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IBM Connect 2017: Refresh and Extend IBM Domino Applications


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This session covered new capabilities such as additional REST APIs coming in future feature packs of IBM Domino; IBM's partnership with Panagenda ApplicationInsights; and partners such as Darwino, We4IT's Aveedo, and Sapho that provide tools to modernize corporate and situational applications.

Published in: Technology
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IBM Connect 2017: Refresh and Extend IBM Domino Applications

  1. 1. Refresh and extend your Domino apps Barry Rosen - ICS Offering Manager! Adam Kesner - ICS Offering Manager ! Nathan Barry - Senior Software Engineer!
  2. 2. Please note IBM’s statements regarding its plans, directions, and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice at IBM’s sole discretion. Information regarding potential future products is intended to outline our general product direction and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision. The information mentioned regarding potential future products is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality. Information about potential future products may not be incorporated into any contract. The development, release, and timing of any future features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion. Performance is based on measurements and projections using standard IBM benchmarks in a controlled environment. The actual throughput or performance that any user will experience will vary depending upon many factors, including considerations such as the amount of multiprogramming in the user’s job stream, the I/O configuration, the storage configuration, and the workload processed. Therefore, no assurance can be given that an individual user will achieve results similar to those stated here.
  3. 3. Do your legacy apps feel messy? Out of date? Inaccessible? Clunky?
  4. 4. You’re not alone. A recent Forrester study proved that employees find legacy business apps to be complicated, inefficient, unintuitive, too divided, difficult to learn, and time wasting. Because of the need for multiple apps, 65% of employees said data is often ignored, and 62% said bad decisions are made based on old data. Accelerate Digital Transformation With Simplified Business Apps, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Sapho, August 2016
  5. 5. Cloud Consumer apps Mobile Where you work UX Web access Disrupting the way we access applications!
  6. 6. These might look familiar
  7. 7. Domino’s strengths
  8. 8. •  74% want personalized, relevant data ! ! •  69% want a mobile-first experience! •  62% delay completing tasks because of multiple systems! ! ! •  61% want consumer-like features in apps! -  Notifications! -  Anywhere access! -  Ability to work in real-time! -  Personalization! Accelerate Digital Transformation With Simplified Business Apps, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Sapho, August 2016 What do employees really want?
  9. 9. What you need A path to refresh and extend Domino apps! Updated user experience, ! look and feel! Legacy apps running on a variety of access models!
  10. 10. Why it matters Thousands of custom Domino applications are business critical! Enabling modern access to that data extends your investment! Updating your apps helps employees get work done!
  11. 11. Path to refresh your apps… Analyze what apps are most valuable to your business ! ! Use enhanced APIs and / or partner tools to simplify and refresh Domino apps! Notes / Domino will be continuously updated so apps run smoothly and are easy to maintain!
  12. 12. Analyze your applications How much are they used? ! Who uses them?! How complex are they?! Are there mail dependencies?! Which views are used in an application?!
  13. 13. and Introduce ApplicationInsights
  14. 14. ! Determine which applications are used most in your organization! ! Determine which applications are the most complex in your organization! Analyze your most complex applications with code analysis Transforms Domino application usage and design complexity metrics into actionable data to help build the path towards application modernization Intended to be available Q2 2017 it will be available for customers on S&S • Shows the 50 most used and most complex application instances and does code analysis on a subset of those • Full Insights available in packages of 500 instances • For more details: panagenda booth #430 ApplicationInsights powered by!
  15. 15. Various options to! navigate database! Inventory,! Usage and Design! Total number of! database instances! (mail, system, nab,! mail-in & apps)! Focus databases! are all mail-in and! application instances! Total number of! unique designs! for focus dbs! 100% if all Focus! Dbs covered! through value! packages! Total number! of person documents in Notes Name and Address book/Directory Assistance! Upsell!
  16. 16. 17! Filtering of Focus! databases! Different column sets! Complexity! rating! Various columns for! investigating and sorting! application landscape!
