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  1. 1. galapag%usbuilding an identity & reputation ecosystemNYU-ITP Thesis 2013Victor Ben Turnerfounder/discovererben@galapag.usvisit now! online @ Heather Greer
  2. 2. Money and fame and #of followers dominatemetrics for reputation.tribe :: ecosystem
  3. 3. In our everyday lives, what dominates "reputation" is:● that person in the office who can get things done● what a random stranger said to us on the street● who wed drop everything for● who we enjoy being ourselves around● who we love and trusttribe :: ecosystemI dont care so much about how rich, powerful, famous, orwell-connected you are, but rather, do you get things done?Can I depend on you?
  4. 4. I am obsessed with identity and reputation.People don’t come out of a vacuum.They often have narratives, made up of setbacks, 10,000hours, small successes, long dry spells, tons of doubt, flashesof brilliance, a lot of luck.Where are their quirks? What’s their Moneyball values?What are their stories? How were their personalities formedin the crucible of life?tribe :: ecosystem
  5. 5. ● My grandfather, Victor Turner, and his work on liminality, socialdrama, rites of passage● My grandmother, Edie Turner, and her work on communitasWhere this all came from: Ben Turners biotribe :: ecosystem :: economy
  6. 6. Where this all came from: a bio of Ben TurnerCame a long way to get here, had many identities.● Prodigy● The Sierra Network/ImagiNation Network● BBSs, MUDs● UT Austin (Latin, Greek)● US Army paratrooper● Arabic linguist● 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne)● Global War on Terror: Iraq, Operation IraqiFreedom III● Georgetown Masters of Science in ForeignService: foreign policy, internationaldevelopment● Department of Homeland Security: socialmedia news analysis● USAID● The Colbert Report● NYU ITP● 2012 visit to the Galapagos Islands
  7. 7. is a tribeof quantified selfers.tribe :: ecosystem(uh, and yes, youll be a quant selfer soon if youre not one already.)
  8. 8. Our privacy is already gone.● NSA wiretapping, site/database hacks, credit ratingsWe hide our true selves from each other.● We use fake Facebook/LinkedIn names.● We act differently on Facebook than on LinkedIn.All our data is siloed.● Sites we use dont share. We always end up being the children in a companydivorce.We are not getting enough value back from what we are puttingour time into online.Lets talk about our lives online.tribe :: ecosystem
  9. 9. What if we tried another way?● gross national happiness/eudaimonia● radical transparency● mutual openness● reputational footprints as proof of workand alibis● verifying each others data● integration of all our varied datasetstribe :: ecosystem
  10. 10. Our tribal values:● We believe that a primary goal of life is to maximizeeudaimonia and to help others do the same.● We individuals own our own data, and can control itsavailability.● We believe in sharing and strength throughinterconnectedness.● We believe in transparency and accountability.● Our data is a powerful form of expression of our ownidentities, and we should be allowed to fully show andpresent that data identity and reputation in a free society.● We are each members of many tribes and have manyidentities and faces, and only through all layers combinedcan we be understood in context.● We believe in networked webs of people reinforcingvalidity of each others information.● We believe in generativity through open source and open,linked, organized data.● We believe in economic incentives and positiveexternalities.● We believe in being fast and adaptive.from:● We individuals can balance the benefits of others,governments, and companies having data about us, againstthe benefits of retaining ownership, oversight, and privacyof our own data.● We individuals benefit from being more public and open,rather than less.● We individuals should be able to fully express ourselves bybeing honest, open, vulnerable, genuine, and caring.● We individuals, through sharing our own data, can benefitfrom what currently only governments and companies canexploit off of us.● Instead of rumors, gossip, credit ratings, etc. determiningreputation, we can use data science, Moneyball, and acombination of quantification and qualification to build amore thorough reputation for ourselves that doesnt justrely on wealth and popularity.tribe :: ecosystem
  11. 11. Meaning of● a world of experimentation and exploration● .us == social && American (no .ly fiascos)● a teeming world of symbiosis, non-predatorycompetition, speciation, efficient evolution● a positive example of human conservation effortstribe :: ecosystem
  12. 12. is a social credit ratingecosystem for calculating reputationusing any shared personal data(open & editable metrics + any type of personal data + API)*% = :)tribe :: ecosystemfinancial + produced + social + human + natural == total capital
  13. 13. The ultimate goals of● We will attempt to quantify and improve eudaimonic happiness.● We will give every human on Earth (and his/her internet of things) areputation and identity.● We will become the standard for the worlds 21st century reputationsystem.● We will provide the model for transparency.● We will organize everyones personal data.from: :: ecosystem
  14. 14. ● achievements● influences● interactions● moments● obstructions● perceptions● personality● pets● relationships● rites of passage● wants● wardrobeWhat personal data are we talking about?tribe :: ecosystem
  15. 15. Go ahead, start to think about what other peoples deedsand thanks mean to you, and how youd like to appreciatethem.Contribute your thoughts while you listen to thispresentation: :: ecosystem
  16. 16. Features● Post anonymously, under a pseudonym, or under your real name● Make your own formulas for how you evaluate love, work, or happiness● Fill out others profiles, which they can then confirm, deny, ignore, or forgive● Pick different islands to live on which support your preferred type of onlinebehavior (high-quality content, competitiveness, lurking, gaming, etc.● Compare metrics at country-, company-, club-, neighborhood-, tribe- levels● A breakdown of your 24 hours spent in a day and an Aboriginal songline ofyour life/worldstribe :: ecosystem
  17. 17. Show Your Score● business card subscription: get cards with yourupdated stats mailed regularly● widget to view reputations of people mentionedon any web page● put your reputation badge on your sites● badges on clothing to show achievementstribe :: ecosystem
  18. 18. Account StructureFree Individual Account● use as a secure data store● access your data via API● self-improvement strategies● export your data whenever you wantPremium Individual Account● be social, share your data with others● compare against individuals or in aggregateOrganization Account● get aggregated stats on your employees, tribal members, etc.● track internal health of organization metrics● brands build their own DNA metricsAudited Account● data verified by third-party auditor for extra level of trusttribe :: ecosystem
  19. 19. Future Features● Using your stats to roll new characters in multiplegames, including text RPGs, role-playingMUSHes, social games● Census-taking for international developmentprojects, tracking trafficking/kidnapping●, an end-of-year celebration ofreputation and good deeds donetribe :: ecosystem
  20. 20. Help me alpha test by playing,experimenting, breaking.
  21. 21. Ben, Im the happinessguy, and thank you, Im out!And thanks to those who went out of their way to help andmentor me:● Lisa Picco● Mom, Dad, my brother● Chris Leonard● Luke Nankee● Itzbeth Menjivar● Slavek Jurkowski● Cara Jurkowski● Nina Walton● Trish Duffy● Terry Hodgkins● Will Rinehart● Vic Hyatt● Fred Allen● Brendan Conner● Ryan McCraw● Betty Duke● Mrs. Dahl● Rob Dubbins● Sasha Stewart● Benjie de Groot● Dan Herman● Federico Mora● Ray Cole● Brad Duty● Dave Pierpont● Chris Metsala● Dina Poma● Dan OHara● Heather Greer