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Lotus Notes Application to SharePoint Migration Process


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Presented by Nguyen Hoang Nhut, this presentation covers the approach for migrating Lotus Notes application databases to SharePoint 2007, methodology, process and tools. The presentation also aims to provide an overview of the process of analyzing and planning this type of migration projects.

SharePoint Saturday Vietnam 22/01/11

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Lotus Notes Application to SharePoint Migration Process

  1. 1. 1© Copyright 2011 Hoang Nhut NGUYEN Hoang Nhut NGUYEN Jan, 2011 Lotus Notes Application to SharePoint Migration Process
  2. 2. Content 1. Introduction 2. Migration Assessment Process Description 3. Executive Summary 4. Application Inventory 5. Data Analysis 6. Effort and Cost Estimation 7. Proposed Next Actions 8. Tools 9. Demo © Copyright 2010 Hoang Nhut NGUYEN 2
  3. 3. • Domino Directory • System Database • Mailboxes • Application Database • Notes Templates • Lotus Notes Client What’s on the Lotus Domino server 3© Copyright 2010 Hoang Nhut NGUYEN Introduce  Active Directory  Exchange Server Doc Libs, Discussion forum, Workflow App,..  List template, Site template
  4. 4. Why migrate to SharePoint? • Considering a number of SharePoint available features • MOSS 2007 perfect container for your data with consolidate and managed • Approximately 70 million Notes users need work with collaboration platform • Spend many effort for support and dependency on Lotus Notes • Lotus Notes is not good for integration and collaboration features with MS Office • Lotus Notes license cost is very expensive ? 4© Copyright 2010 Hoang Nhut NGUYEN Introduce
  5. 5. • All Functionalities • Permissions and Access Controls • All Data: – Plain Text – Rich Text (Formatted contents, Images, Tables, Doc Links, …) – Attachments and Embedded Objects • System information: – Created Date: the date the document was created – Modified Date: the latest date document was modified – Created By: who created the document – Modified By: latest modifier • Similar UI What’s being migrated? 5© Copyright 2010 Hoang Nhut NGUYEN Introduce
  6. 6. What are the challenges? • Layout and design in the new platform must be completed and accepted • Right tool to migrate rich data • Minimal cost-effective and timely to recreate existed application • Permission models need to be migrated and updated • Administrators need to be trained 6© Copyright 2010 Hoang Nhut NGUYEN Introduce
  7. 7. What are the benefits? • Consolidation of redundant applications • Efficient workflow and version management • Security for permission and access management • User can quickly find content thanks to content search and query • Reduces the Need for Business to have their own IT shops, 80% solutions is now available from SharePoint • Reduces cost of licensing of more expensive platforms like Business Objects, Documentum, FileNet, etc… Introduce 7© Copyright 2010 Hoang Nhut NGUYEN
  8. 8. Migration Assessment Process 8 Application Inventory Data Analysis Estimation Facts and FindingsFacts and Findings Tasks • Collect data of all existing LN Apps. •Conduct interview with application owners • Categorize and generate inventory of existing LN App. Outcomes • LN Application Inventory. Migration RoadmapMigration Roadmap Tasks •Complexity Classification. • Recommend target platforms. • Recommend Migration Approach. Outcomes • List of target applications with complexity level and recommended platforms. • Migration approach. Tasks • Apply norm and estimation process to calculate the estimated effort. • Cost calculation. Outcomes • Effort Estimation. • Cost Estimation. QuotationQuotation © Copyright 2010 Hoang Nhut NGUYEN
  9. 9. Application Inventory 9 The final Application Inventory Database those reports made upon below conditions Work Flow Business and workflow of Lotus Notes App Request Change Business No of request from customer to change business Expected Relaunch Customer’s Go-Live Expected date Consolidate Yes or No Merge Define here are other applications that will be used for merging DB Size Capability of full Lotus Notes DB (MB) Total Records Total No of documents from Lotus Notes app Monthly Created Record No of documents created monthly Total Users Role No of User Roles from Access Control List (ACL) Total User No of Users using Lotus Notes App Migrated Forms No of Forms that will be migrated Migrated Sub-form No of Sub-form that will be migrated Migrated Views No of Views are using Migrated Report No of Report are using Agents No of Manually or Scheduler Agents are running © Copyright 2010 Hoang Nhut NGUYEN
