"Translating Strategy to Measureable Actions... from PowerPoint to Practice


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Be amongst 200+ senior executives who will particpate in "Translating Strategy to Measureable Actions... from PowerPoint to Practice on May 18th... for more info, please visit: www.translatingstrategy.scopi.org

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"Translating Strategy to Measureable Actions... from PowerPoint to Practice

  1. 1. Under the patronage of His Excellency Minister of Public Sector Developement of Jordan Organized by: Date: May 18th 2011 Venue:MINISTRY OF PUBLIC SECTOR DEVELOPMENT Grand Hyatt Hotel THE HASHEMITE KINGDOM OF JORDAN Amman, JordanTranslating Strategy to Measurable Actions From Power Point to Practice www.translatingstrategy.scopi.org Translate your Strategy to Measureable Actions, and Use Proper KPIs that Serve your Organization’s Needs...According to research published in the Harvard Business Review, “Companies realise only 40-to-60 % of theirstrategies’ potential value”. The rest is lost on the way. Many organizations are spending a lot of funds on build-ing their strategic planning and performance management capabilities. One of the current challenges is thedi culty to know what KPIs are used in similar situations. Platinum Sponsor Golden Silver O cialSponsor Sponsor Media Arabia for Corporate Social Responsibility Sponsor & CommunicationPartners: Quality. Processes. Results.
  2. 2. www.translatingstrategy.scopi.org Translating Strategy to Measurable Actions From Power Point to Practice Session 1: Imagine you are a tennis player. And every match you play, you hit every other ball into the net. How many matches do you think you would win? Or imagine you run a removals company. And every day, of the 100 boxes you move for your customers, you lose 60 of them. How long do you think you would stay in business? According to research published in The Harvard Business Review, “Companies realise only 40-to-60 percent of their strategies’ potential value”. The rest is lost on the way or never makes it over the net. Strategy execution guru and bestselling author Jeroen De Flander will tell you how to get the job done. In this session, De Flander covers: 1. What is a good strategy and how to build one 2. Learn to locate the execution gaps in your organisation 3. Get a clear roadmap on how to close them 4. Why true leadership demands great execution skills 5. The 8 - a simple framework to execute flawlessly 6. How to measure (KPI’s) your strategy execution capability 7. Insights and tips to become a Strategy Execution hero 8. A 2020 outlook on strategy execution So if you are a preparing for the challenge, get ready to boost your execution skills. Get inspired and learn how to turn your great strategy into great performance. Session 2: One of the current challenges of the Organizations in the 21st Century is identifying and building Key Performance Indicators (KPI) associated with organization’s objectives.S ess io ns The author of “KPI Mega Library: 17,000 Key Performance Indicators” 480 pages book Rachad Baroudi discusses the process and tools necessary to identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) associated with organization’s objectives. Key Performance Indicators help provide organizational motivation as well as evaluation of strategy and strategic learning. This session highlights on how to enhance strategy implementation to increase organization effectiveness and to ensure that organization gains the maximum benefit from its strategy. In this session Rachad Baroudi will cover the following: • Understanding the criteria for developing strategic KPIs, types of KPIs, process for selecting KPIs, typical difficulties in developing KPIs, and KPIs profile sheet. • How to use KPIs and provide data which will allow managers to review business strat- egy based on a realistic assessment of the organization’s performance. • How KPIs can help focus business resource and human potential on the delivery and achievement of the strategy. • Understanding the criteria and methods for setting targets, the function of stretch targets, cause and effect relationships between targets, as well as possible difficulties in setting targets.
