Next Generation Media Quarterly July 2013


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This is the sixteenth in a series of presentations using statistics and stories to show how the media world is evolving from day to day.
By Dan Calladine - Aegis Media

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Next Generation Media Quarterly July 2013

  1. July 2013
  2. 2 The Next Generation is already here… This is the sixteenth in a series of presentations showing that the next generation of media is already here, based on news items from April – June 2013 See all presentations at
  3. 3 The Next Generation is… - Technology transforming media - Content, commerce & convergence - Social everywhere
  4. 4 Including - - Mobile – Apps are used for 6 minutes, for every 1 minute of mobile web - Content – The importance of paid media video views -Technology – There are 5 million ‘Zero TV’ homes in the US - Social media – Facebook has one million advertisers - Effectiveness – Chrome users make better employees
  5. More smartphones are sold than feature phones In Q1 of 2013 more smartphones than feature phones were shipped globally, for the first time ever: 216m vs 202m Source: Data from IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, 25th April 2013 6
  6. More messages are sent through chat apps than through texting An implication of the rise of smartphones is that more messages are now sent through apps than through the more basic SMS Source: Data collected by Informa for the Financial Times, 29th April 2013 7
  7. 50 billion apps have been downloaded from iTunes iTunes started offering apps in July 2008, and currently apps are being downloaded at a rate of 2 billion a month. The Android Play store opened 3 months later, will surely overtake Source: Data from Apple and Google respectively, announced May 2013 8
  8. On Smartphones apps are used for 6 minutes for every 1 minute with the mobile web If you only look at the time spent on apps & mobile web, smartphone in the US users spend 87% of their time on apps. With iPads 76% is spent with apps Source: Nielsen’s Q1 2013 Cross Platform Report, 10th June 2013 9
  9. 45% of Yelp’s searches come from mobile devices Source: Yelp’s Q1 results, reported by the Screenwerk blog, 1st May 2013 10 As an other example, Groupon say that 45% of their sales in the US come from mobile devices
  10. Mobile ad spend rose to nearly $9bn in 2012 Source: Press release from the IAB Europe, 9th July 2013 11 Globally ad spend rose to $8.9bn in 2012, with APAC and North America grabbing 40% each, and Western Europe 17%
  11. Nearly 70% of employees are on ‘BYOD’ (bring your own device) This is for all devices across 19 markets; for tablets & laptops it’s 57% It means that people will use the same devices for everything Source: Data from Ovum, reported by Strategy Eye, 5th June 2013 / 12
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  13. More than 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube per minute Source: YouTube’s blog, 19th May 2013 14 YouTube revealed this stat on it’s 8th birthday in May. The is nearly a 50% rise from the 72 hours a minute revealed in 2012
  14. Dove Real Beauty Sketches See it 15 Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches was called the most viewed online advert by Unruly after less than one month
  15. Evian’s Baby & Me See it 16 Evian’s follow up to their 2009 film generated 5 million views a day in the first week
  16. DreamWorks paid $33m for a YouTube channel Source: All Things D, 1st May 2013 17 YouTube channels can generate lots of traffic from desirable audiences and are becoming big business, as this purchase of the teen focussed Awesomeness TV shows
  17. AwesomenessTV has lots of brand content See it 18 For example #Ultrafast Clearasil Zombie Adventure Of Epic Proportions
  18. Lowes’ Home Improvement tips on Vine See them: 19 Excellent illustrated ‘top tips’ – a near perfect use of Vine with the hashtag #Lowesfixinsix
  19. adidas UK’s real time Twitter campaign for Wimbledon See more: 20 Tweet the code of the zone where you think Andy Murray will hit a winning shot, and for every winning shot that he does hit there adidas pick a winner from those who selected it This activity helped adidas be the most mentioned brand on Twitter in association with Wimbledon
  20. Geordie Shore used Snapchat to launch new series See more: 21 A very good fit for the brand and the style of the TV show – and a good illustration of how popular Snapchat is becoming
