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Prototype to Proposition

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Prototype to Proposition

  1. 1. Transformed by You – Competition Kent Business School MBA Students WorkshopBackgroundKent Connects and Kent Business School set up a joint MBA Cohort Programme inSpring 2011 to enable councils and other public services to access a range ofexpertise from the students – and provide students with invaluable practicalexperience of the public sectorThese projects are providing a collaborative approach for students to grow tangiblebusiness connections, gain a deeper understanding of the challenges public sectororganisation face, as well as sharpen their leadership skills.CompetitionKent Connects are organising a competition to stimulate public services,entrepreneurs and communities to develop innovative ways of using technology toimprove their neighbourhoods. This builds on the Transformed by You programmeconducted with entrepreneurs and students1. The competition will run as such: 1. People will be able to submit and rate ideas online on how technology could help improve their neighbourhoods 2. Groups will discuss and refine the highest rated ideas at “ideas workshops” 3. Digital entrepreneurs will be able to submit and rate prototypes they want to develop that build on the top ideas on specific challenges 4. Digital entrepreneurs will develop their prototypes at an event with others to try and win the competition 5. Students from KBS will advise entrepreneurs on how to take prototype products and services to marketAimBuilding on lessons learned from challenge-based approaches developed both byKent Connects Partners and recommendations by NESTA2, we propose to design aworkshop to provideo Students with real-life work experience of advising entrepreneurs on how to take prototype products and services to marketo Digital innovators with entrepreneurial expertise from the students so their prototypes can be developed, tested and evaluated into viable ventureso Public service commissioners and researchers with a better understanding of how innovations with the potential to serve the public can be taken to marketThis will provide the Kent Connects and Kent Business School partnership withanother opportunity of working together to stimulate local entrepreneurs and informthe development of future Kent MBA projects. 1. How will the workshop run?The digital innovators/developers and small groups of students will work through thebrief below on their prototypes.1 Vicki Purewal, Social Challenge Prize Guide,, NESTA, December 2010
  2. 2. The questions that will form the brief for the students at the Kent Business SchoolKent Connects Workshop will build on both the questions that will have been askedto the prototype developers in the submission form (see Annexes) and the review bythe Judges of the Competition.Stage Questions Advice to Related Kent Prototype MBA Module DevelopersMarket Research What is the Analysing market Marketing Analysisand Business customer need and opportunities for and PlanningModelling market the prototype opportunity? (including customer & competitor analysis) What Working through Applied Business methodologies, any complex Modelling materials and tools decisions needed will we use to to develop the conduct the business model research? for the prototype How are we going Developing a Strategic to develop the strategy to take Management strategy? the prototype to marketDesign and How are we going Identifying and ManagingDelivery to take forward the appraising Processes development of the process and prototype? operational issues and suggesting solutions to these What resources are Financing and Accounting and needed to develop budgeting of the Financial the prototype? prototype Management (balance sheet, forecasting and investment) How are we going Identify the Strategic Supply to manage the drivers for a Chain supply chain? potential Management approach to managing the supply chain for the prototype to be delivered How are we going Identifying, Entrepreneurship to appraise the formalising and options? pitching
  3. 3. entrepreneurial opportunities to further develop the prototypeProjectManagement Managing People How are we going Managing a team and Organisations to set up the team? of people to develop the prototype Who are the Identifying Managing People stakeholders and stakeholders and and Organisations how are they to be understanding engaged and what how to influence are their issues? them Who would be a Identifying Managing People suitable sponsor stakeholders and and Organisations for the project? understanding how to influence them How are we going Determine Marketing Analysis to plan the marketing and Planning marketing and objectives and communications? develop marketing strategies based on analysis of the market and an understanding of buyer behaviour.Marketing & What marketing Develop creative Marketing AnalysisCommunications and solutions to and Planning communications marketing activities are challenges for the required? prototype 2. What will be the different stages of the workshop? o Each group will require a maximum of six students and the presence of the prototype developer/s of the prototype selected o The students and developers will work together to complete the above brief o Get key advisors to support, advise and challenge the groups on taking the prototype to market (with their own individual experiences and tips) o During the workshop, facilitators will advise each group and simulate "unexpected events" that could affect the prototype as it’s taken to market o At the end of the workshop, each group will showcase and "walk through" their innovation with opportunities for feedback from other participants o The content produced for the business propositions will be edited and packaged and distributed to students and developers
  4. 4. Introduction of the day o Refreshments and introduction of the agenda of the day o Speed networking session to introduce students to developersMorning session o Introduction of prototypes o Group workshops o LunchAfternoon session o Showcase by each group, feedback and next steps 3. What actions will be offered to the students for the workshop?Actions Resources Start Date Finish Date providedSelect which type of mentor you Brief 25wish to be description of role November of mentor 6 FebruaryReview brief for the workshop Brief for the 30 workshop agenda JanuaryReview the background content Submission put 30 6 Februaryfor the prototype forward for the January prototype Analysis by the Judges Prototype (including web link)Participate in the workshop and Brief checklist W/C 6work with the prototype prototype developer Februarydeveloper/s to develop abusiness and communityproposition for it
  5. 5. Annexes 1. Contribution to the skills developed by students relevant to the Kent MBA ProgrammeIntellectual skills o Analytical skills necessary for the analysis of problems and the identification of appropriate solutions. o Ability to plan, work and study independently and in a group and use relevant resources in a way which reflects best current and anticipated future practice.Subject specific skills o Ability to initiate and manage change by development of an awareness of threats, a perception of opportunities and a readiness to reconsider current practices rather than simply repeating past patterns. o Ability to integrate academic frameworks and understanding with the practical environment of business. o Ability to identify business opportunities.Transferable skills o Effective performance in a team environment. o Enhance the interactive skills needed to communicate, negotiate and mobilise people in organisations. o Effectively apply numeracy and quantitative skills including the use of models of business situations; qualitative research skills. o Apply the ability to identify, manipulate, evaluate and communicate knowledge relevant to business and management issues to the development and management of organisations. 2. Submission Form for Prototype DevelopersSubmission Questions Judging CriteriaWhat is the name of your Evidence of creativityprototype?What idea/s are you developing Evidence of prototype building on an idea putyour prototype on forward in the Ideas CompetitionHow are you going to develop it? Evidence that the prototype can be used by a member of the publicWhat datasets are you using? Evidence of use of data available from tools and techniques are you Evidence of ability to use tools and techniquesgoing to use to develop the in an innovative way and that are accessible toprototype? allHow would you take your idea Evidence of ability to engage people to use the
  6. 6. forward? prototype and sponsors to fund its development Selecting the ideaWhat stage are you at in Researching market & resources neededprototyping? Planning the development of the prototype Developing the prototype Testing the prototype Turning the prototype into a viable productWhat type (and level 1-3) of Time/Technology/Research/Investment/Trainingsupport do you need to takeforward your prototype?

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