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Why Buy Flowers?

Why should you buy flowers for the pointsetta sale?

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Why Buy Flowers?

  1. 1. FHS Music Department Holiday Plant SaleBuild funds in your activity accountand help people with their holiday decorating
  2. 2. Why is this everyone’s favorite fund raiser ?• Top quality plants at a great value• People ask for them year after year• People are going to spend money on holiday decorating and holiday gifts. Make it easy for them. Help them save time, money, and gasoline• You will get an order form in November. Be sure to turn it in by the due date and then pick up the plants you sell during the pickup times to deliver• If people aren’t home and you want to leave or email information, fill in the next page and use it as a brochure
  3. 3. Farmington High School Music Department Annual Holiday Plant Sale !! Choose from top quality plants!Why support us? Pick your type, color, and size !• Top quality plants Please contact me to order at (name/email)• Great value• Direct from top Connecticut wholesale florist• Save time, money, and gasoline by ordering plants for your holiday decorating and gift giving• People are so impressed with the quality, they order year after year• Funds raised directly support students• Plants will be delivered to Farmington High School on (date) where I will pick them up and then deliver your order to you• I am (name). Please contact me at (phone and email) to place your order.• Thank you !!