  21. Excellent packaging by Kiddicare See it 22 Simple & imaginative!
  22. There are 5 million ‘zero TV’ homes in the US 24 You now don’t need a TV to watch TV. The rise of YouTube, Hulu and Netflix, plus streaming from companies like HBO (& piracy of course) mean that there are 5 million homes that don’t receive TV from cable, satellite or antennas Source: Data from Nielsen, reported by the AP, 7th April 2013
  23. You could go to prison for a year for sharing HBO Go passwords in the US 25 Shows like Game of Thrones are only available in the US on HBO and on HBO Go, the streaming service. However you need to be a subscriber to stream – illegal password use has potentially severe penalties Source: Newsforage, June 2013
  24. Philips partners with online automation service IFTTT 26 Owners of Philips’ hue lighting can use the service IFTTT to connect their lighting to the web and their social services – for example: If it begins to rain then change the light colours to blue If I’m tagged in a photo on Facebook then blink the lights to let me know See it:
  25. Coca Cola – Small World Machines 27 Coca Cola put video chat links into vending machines to take their ‘Happiness Machines’ campaign one step further See it:
  26. Burberry Kisses 28 An integration with Google lets people press their lips to their mobile screen to send a kiss to a friend via email or Google+ Send one
  27. Facebook has more than one million advertisers Facebook has also been very successful in targeting small and local business advertising, and is going a long way to emulating the success of Google (Google reported 1m advertisers in 2007 in a 2009 SEC filing) Source: A Note from Facebook, 18th June 2013 30
  28. Why people Like brands on Facebook People don’t just like brands to get free stuff – they like them because they genuinely like them (although many do so also to get coupons and other benefits) Source: Data from Syncapse, reported by Mashable, 26th June 2013 31
  29. 50% of the reach of a Facebook post happens within 30 minutes Facebook users post a lot, so stories get buried quickly Source: SocialBakers, 8th May 2013 32
  30. Target teamed up with Facebook for a retail voucher scheme An interesting ‘bricks & mortar’ voucher example: Target’s CartWheel gives Facebook users special offers in store, either through printed vouchers or on their mobiles. When a purchase is made, news of the special offer appears in their newsfeed More information: 33
  31. Isobar’s SeeitShopit integration with Facebook Isobar’s See It, Shop It lets brands deliver an interactive shopping experience directly through a Facebook app, on desktop, tablet and mobile. It’s already being used by brands like Sony and Littlewoods, and gives better engagement rates than standard Facebook ads See more: 34
  32. 5 million Instagram videos were uploaded in 1st 24 hours Instagram introduced videos on 20th June, and within 24 hours 5 million had been uploaded from the 130m strong user base, including ones by Justin Bieber, Jamie Oliver, Nike and Burberry Source: Mobile&Apps, 22nd June 2013 35
  33. Twitter introduces TV-based targeting Brands in the US can now target Twitter users who watched the shows that their ads aired within, meaning that they can target people with further messages, for example videos or related offers See more: 36
  34. …& tests behavioural targeting Twitter is also experimenting with targeting based on browsing history: sites people have visited, and ads they have seen elsewhere Both show Twitter aiming for a share of existing budgets, not new budgets Source: Blog post by Twitter, 3rd July 2013 37
  35. 38
  36. Bus routes were re-drawn in Africa after analysis of mobile data IBM researchers analysed mobile data in Abidjan, Ivory Coast’s biggest city, to work out most efficient routes, and found that they could reduce journey times by 10% if bus routes were altered Source: BBC News, 1st May 2013 39
  37. Tweets influence car buyers UK Twitter users who are exposed to car brand tweets are more than twice as likely to do activities like visit brand sites or arrange test drives than all internet users Source: Research by Twitter and Compete, reported by Twitter, 15th May 2013 40
  38. People who apply for jobs using Chrome make better employees Research conducted by Evolv says that people who use browsers not pre-installed on their PCs are more likely to perform better and change jobs less often Source: The Economist, 6th April 2013 41
  39. More information: