questions are changing Intelligent Information Management* is the new philosophy Content Services are the tools *
  8. 8. Underwritten by: Presented by: Driving Forces – moving beyond ECM Your Information Systems Pushing forces Pulling forces Product end-of-life Supportability Security Maintenance Licensing costs Legacy skills / training Vendor inertia Regulatory pressure Hard to make changes Process modernisation Business agility / flexibility Get smarter (analytics) User/Customer Experience Competitive pressures Inter-company collaboration Cost saving (platform, AI/ML) Automation (RPA..) Trust (DLT / Blockchain…) Pace of change Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt Complex customisation “It ain’t broke” New technology & skills New vendors & partners Legacy technology lock-in Proof / Stakeholder fear IT staff feel threatened
  9. 9. Underwritten by: Presented by: ECM to Content Services The way we were Traditional org. Slow change/scale ‘Slow’ content Structure / Control Complex & Rigid Centralised/Internal Demanding of users Losing it… Org. revolutions! Cost escalation IT-centric silos Evolution Interconnected Lower cost, agile People-centric ECM will help? Wow, it’s hard! Content ServicesBefore 2005
  10. 10. Underwritten by: Presented by: What are content services? Platforms, Applications and Components Could be an integrated suite, but more likely to be deployed as connectors, APIs, microservices Add value to legacy systems All about context and user-centric functionality
  11. 11. Underwritten by: Presented by: Analysts’ view: Content Service Platforms
  12. 12. Underwritten by: Presented by: Why is organising information hard? Explosive growth of systems and apps Consumerisation of IT Diverse content Acceleration in volume People struggle with classification! Cross-company collaboration Regulatory changes Radical business processes Predicting future data uses Boundary challenges: Home / Work / Mobile / Cloud Fewer admin people / librarians / doc control IIM
  13. 13. Underwritten by: Presented by: Organisational Forces & Strategy Rate of change/growth Competitive disruption Customer expectations Data variety and volume Regulation Insight from data Privacy and security Data capture / IoT / Edge Disintermediation Strategies BaU – Ride train to the end Exit / Sell up and move on Evolve, and fast Spin up a new org. Cost Technical innovation Automation Barriers to entry
  14. 14. Underwritten by: Presented by: So how is it going? Latest research: The State of Intelligent Information Management • Businesses see risk and opportunity but aren’t responding well • Many plans are in very early stages • Average number of systems is rising • Over half of critical content is outside core systems • Still struggling with content capture when it comes to scanning
  15. 15. Underwritten by: Presented by: Tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians What does your organisation do? 1. Prop it up and say it will be ok for a while? 2. Fit a new saddle? 3. Outsource the horse? 4. Create a team of dead horses? 5. Say that we can’t afford a new horse? Reality Check
  16. 16. Underwritten by: Presented by: Some of our recent experiences Sales Contract Life Cycle Management Solution Marketing Marketing Asset Management Solution Accounting Accounts Receivable Processing Records Management Legacy Content Platforms • Federated Search • In-Place Records Management • Content Clean-Up & Migration • Making Content ‘Smart’
  17. 17. Underwritten by: Presented by: INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY • Work through key processes in less time • ‘Win’ more business • Serve more people • Increase your revenue IMPROVE OVERHEADS • Costs of technology • Cost to maintain • Cost to train staff • Project/upgrade costs INVESTMENT IN PEOPLE • Happier workforce • Higher engagement • Lower staff turnover • Less absenteeism • Attracting talent REDUCE RISK • Maintain compliance & reduce likelihood of fines / legal fees • Protect Intellectual Property • Improved business continuity DRIVE INNOVATION • New products and services • Process improvement and automation • New ways of working • User experience What is everyone really trying to do?
  18. 18. Underwritten by: Presented by: PERSONA PROFILING WAYSOF WORKING MATRIX PLAN THE ADOPTION OF NEW CAPABILITIES I am an active participant in communities across my organisation I run more efficient, more flexible, more effective meetings I use online collaboration tools that help me work with others better I search for information and share useful knowledge with others I work wherever I want, from any device I want I maintain my online presence and stay connected with my colleagues I store my documents online and share links rather than attachments IDENTIFY WORKING BEHAVIOURS PHASE 1 People-centricModernisation PHASE 2 Adopting new ways of working according to personas PHASE 3
  19. 19. Underwritten by: Presented by: Technology-centric Modernisation
  20. 20. Underwritten by: Presented by: The rise of AI / ML and radical technologies Knowledge Discovery Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Pattern Recognition Statistics Data Mining Deep Learning Emerging & future radical technologies Internet of Things and Edge Computing Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology - Cryptocurrencies - Ledger: UAE, Estonia… Quantum Computing - Post-quantum cryptography - Spectacular AI, forecasting, modelling PoC? Watch developments & work with smart partners Many others…
  21. 21. Underwritten by: Presented by: My personal recommendations This is not an IT issue, it’s about BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY • Strategy Reassess your information: its value now, and potential value Create the vision for the business future mode of operation Get executive ownership of organizational transformation • Tactics & Technology Apply Intelligent Information Management methods i.e. Deploy Content Services for quick wins Build out your wider technology transformation over time
  22. 22. Underwritten by: Presented by: Dave Jones Director, Product Marketing Nuxeo Introducing our Speaker
  23. 23. Underwritten by: Presented by: Content Services “...the strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, analyse, and deliver data and content, related to an organization.” Enterprise Content Management (ECM) “...the strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organisational processes.” From ECM to Content Services
  24. 24. Underwritten by: Presented by: But who really cares?
  25. 25. Underwritten by: Presented by:
  26. 26. Underwritten by: Presented by: Inability to connect information from different systems Problem for 79%of organizations
  27. 27. Underwritten by: Presented by:
  28. 28. Underwritten by: Presented by: “The kinds of information management capabilities we need vary wildly depending on the process we are considering.” 76% of organizations
  29. 29. Underwritten by: Presented by: You want to buy a car…. More info or subtitle can go here. For example
  30. 30. Underwritten by: Presented by:
  31. 31. Underwritten by: Presented by:
  32. 32. Underwritten by: Presented by: But is that what you really want? More info or subtitle can go here.
  33. 33. Underwritten by: Presented by: Based on user requirements
  34. 34. Underwritten by: Presented by: From ECM to Content Services ECM (1.0) was 1. Single repository 2. Designed to solely serve information management professionals 3. A single vendor solution Content services (ECM 2.0) IS 1. Multi-repository 2. Designed for use anywhere in the organization by anyone on any device 3. A connected eco-system of services
  35. 35. Underwritten by: Presented by: Conclusions  Content Services is an evolutionary series of steps from ECM  Small but important changes  Find a platform that  Delivers what you need today  Has the flexibility to manage what you might need tomorrow  Has the capability to manage what you installed yesterday
  36. 36. Underwritten by: Presented by: Thank you! Dave Jones @InstinctiveDave @Nuxeo
  37. 37. Underwritten by: Presented by:
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