  3. 3. Translating Strategy to Measurable Actions www.translatingstrategy.scopi.orgFrom Power Point to PracticeJeroen De FlanderJeroen De Flander is a seasoned international strategy execution expert,top executive coach, seminar leader and highly regarded keynote speaker.Jeroen has helped more than 15,000 managers in 20 countries master thenecessary execution skills, including the USA, Brazil, Venezuela, Malaysia,Spain, Italy, Russia, Estland, the Netherlands, France, the UK, Germany,China, Croatia, Korea and Belgium. He shared the stage with strategy guruslike Michael Porter and Costas Markides. His book “Strategy ExecutionHeroes”, reached the Amazon bestseller list in 5 countries.Jeroen is co-founder of the Performance Factory – a leading research,training and advisory firm based in Brussels which is solely focused onhelping individuals and organizations increase performance throughbest-in-class strategy execution.For several years, he was the responsible manager worldwide of theBalanced Scorecard product line for Arthur D. Little – a leading strategyconsulting firm.The 50+ companies he has advised on various strategy and strategy execu-tion topics include Atos Worldline, AXA, Base, Bridgestone, CEMEX, GDF-Suez, Honda, ING, Johnson & Johnson, Komatsu, Sony and the Flemish andBelgian governments.Rachad BaroudiRachad Baroudi is a leading international consultant in the USA, Canada,and the Gulf region with 20-years experience in organizational develop-ment, strategic planning, and performance management. He started Sp e a k er sworking with the private sector in the USA as a consultant for SmallBusiness and Entrepreneurship Institute and as a chief auditor for HolidayInn Corporation, followed by aerospace industry, where he worked forworld-leaders in this field, Aeroquip Corporation and Array Systems. InCanada, he worked with Honda of Canada Manufacturing for eight yearsby refining their planning and performance capabilities. Also, he helpeddeveloping short- and long-term strategic plans for Honda of NorthAmerica and was an active participant in cascading these plans by usingBalanced Scorecards methodology.In the Gulf region, he worked as a senior civil servant in the public sectorwith Abu Dhabi Executive Council, where he assisted more than 30 govern-ment agencies and departments in developing their strategic plans andperformance management frameworks.The speaker worked on multiple public-sector projects such as PublicSocial Agenda, Government 2030 ICT Strategy, Government PerformanceManagement System, Government 2030 Policy Agenda, GovernmentStrategic Reform Framework, and Public Strategy-Budget Alignment. Inaddition, he is Kaplan & Norton Balanced Scorecard certified professional.He is also the author of “KPI Mega Library: 17,000 Key Performance Indica-tors” which is globally considered one of the leading sources of KPIstowards measuring any function in any industry or any sector
  4. 4. Translating Strategy to Measurable Actions www.translatingstrategy.scopi.org From Power Point to Practice Who should attend? Senior leaders, managers and professionals working in both private and public spheres with responsibility for strategy, planning, business development, forecasting, business analysis, economics, human resources, marketing and finance will gain considerable knowledge and expertise from this event; including CEOs, CIOs, COOs, CFOs, CMOs, CHROs, CCOs, General Managers, Managing Directors, Directors, Senior Department Man- agers, Strategic Planners, and Academics. About SCOPI Performance SCOPI blends the expertise of its highly specialized and qualified professional Consultants, Coaches and Trainers with the most advanced state of art specialized technol- ogy and software applications to gear organizations 3P’s towards the highest International levels of Excellence in People Production the 3 P’sR e gist r a t i o n SCOPI commits is self helping organizations achieve the (3 P’s) by: 1- Aligning & Integrating the most advanced Management Systems, Structural Re-Engineering & Managerial Technical softwares. 2- Utilizing and Applying International Best Practices in Opera tions, Sales, Cusotmer Services & Human Resources . 3- Reducing Operational Costs, Optimizing Human Performance & Enhancing Organi- zational Productivity & Increasing Stakeholders’ Profitability. Registration Fees Number of Participants 1-3 4-7 8 & More Fees per participant: if registered and 590 USD 525 USD 450 USD paid on or Before 14 April 2011 415 JODs 370 JODs 320 JODs Fees per participant: if registered and 695 USD 620 USD 535 USD paid After 14 April 2011 490 JODs 435 JODs 370 JODs Participants will receive: - Each participant will receive complimentary copy of the Amazon best seller book “The Strategy Execution Heroes” - Each participant will receive certificate of attendance signed by both Jeron De Flander and Rachad Baroudi T +962-6-5515993 For Registration & Inquiries F +962-6-5515994 www.translatingstrategy.scopi.org M +962-79-9600394 email: translatingstrategy@scopi.org