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We create well-thought-out financial marketing tools that will sharpen your organization\'s identity, attract fresh opportunities and expand your business relationships.

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Jeffrey Leder Inc Presentation

  1. 1. We create well-thought-out financial marketing tools that will sharpen your organization’s identity, attract fresh opportunities and expand your business relationships.
  2. 2. Who We Are Focus JLI has been focused on creating effective marketing communication tools for the financial community for Jeffrey Leder Inc. is defined by a unique combination over twenty-five years. We have helped a wide spectrum of clients achieve their goals. of financial marketing focus, experience and knowledge. This combination delivers many clear Experience advantages to our clients. The upshot of JLI's long-term financial marketing focus is our wealth of experience, out of which we have honed a lean and quite effective process to help our clients. Knowledge JLI understands the marketplace in which you operate, financial products and services, and the most effective ways to talk to your targets. Our deep knowledge results in well-thought-out and effective financial marketing communication tools. 2
  3. 3. STRATEGIC Financial Marketing For twenty-five years, Jeffrey Leder Inc. has been creating effective marketing communication tools for the financial industry. From multinational banks such as JPMorgan Pequot Capital Branding Campaign Chase, to large mutual fund and investment management firms like Prudential Investments, to hedge funds such as Pequot Capital, our clients have attracted new opportunities and prospects with our help. A proven strategic process and disciplined focus deliver original thinking, smart analysis, dynamic copy and design, and methodical project management to help our clients Deephaven Capital Management Pitch Books gain AUM. Our in-depth knowledge of the financial services industry informs our marketing strategies and creates value for our clients. We know your audience and understand how to develop the right marketing materials that will create impact. 3
  4. 4. Building Trust Be Transparent Through all prospect/client touchpoints, convey with full openness, your investment advisory methodology and How Do You Establish Trust in Today’s Environment? performance. Communicated via concise and easy to understand reporting documents. Listen Well “Trust: Firm reliance on the integrity, ability, Truly understand your clients’ needs to foster and deepen character of a person or thing. relationships. Something committed into the care of another.” Articulate Fully – American Heritage Dictionary Clearly demonstrate your full investment process and the resultant performance. And communicate the broad strength of your infrastructure. Connect to Results By establishing that you work with a fundamentally sound, repeatable and client-centric focus. 4
  5. 5. A Strategic Process Conduct Research To fully understand your company and it’s goals – we analyze your market, identify your benefits and target Our proven strategic process creates well-thought-out prospects' needs. sales tools to target your unique benefits to the Construct Strategy selected audience. By articulating your true value through a clear understanding of your investment process and repeatable performance. Create Sales Tools To build prospects' trust by writing, designing and producing strategic tools in all appropriate media. Achieve Goals To close more business, support relationships and build success. 5
  6. 6. A Well-Honed, Strategic Process that Produces Results Position & Brand Organization Convey Transparent Strategy Program Planning Define Target Audience Guide Management Understanding Raise Assets 6
  7. 7. Effective Tools JLI offers a comprehensive list of financial marketing tools designed to achieve a wide range of objectives. By managing projects tightly – deadlines are met, and Sales Materials budgets are contained. And, objectives and strategies Websites will be carried-out as originally intended. Pitch Books Whether you want to establish your brand, introduce a Client Reporting new financial product or service, communicate more Logos frequently with investors and prospects, we create strategically targeted marketing tools that will speak Brochures directly to your audience and establish trust in your Annual Reports company. Attract new opportunities. Increase Brand Development transparency in order to convey openness and clarity. Maximize your business potential. And help target and increase your managed assets. 7
  8. 8. Sales Materials After we learn about your company, your investment philosophy and methodology and your selling process, we create strategic financial sales materials that work Oppenheimer Funds Retirement Services the way you do. We hone in on what makes your firm unique. We communicate that message to the right audience in a clear and consistent way that makes your process transparent. The resulting sales materials will differentiate you from the competition. Establishing trust in your process that will effectively reach new prospects and investors to convert into new business. Systems Union Financial Management Software Among the sales tools we create are concise Company Overviews (for PDF and printout), interactive and Content Managed Websites, Pitch Book templates (in PowerPoint set-up to facilitate your updating, printing and assembly) and compelling Capability Brochures that clearly articulate the true value of your firm. 8
  9. 9. Websites JLI creates Websites that attract prospects and support client relationships. We transform your attributes into an engaging interactive environment that articulates Cyrus Innovation your investment philosophy and methodology, and clearly conveys your benefits. Your Website can function as a Capability Brochure and Client Performance Reporting vehicle that facilitates communication of your sound, risk-adverse and Trafelet repeatable investment process. Clients will be able to easily access their customized and updated reports. And trusted relationships will be established and reinforced from this open accessibility. We support our clients’ updating of their website by programming a Content Managed area for refreshing of News, Client Reports, Product Introductions, etc, through a simple data entry window. 9
