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Twitter for Surgeons - SAGES 2012


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Twitter for Surgeons - part of a panel discussion on Social Media for Surgeons at the 2012 SAGES Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA - March 2012.

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Twitter for Surgeons - SAGES 2012

  1. Twitter for Surgeons Niraj J. Gusani, MD, MS, FACS @NirajGusani
  2. SAGES 2012 Disclosure SlideNiraj J. Gusani, MD, MS, FACS Nothing To Disclose
  3. Disclaimers
  4. To Comment or Tweet• Please use hashtag #SAGES2012• To send your questions and comments for this session: – Text SMEDIA and your message to 22333 – Tweet @poll SMEDIA and your message – Go to during the session
  5. Overview• What is Twitter – Some Statistics – How does it work? Does it work?• What do doctors / surgeons / medical institutions use Twitter for – Information – Education – Patient Contact – Marketing• What are the risks?• How to proceed in using Twitter professionally
  6. 1,229 Hospitals Using Social Media Oct 2011“Found in Cache” blog - http://ebennett.org
  7. Hospitals using Social Media“Found in Cache” blog -
  8. How do Physicians use SM?
  9. What is Twitter?• A micro-blogging and social utility service that allows its users to send and read messages known as tweets, text-based posts of no more than 140 characters• People use twitter to share and view links, pictures, videos, opinions, news, professional information, personal status updates and more.
  10. State of the Twitterverse 2012• News no longer breaks, it Tweets• People have demonstrated the speed and efficacy of social networking by connecting to one another based on interests (interest graph) rather then limiting connections to relationships (social graph).Solis B.
  11. Twitter Stats• 465 million accounts• > 100 million active users sending 175 million tweets per day• 11 Twitter accounts created every second• Average age – 39• US – 107.7 million Twitter users• Projected ad revenue in 2012 is $259 millionSolis B.
  12. Twitter’s place in the SM landscape
  13. What’s Different about Twitter?• Open rather than closed platform (unlike FB, LinkedIn) – adds a level of complexity (and risk) and may make this medium less ideal for Healthcare professional use• May parallel the level of adoption – 9% of Physicians use Twitter personally – 3% of Physicians use Twitter professionally
  14. use of SM by Surgeons• 315 ACS Surgeons surveyed – Sept 2010• Twitter Use – 79% Never use it – 5.6% use it daily / 3.0% weekly / 1.3% monthly
  15. How can Surgeons use Twitter?• Information / Education – Update the public about latest news, events and research highlights – Respond to other tweets related to your field / research / organization – Live tweeting of events / meetings – Tweet chats or Q&A sessions• Patient Contact?• Marketing?
  16. Anatomy of a Tweet!/NirajGusani/status/177064977432182785?tw_p=twt
  17. Anatomy of a Tweet } Tweet } Reply!/NirajGusani/status/177064977432182785?tw_p=twt
  18. Anatomy of a TweetUser teeting } TweetReplying user } Reply!/NirajGusani/status/177064977432182785?tw_p=twt
  19. Anatomy of a Tweet Hashtags } Tweet Reply Button } Reply!/NirajGusani/status/177064977432182785?tw_p=twt
  20. Anatomy of a ReTweet!/NirajGusani/status/177064977432182785?tw_p=twt
  21. Anatomy of a ReTweet ReTweet Button!/NirajGusani/status/177064977432182785?tw_p=twt
  22. Anatomy of a ReTweetReTweet ReTweeted User ReTweet Button!/NirajGusani/status/177064977432182785?tw_p=twt
  23. Tweeting the MeetingTwitter can be a great way to capture the smallnuggets of information you glean while at aconference.• Try to find the fact or theme that resonates with you.• After the conference, your stream of posts serves as a journal of what you found inspiring.• As a bonus you can see what other people re-tweeted and that may further reinforce what is really important.Sinclair C. “How to use Twitter at your next medical conference.”
  24. #Resources / #Chats on Twitter• #hcsm on Twitter (Sun 9 pm ET)• #CMEchat (Wed 11am ET)• #Meded chat (Th 4PM and 9PMET)• #twitJC – Twitter Journal Club -
  25. Surgical Organizations / Departments
  26. Risks with use Physician Use of SM • Patient privacy • Professionalism
  27. Facebook Doctor Suspended• RI physician recently recounted a patient experience – Believed she had de-identified the patient – The posting did not include the patient’s name, but included enough details that others in the community could ID the patient – Complaint was lodged• She was disciplined by the Rhode Island State Board and lost her privileges at the involved hospital.
  28. Physicians on Twitter• Review of 260 Physician Twitter Accounts• 144 / 5156 tweets (3%) were categorized as unprofessional. – 38 (0.7%) represented potential patient privacy violations – 33 (0.6%) contained profanity – 14 (0.3%) included sexually explicit material – 4 (0.1%) included discriminatory statements.Chretien KC, Azar J, Kind T. Physicians on Twitter. JAMA. 2011 Feb 9;305(6):566-8.
  29. How do I use Twitter?• Push information, studies, data, observations – Mainly oncology and surgical oncology patient education
  30. How do I use Twitter?• Perspectives about medical news• Occasional retweets• Twitter Correspondent for ACS CC 2011
  31. How do I use Twitter?• No personal / practice marketing• No patient interaction• No patient anecdotes• I follow mainly healthcare, allied health professionals, organizations
  32. Guidelines• Need to tweet often if you want to establish a presence / following – But start slowly – Observe / lurk before you post• Tweet what you know• Keep it professional at all times• Only do it if it’s fun… – Twitter (and other SM) are free, but cost a lot in terms of TIME
  33. Guidelines• Edit / Revise before you hit “send”• Decide how you are going to respond to personal / patient requests• Develop a SM strategy / policy in advance and stick to it• Manage your online reputation with professional, informative, high quality posts/Tweets
  34. SM is everywhere
  35. Be sensible!
  36. Questions? @NirajGusani