GIS Web Mapping for Local Government


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  • the United States the Freedom of Information Act was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson on July 4, 1966
    Electronic Freedom of Information Act Amendments were signed by President Bill Clinton on October 2, 1996
    There are over 250 million alone in the united states which factors out to nearly 74% of the population being on the internet.
  • Vigo County, Indiana
    7.5 million request
    57% Data
    43% Map
    Story County, Iowa
    5.9 million Request
    63% Data
    27% Map
  • For example we used our beacon product as an example to display the type of traffic numbers we see on a regular basis. These figures are to assist you in understanding the kind of web traffic
    It is from this that we can see how much web information can reduce the resources needed to communicate directly with the public.
    Each of the examples given will begin to reduce how much traffic is coming into the county which will allow your employees to get back to other projects that may have been neglected.
    Can you see how this could be directly correlated with the traffice you receive each day, with the questions the community has for you.
    Overall having your information available on line is going to make you and your employees more efficient!
  • Beacon manages nearly $750 billion in assets.
    Currently provides data for over 3.5 million parcels.
    Largest interactive web based land records and public data provider in the Country.
    Beacon also utilizes a software solution that automatically updates daily to keep your data accurate and consistent.
    Beacon saves organization staff an average of over 25 hours of office and phone traffic every day.
    Beacon has been implemented by over 100 organizations in 8 states
    Beacon lowers GIS implementation costs and licensing fees
    Beacon provides 24/7 information access for the public and internal users
    Beacon can integrate virtually any database
  • View Interactive maps of your GIS data.
  • Review your digital Aerial photography to easily review your community.
  • Your portal can also utilize the latest technology and internet features and incorporate those into the site.
    Example here is: Google Streetview
    Other options may be: Zillow – Real Estate Assessment site
    Ebay for Tax Sale Auctions
  • Service is not something you can touch or feel it is a promise and to believe the promise you must hire a firm you can trust. Schneider is this firm.
    Hosting over 200 GIS Web Sites
    Software solution geo●gear being used nationally
    Financial depth to do your project
    Understanding of the ENTIRE GIS process, not just the data conversion step
    Unsurpassed business relationships
    ESRI Award
    HSE receives ESRI’s Special Achievement in GIS Award
    Sarpy County, Nebraska receives ESRI’s Special Achievement in GIS Award
    Keynote ESRI’s Survey and GIS Summit
    Foundation Business Partner of the Year – Selected over hundreds of other partners
    Winners of the Indiana Geographic Information Council - GIS Achievement Award
    4 out of 6 awards went to Schneider Clients
    Association of Indiana Counties County Achievement Award
    Blackford County, Indiana
    Huntington County, Indiana
  • GIS Web Mapping for Local Government

    1. 1. GIS Web Mapping for Local Government What are they looking for?
    2. 2. Freedom of InformationFreedom of Information ActAct• Signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson on July 4, 1966 ElectronicElectronic Freedom of InformationFreedom of Information ActAct• signed by President Bill Clinton on October 2, 1996
    3. 3. AccessAccess for Everyonefor Everyone In the late 90s the Library of Congress uses the Internet to distribute thousands of oversize historical maps and images. In the first six hours that this collection went “live” on the internet, more people accessed the collection than in the previous eight years! 2001 ESRI has over 500,000 ArcView Users 2005 google maps puts GIS in the hands of the public 2006 Facebook goes public 2007 the iphone is introduced
    4. 4. PublicPublic DemandsDemands AccessAccess • Users Today (November 2010) – World Internet usage is now estimated to be nearly according to the Internet World Stats Database. 2,000,000,02,000,000,0 0000
    5. 5. Public Demands AccessPublic Demands Access • North American Population 2010 – Population 2010 = 344,157,450 – Internet usage: – 146.3% user growth rate from 2000-2009 *Source: The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) • 266,244,500 = 77.4%77.4%
    6. 6. Users Want Information “NOW”Users Want Information “NOW” But what are they looking for?But what are they looking for? - The public/users want information now! - They want information instantly, with a few simple actions - They do not want to unnecessary time out of their day to complete tasks. - They do not want to wait in lines -They do not want to wait for an extended period of time, they want instant response.
    7. 7. BeaconBeacon Interactive PortalInteractive Portal
    8. 8. Traffic StatisticsTraffic Statistics • First seven Moths in 2010 – Indiana’s beacon sites were visited nearly 2,000,0002,000,000times with over 14,381,27414,381,274 page views.
    9. 9. Save Tax PayersSave Tax Payers MoneyMoneyIn just seven months Beacon has saved Indiana taxpayers over $29,000,000$29,000,000 in time and money.
    10. 10. What is beacon?What is beacon? • Beacon™ is a award winning web portal designed to support interactive public access that allows users to view local government information, public records and maps via the web. • Beacon is single source web-based data reporting tool that incorporates existing CAMA, GIS, Permits, Records and Tax, into a single, user friendly web application that is designed with your needs in mind. • Beacon is an Electronic Courthouse On Line Beacon Basic Features: • Statewide Property Record reporting • Land Improvement data • County Assessor Assessment Valuation • Tax History • Property deductions and exemptions • Aerial Photos Mapping • Report Printing and email links • And much, much more
    11. 11. Search Parcel RecordsSearch Parcel Records
    12. 12. View Detailed ReportsView Detailed Reports
    13. 13. View Interactive DataView Interactive Data
    14. 14. View Interactive MapsView Interactive Maps
    15. 15. Display Aerial PhotographyDisplay Aerial Photography
    16. 16. Mash-UpsMash-Ups
    17. 17. Beacon Daily ActivityBeacon Daily Activity
    18. 18. Quick FactsQuick Facts • Beacon brings all the courthouse offices together seamlessly under one portal which lowers your operating cost • Beacon reduces phone and counter traffic an average of over 25 hours every day. • Beacon has been implemented for over 200 organizations in 8 states • Beacon lowers technology implementation costs and licensing fees • Beacon provides 24/7 information access for the public and internal users • Beacon can integrate virtually any database • Beacon manages nearly $750 billion in assets. • Beacon has reduced tax appeals up to 90%. • Beacon is the largest interactive web based land records and public data provider in the Country.
    19. 19. Providing dedication, honesty and integrity to the GIS Industry Since 1962 we have been focused on providing solutions that lower cost, reduce risk and increase services for our clients
    20. 20. Thank You!Thank You! Since 1962, The Schneider Corporation has been providing creative solutions for land, infrastructure and facilities projects that help increase revenue, lower costs and mitigate risk Andrew Harrison, GISP 317-690-1513