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Digital Microfilm


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use microfilm online to view photo reproductions newspapers and magazines.

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Digital Microfilm

  1. 1. Digital Microfilm Welcome to Digital Microfilm . Let’s browse a newspaper to view and print an article.
  2. 2. Click Select to begin.
  3. 3. NEW YORK TIMES WALL STREET JOURNAL Choose the newspaper you wish to view.
  4. 4. Choose a date
  5. 5. The newspaper issue will open to the front page of the issue in a PDF frame.
  6. 6. Use Page Menu to jump to a specific page in the issue.
  7. 7. Use the Scroll buttons to browse the pages in lightbox display.
  8. 8. Use the PDF controls to ZOOM in/out, FIND text, PRINT the page, or SAVE to your computer .
  9. 9. To select just a portion of a page for view/print, click and drag a box over the thumbnail.
  10. 10. Release the left mouse button, and the highlighted segment will be displayed.