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Latihan keusahawanan kaedah baru

  2. 2. Four Barriers to Strategic Plan Deployment1. Vision and Strategy not actionable2. Strategy not linked and integrated3. Strategy not linked to Resource Allocation4. Feedback is Tactical, not Strategic5. Strategy deployment as a learning and improvement process
  3. 3. Pendekatan baru mempunyai kelebihan seperti berikut:-1. Berfikir dan membuat keputusan secara nisbah yang merupakan petunjuk utama prestasi.2. Membangunkan dan Melaksanakan Strategi3. Menambahbaikan berterusan dengan perbandingan dengan benchmarking yang relevan untuk mencari best practices
  5. 5. Principles of the Strategy Focused Entrepreneurs:#1 STRATEGIC CHANGE Leadership Roles 1. Creating the Climate for Change • Unfreeze the organization “metrics” as a “change” • Show the need for change process. 2. Creating the Leadership Team • Breaking down functional bias 3. Creating the Vision and Strategy • BSC as a “visioning process” • BSC to clarify the strategy 4. Creating Team Accountability • Accountability for cross-functional strategic themes at Executive Team level 5. Change the Culture
  6. 6. #2 TRANSLATE THE STRATEGY TO OPERATIONAL TERMS The Strategy Financial Perspective Measurement is the language "If we succeed, how will that gives clarity to vague we look to our shareholders?” concepts. Customer Perspective "To achieve my Measurement is used to vision, how must I look to my customers?” PLAN, AND to control. Internal Perspective "To satisfy my customers, at Strategy can be described as a which processes must I excel?” series of cause and effect relationships Organization Learning "To achieve my vision, how must my organization learn and improve?”
  7. 7. Performance management cycle Reset Smart Goals Evaluate Key Result Performance Areas chose a Set Targets business model Define Key Performance Indicators
  8. 8. Metrics managementMeasurement Enterprise-wide Alignment andand Reporting Strategic Communication Management OBJECTIVES PERFORMANCE TARGETS KEY PERFORMANCE KEY RESULT INDICATORS AREAS
  9. 9. Ultimate Goal, to Become a:STRATEGY-FOCUSED ENTREPRENEURS 12 5 3 4
  10. 10. Adopting metrics in business Stakeholder Perspective The Mission of the organization is to maximize return to equity Customer Perspective Budget / Financial Perspective “To achieve our mission, how must we “If we succeed, how will we look to our look to our customers?” financial donors?” Internal Perspective “To satisfy our customers, financial donors and mission, what business processes must we excel at?” Learning & Growth Perspective “To achieve our mission, how must our people learn, communicate, and work together?”Meeting the Expectations of Customers While MaintainingFinancial Viability Constitutes Meeting Mission Objectives
  11. 11. A Complete Metrics is aStrategy Map Program for Action Strategic Theme: Strategic Theme: Objectives Measures Targets Initiatives Operations Efficiency Operating Excellence Profits and Financial RONA • Profitability • ROE Grow • Grow Revenues • ROA Asset turnover Revenues • Fewer assets • ROS Attract & Customer Retain More • More Customers • # Customers • 12% growth •Customer Customers • Flight is on -time • FAA On Time • Ranked #1 loyalty On-time Lowest • Lowest prices Arrival Rating • Ranked #1 program Service prices • Market Survey • Quality management Internal • Fast ground • On Ground Time • 30 Minutes • Cycle time Fast ground turnaround • On-Time • 90% optimization turnaround Departure Learning • Ground crew • % Ground crew • yr. 1 70% • Ground crew alignment trained yr. 3 90% training Ground crew yr. 5 100% alignment • % Ground crew • ESOP stockholders
  12. 12. Metric TerminologyStrategy Map Strategic Theme: Objectives: Measures: Targets: Initiatives: Operating Efficiency What the How success The level of Key action Profits and strategy is or failure performance programs Financial RONA trying to (performance) or rate of required to Grow achieve against improvement achieve Fewer planes Revenues objectives is needed targets Attract & monitored Customer Retain More Customers On-time Lowest Service prices Internal Objectives Measures Targets Initiatives Fast ground turnaround • Fast ground • On Ground Time • 30 Minutes • Cycle time turnaround • On-Time • 90% optimization Departure Learning Ground crew alignment
  13. 13. #3 LINK AND ALIGN THE BUSINESS AROUND ITS STRATEGY #3. #1. Each Support Unit develops a A Corporate Scorecard defines plan and BSC for “best practice” overall strategic priorities on a sharing to create synergies across Balanced Scorecard (BSC). Subordinate Commands. CORPORATE AMEDD CORPORATE SCORECARD Major Subordinate Commands SUPPORT UNITS EXTERNAL PARTNERS (Shared Strategic Agenda) SBU SBU SBU SBU Themes Measures A B C D 1. Financial Growth xxx • Finance 2. Delight the Consumer xxx • Marketing • Customer Scorecards 3. Win-Win Relationships xxx • Distribution • Distributor Scorecard 4. Safe & Reliable xxx • Procurement • Joint Venture Scorecard 5. Competitive Supplier xxx • Purchasing • Vendor Scorecard 6. Good Neighbor xxx • Safety • New Venture Scorecard 7. Motivated & Prepared xxx xx xx xx xx • Human Resources • Outsourcer Scorecard 8. Quality xxx • Information Technology #2. Each Division develops a BSC consistent with corporate strategic BSC.Strategies Are Executed Through Business Units. The Strategies of the Business Units Must BeIntegrated If Organization Purpose and Synergies Are to Be Achieved.
  14. 14. #4 CASCADING METRICS AT ALL LEVELS CORP SBUTop-Down “Bridging • EDUCATION Bottom-Up Process toProcess” To Share the Internalize & ExecuteStrategy & Align the the StrategyWorkforce • PERSONAL GOAL ALIGNMENT • BALANCED PAYCHECKS The Strategy Focused Workforce
  15. 15. #5 PERFORMANCE IS A CONTINUOUS PROCESS STRATEGY 60% of organizations 85% of management don’t link strategy & update the test the teams spend less than budgets strategy hypotheses one hour per month on Strategic Learning Loop strategy issues BALANCED SCORECARD BUDGET78% of organizations lockbudgets to an annual cycle reporting 92% of organizations funding Management Control Loop20% of organizations take do not report on leadmore than 16 weeks to indicatorsprepare a budget PERFORMANCE Input Initiatives & Programs Output (Resources) (Results)
  16. 16. But Few entrepreneurs Execute Strategy Well  “Strategy has never been more important” Business Week “Less than 10% of strategies  “In the majority of failures – we effectively formulated are estimate 70% – the real problem effectively executed” isn’t (bad strategy)…. It’s bad execution.” Fortune Magazine “Why CEO’s Fail”, Fortune Magazine
  17. 17. Latihan keusahawanan – kaedah baru Pemetaan Metrik Nisbah - Kecekapan
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