News May 31 - Jun 6


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News May 31 - Jun 6

  1. 1. M A YJ U N EDigital News UpdateDigital News Update3106
  2. 2. M A Y23 nice initiative by BNP Paribas, the French bank which celebrates the 40th anniversary of its partnership with Roland-Garros. It gives you the opportunity to train Jo-Wilfried Tsonga before he starts the French Open tennis tournament, viaTwitter. If your tweets are selected, they will command a robot to throw balls to Tsonga with the location, power andeffect you chose.1DigitalGlobalTweet and Shoot by BNP Paribas : Tsonga Vs Twitter
  3. 3. M A Y23 is a connected object like no other you’ve seen before, taking the shape of a standard street sign, that’s aboutwhere the similarities end… With Points being socially connected, it can tap into open API’s and social networks totranscribe what’s happening in the world, and bring the information and directions it finds, right to you via it’s 16,000LED’s across 3 directional arms.2DigitalGlobalPoints: The World’s Most Advanced Street Sign
  4. 4. M A Y23 Solar Powered iPhone Charger Print Ad to promote their ‘Sun’ line of products. The campaign tries to say that sunenergy can be useful and you can still enjoy the sun3DigitalGlobalNIVEA: Solar Powered iPhone Charger Print Ad
  5. 5. M A Y23’s a new Pepsi Sampling Machine from Belgium that dispenses a sample everyone time you like their Facebook Page.Once you get to the front of the line, the vending machine drives you to a mobile site, where you can like the page, andthen chose your flavour, just hit the one you want and it will instantly pop out.4DigitalGlobalThe Pepsi Like Machine
  6. 6. M A Y23 is Eating The World• Mobile was always much bigger than tech, but always separate• Smartphones mean the Technology and Mobile worlds merge• Internet and Media are being dragged along• Tablets accelerate the change• This is changing everything
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