  10. 10. Pitch Books We create PowerPoint books that don’t look like the usual PowerPoint presentation, designed and written to look like you alone and be a critical tool to effectively DKR Capital communicate what distinguishes you. We create Pitch Books that encourage prospects to be more trusting by demonstrating your transparency and reporting processes, thus prospects will be more inclined to invest and clients to recommend. From smart research we establish a professional "look and feel" that strategically represents your firm's Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisers personality and value. This is supported with effective writing that clearly describes your investment thinking and methodology and demonstrates how your repeatable performance flows from that sound process. 10
  11. 11. Client Reporting Our experience has proven that in addition to investment return and personal interaction, effective performance reporting and other client service communications Deephaven Capital can gain and retain your client's trust. Regular Performance Reports dissemination of those reports is also a critical factor in clients understanding that they are being well taken care of. And by that level of openness you are demonstrating your transparency . Transparency is key to establishing a trusted and long term relationship with clients who will be more likely DKR Capital to provide referrals and less likely to redeem. Monthly Commentary Reports The performance reporting materials that we create provide clear, timely, forthright and accessible information, that is easily deliverable. 11
  12. 12. Capability Brochures Jeffrey Leder Inc. creates Brochures that communicate a high-level, macro view of your firm’s: culture, philosophy, investment methodology and top talent. This transparency Pequot Capital in your process and philosophy will establish greater trust in your capabilities and benefits to investors in an accurate and consistent manner. We then communicate your process, research, risk management, infrastructure and client services commitment. Writing and design will be clear, clean and accessible, as well as reflective of your unique personality. Ospraie Management We recommend a brochure back pocket to house inserts of more timely, detailed information, such as Overviews and Performance Reporting materials and Key Bios so you control the updating. This facilitates cost-effective updating that keeps your clients informed. 12
  13. 13. Annual Reports JLI has extensive experience producing Annual Reports that clearly communicate your true value to shareholders, the media and the financial Panamco/Coca-Cola community. We apply our strategic financial marketing process to articulate your company's strengths, performance and vision. The resulting Annual Report works to maximize shareholder value. Establish trust. Improve investor retention. Increase awareness in the financial community. And achieve successful brand leveraging. Pentegra Management 13
  14. 14. Brand Development JLI has a wealth of experience in creating effective brand identities for the financial services industry. Oppenheimer Funds “A successful brand is an identifiable service/product, Retirement Services Branding augmented in such a way that the prospect/client perceives relevant, unique, sustainable values which match their needs most closely.” – de Chernalony & McDonald Through our targeted research your brand will evolve out of our understanding of your firm, your unique benefits and value. Based on this knowledge, and through a powerful Newport News Repositioning and Rebranding use of strategy, writing and design, we create a corporate marketing system that will leverage the value of your company. Builds brand loyalty and trust. And speaks directly to the financial community. 14
  15. 15. Select Clients ACE Group Manor Healthcare Sass Foundation Africa-America Institute MD Sass St. Luke's Health Agile Fitness Hospice Foundation Synergos Institute Cadogan Management New England Dream Center Systems Union Coca-Cola Newport News Tailwind Capital Connors Capital Oakpoint Advisors Thomson Financial Cyrus Innovation Oppenheimer Funds Ticketmaster Deephaven Capital Ospraie Capital Trafelet DKR Capital Pentegra Webster Financial Entrust Capital Pequot Capital Weiss Advisors First Atlantic Capital Princeton Theological Seminary JPMorgan Chase Prudential Financial 15
  16. 16. CASE STUDIES Africa-America Institute We developed a staged strategic plan to launch a new Education Partnership Campaign – 50,000 New Leaders in 5 Years. The strategy evolved out of our research into their organization, culture, values and effective process. As well as interviews with students, alum and various target groups to further understand AAI. AAI's first need was for a case statement kit to help raise funds for the campaign, we coined the phrase "Think What We Can Do," then we coordinated an annual fundraiser at the U.N., this time celebrating their 50th Anniversary – invitations, event programs, powerpoint presentation and banners were among the tools created. The fundraising strategy has worked well – raising the funds to fulfill the goal of educating 50,000 african leaders in 5 years. 16
  17. 17. CASE STUDIES DKR Capital DKR Capital hired us to help them increase assets under management and transform their sales tools into an effective, integrated program. After learning about the firm, we differentiated DKR by articulating their unique attributes and benefits. We strategized, wrote and designed their fundamental sales tool, the Pitch Book. Aligned the "look and feel" to reflect DKR's unique personality. We clearly communicated the firm's philosophy and methodology. And demonstrated how DKR's investment performance flows from their sound process. With the Pitch Book as foundation, we redesigned the Website and Performance and other Client Reporting Communications. The resulting program presents and reinforces key messages consistently. Overall it communicates to prospects and clients: here is a firm that is smart and trustworthy, with a well-thought-out and repeatable performance. 17
  18. 18. CASE STUDIES Oppenheimer Funds Oppenheimer Funds, one of the world's largest mutual fund companies, hired JLI to rebrand their Retirement Services division to stem a downturn in assets under management. Focusing on their 401k offerings our research showed the largest growth potential was with business owners with employees. Focus groups were attracted to aspirational retirement images of a cottage on a grassy hill with two Adirondack chairs, people identified with being there with a significant other. JLI included this powerful image in materials and Web portal for all channels of distribution: internal, brokers/consultants, business owners, and participants. Over the four and a half years the rebranding was utilized, managed assets grew over 20%. 18
  19. 19. Let’s discuss your unique situation. For 25 years Jeffrey Leder Inc. has helped financial services firms establish and maintain trusting relationships with their prospects and clients. Let's talk about how we can help you achieve your sales goals. Call Jeffrey at 917.767.1734 or email him at