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World hunger research paper final


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Published in: Education
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World hunger research paper final

  1. 1. Nathan Niederhauser Page |1 World hunger World hunger is the worst problem in the world today. My goal today, is to bring to yourknowledge the facts surrounding world hunger and what you can do to help. Let’s start bydefining world Hunger. Hunger is a term which has three meanings according Oxford EnglishDictionary (1971) “1.the uneasy or painful sensation caused by want of food; craving appetite.Also the exhausted condition caused by want of food 2.the want or scarcity of food in a country3.a strong desire or craving.” World hunger is defined by the 2nd definition on a world scale. Ithink that world hunger is an unfair problem in the world and needs to be solved. Just becausepeople have fewer opportunities than me does not mean they can suffer hunger. In this paper Iwill list statistics, other information surrounding world hunger and ways you can help so thebiggest problem in the world can be solved. In 2010 United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) estimated the numberof people hungry in the world. The numbers were:578 million in Asia and the Pacific, 39 millionin Sub-Saharan Africa, 53 million in Latin America and the Caribbean, 37 million in the NearEast and North Africa and 19 million in developed countries. That is a total of 925 millionpeople in the world. World Food Programme put it in a different statistic that puts a light on justhow big the problem is. They said that 1 in 7 people in the world are hungry. That is why I careabout world hunger. 1 in 7 is hungry because they have fewer opportunities than me, my parentsand the people around me. In the world 1 in 7 is starving just because. I think 1 in 7 is too big anumber and we need to change that. 13.1 percent of the world is in need and there is no one withan organization big enough or has enough supplies and money to fix this huge problem. Not tosay there are fantastic organizations out there that to a lot of service, but we need somethingmore.
  2. 2. Nathan Niederhauser Page |2 A little more on hunger and how big a problem we really have. Hunger kills more peoplethan AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis combined, making it the world’s number one health risk. 1in 3 children in the world are underweight in the world. Over 5 million children are killed eachyear from hunger. That accounts for almost 50 percent of child deaths every year. What thismeans is that those that died, their parents have to deal with the fact that they killed their childrenjust because they couldn’t support them, because they have less opportunities than you and me.Another fact is that children with poor nutrition suffer an average of 160 days of illnesses a year.That’s about 43 percent of their year, they are sick. To me that should not be happening. That isnot me and I don’t want it to happen to me and I don’t think it should happen to others. Alsoundernutrition, which is what is really responsible of these sick kids, accounts for 61% ofdiarrhea, 57% of malaria, 52% of pneumonia, and 45% of measles. That is a big percentage ofsicknesses that is caused by hunger and it happens so often to children which is not fair to thembecause they should be able to grow up with the same opportunities as me. According to the FAO the world produces enough food to provide everyone with about2,720 kilocalories (kcal) per person per day which is more than enough. So why does hungerexist then? I think is mostly based on poverty and that they can’t buy enough food to provide forthemselves and that there are a lot of people out there that have for food than they should havelike maybe some big restaurant chains. So knowing this, what can we do to really help theseunfortunate people in the world? Some ways we can help would be participate in a food drive.Most cities at least in America have an organization that has a frequent food drive ororganization that helps your local community. If you don’t have a local hunger organization youcan always get a few friends and start a food drive in your community.
  3. 3. Nathan Niederhauser Page |3 Another way we can help is by donating to the big organizations out there that do anamazing job of providing to the hunger. You can go to their web site and they usually will havean online donation page on their website which really helps. A few big examples are,,,,and But in my opinion, thebest way to help stop hunger is to spread the word. You can tell people about hunger and how wemust stop it and eventually we may have enough people and money to end hunger once and forall. You never know who wants to help and by sharing with them your feelings toward worldhunger and they can help stop it too. In conclusion I think that hunger is a huge problem that really needs to be solved as fastas possible. It affects 925 million people and kills millions each year. You can help bigorganizations that fight world hunger by donating on their website. Also you can help in yourcommunity be participating in or organizing a food drive. But if anything I would like the readerof this paper to spread the word at the very least that we as human beings, need to put an end tothe huge problem of world hunger.Works CitedAction Against Hunger. Global Malnutrition. 1 January 2012. 5 October 2012 <>.Stop Hunger Now. Hunger Facts. 19 July 2012. 5 October 2012 <>.World Food Programme . Hunger. 1 January 2012. 5 October 2012 <>.World Hunger Education Service. 2012 World Hunger and Poverty Facts and Statistics. 4 December 2011. 4 October 2012 <>.
  4. 4. Nathan Niederhauser Page |4World Hunger Relief, Inc. How You Can Help. 21 September 2012. 5 October 2012 <>.