  10. 10. Executive Summary 10 After having analyzed data collected, the team has managed to: 1. Collect a list of relevant LN databases 2. Interview sessions 3. Technically propose the consolidation 5. Estimate the size and complexity of applications. 6. Estimate efforts based on applications’ complexity and norms 7. Estimate the cost and duration for full migration of all databases to MOSS 2007 © Copyright 2010 Hoang Nhut NGUYEN
  11. 11. Data Analysis 11 Complexity Classification LN databases are consolidated into SP Target Applications. Eg: Complexity Classification  Based on various criteria, such as number of roles using the app, business severity, integration requirements, functionalities, data migration complexity…  Level 1 – Simplest ; Level 3 – Medium; Level 5 – Most complex. © Copyright 2010 Hoang Nhut NGUYEN
  12. 12. Level # Main Forms # Fields # Views # UCs 1 1 - 2 <=40 <=7 <=5 2 1 - 3 <=70 <=20 <=10 3 2 - 5 <=140 <=30 <=20 4 4 - 8 <=280 <=40 <=30 5 > 6 >280 >40 >30 Level Rating and Norm Data Analysis 12© Copyright 2010 Hoang Nhut NGUYEN
  13. 13. Data Analysis 13 Recommended Target Platforms  The above chart illustrates our recommendation on the target platform for 20 target applications, by that:  Eg:  10 applications (50%) to be migrated to SharePoint Standard.  10 applications (50%) to be migrated to SharePoint with some custom developments. © Copyright 2010 Hoang Nhut NGUYEN
  14. 14. Lotus Notes SharePoint Text Single line of Text Multiline of Text Date/Time DateTime Number Number DialogList/Combobox Choice – Drop down list Checkbox/ListBox Choice – Checkboxs Radio button Choice – Radio Buttons Rich Text Enhanced Rich Text Names People or Group Currency Currency Calculated Calculated 14© Copyright 2010 Hoang Nhut NGUYEN Data Mapping
  15. 15. Effort Estimation Schema 15 Function migration • Slot the target applications into 5 complexity buckets. • Count number of LN Databases associated with each target application. Data migration • Develop data migration script. • Overheads for each active database. • Using data migration tool Total Effort = Migration Effort + Training & Support © Copyright 2010 Hoang Nhut NGUYEN
  16. 16. No. PHASE % Notes FUNCTION MIGRATION 1Requirement 12%Reverse engineering 2Design 10%Technical solution and arch. design 3Code 35%Implementation 4Test 25%Functional test ,SIT 5Deployment 1% 6Support 3% 7PM 7%Project management 8CM 2%Configuration management 9Training 1%Train the Trainer approach 10QA 3%PQA, Inspections 11Other 1%Misc, logistics DATA MIGRATION 1Data migration 10%Migration script and execution Effort By Phases 16© Copyright 2010 Hoang Nhut NGUYEN
  17. 17. Implementation Assumptions 17 The Estimation is made upon the following assumptions: 1. Customer’s MOSS application Infrastructure must be ready 2. Many change management activities have to be managed and must be official confirmed 3. Warranty period is 03 months, implicitly started when all applications are rolled out to production. 4. Onsite environment for staffs who are supposed to work at one Customer’s central site. 5. User Acceptance Test (UAT) environment and condition materials 6. Use of MOSS2007 standard templates and features for target apps whenever applicable. © Copyright 2010 Hoang Nhut NGUYEN
  18. 18. Proposed Next Actions 18 1. Setup a formal presentation to present assessment report 2. Discuss with IT Department to understand 3. Work to finalize the proposal. © Copyright 2010 Hoang Nhut NGUYEN Moving forward, strongly recommends
  19. 19. Tools 19 Data Analysis and Reporting 1. Microsoft Application Analyzer 2006 for Lotus Domino 2. Microsoft Transporter Suite 3. Microsoft Transporter Suite 2007 for Lotus Domino Demo Data Migration 1. MiPoint v1.0 – Lotus Notes Application to SharePoint Migrator 2. Quest – Notes Migrator for SharePoint 3. ecKnowledge - CASAHL Technology Toolset © Copyright 2010 Hoang Nhut NGUYEN
  20. 20. Demo 20© Copyright 2010 Hoang Nhut NGUYEN
  21. 21. 21 Questions & Answers Thank you for your attention! © Copyright 2010 Hoang Nhut NGUYEN