  17. 17. Refresh and extend IBM Partners
  18. 18. Enhancing its API framework to extend capabilities and enable the use of modern application development tools! IBM is investing in …
  19. 19. Extend capabilities of existing Domino REST services •  Today, there are four “DAS” services that expose Domino data via REST APIs to web and mobile applications! •  Each existing service will be extended to meet growing developer demand! Ships with Domino today Available on OpenNTF Mail service! Manage email content! X Calendar service! Manage calendar content & send calendar workflow! X X Freebusy service! View user availability, find available rooms! X Data service! Manage views, document data, etc! X X
  20. 20. Additional services to be added IBM intends to develop several new REST services to expose more powerful capabilities! •  Directory service: Browse or search directory! •  Contacts service: Manage personal contacts in your mailfile! •  Mail Search service: Search your mailfile! •  Subscription service: Poll for changes or register for push (long poll) in an application! •  Management service: Register users and manage groups! Plans are subject to change!
  21. 21. IBM Confidential :: ©2016 IBM Corporation Define all services via the OpenAPI Specification ! •  IBM intends to publish YAML definitions according to the OpenAPI specification for all REST services! -  Formally known as - Swagger specification! ! •  This enables integration with a number of third party tools, including the Swagger tools! ! -  26 different repositories on Swagger github alone!! ! •  Freebusy definition is available now, others will be published as available! !
  22. 22. Demo with Swagger Tools Swagger tools provide dynamic API documentation with embedded ability to test APIs! Swagger tools make APIs easy to consume!
  23. 23. Swagger UI Host an instance of Swagger UI on Domino on your server! •  Developers can view dynamic documentation of REST services! -  Expand/Collapse operations, etc! -  See sample responses! -  See details about parameters! •  Developers can easily exercise the API, entering values and seeing the results! See sample here (not hosted on a Domino server, so cant use the “Try it Out”: freebusy.yaml!
  24. 24. •  Input the OpenAPI definition! •  Client libraries for various languages can be generated! and downloaded! •  As you edit the spec, see a nice! visual representation of API! documentation! •  See!
  25. 25. Investing in Domino •  IBM intends to develop new REST APIs for Domino and enhance current APIs! -  Mail, Calendar, Freebusy and Data will be extended to better meet developer needs! -  Intention is to add APIs for Directory, Contacts, Mail Search, Subscription and Management! •  IBM intends to make REST APIs usable from modern tools (ex. Swagger)! -  REST APIs that are easy to consume by developers!! -  Videos and sample code to help you get started!! ! Plans are subject to change!
  26. 26. SmartNSF – Access Notes application logic via REST APIs •  Leverage the power of your Notes applications, exposing embedded business logic to web and mobile via REST APIs! •  Developer defines a microservice for the application with domain-specific language! •  Build your UI based on the technology you want ! •  Available NOW on OpenNTF as an extension for your Domino Server and Designer! -  Built together with the community and by the community! Compliments of Christian Guedemann!
  27. 27. SmartNSF – What does it look like?!! •  APIs defined in a single point of configuration in your Domino Designer! •  Easy to find and easy to use! What’s next?:! •  Auto-generate Swagger definitions for your application’s APIs! •  Dialog based generation of REST APIs for your applications!
  28. 28. Refresh according to your needs Create micro apps with Sapho builder that notify key users and interface to key Domino data on web/ mobile devices! Convert your Domino apps to be accessible via web/ mobile with Aveedo builder installed on your Domino server Build mobile/web UI with offline replication for Domino applications with modern development tools
  29. 29. Sapho architecture components ! Services layer that integrates and orchestrates all of the services required to deliver high-quality micro apps into a single software layer. ! Software client that gives employees access to micro apps on any device! ! Rapid micro application development tool for building and deploying cross- platform micro apps!
  30. 30. IBM Confidential :: ©2016 IBM Corporation Sapho Architecture
  31. 31. IBM Confidential :: ©2016 IBM Corporation •  Java based connector that uses JNI or IIOP to connect to Domino! •  Domino Connector can be configured to connect to multiple Domino servers! •  Connector can access any data that is a column in a view or a field in a document! •  Connector can read and write data that it can access! •  Connector configuration is defined for each database! •  Sapho builder uses data connectors to integrate with back- end data and create new micro apps! •  Sapho booth #120! 32 Domino Connector
  32. 32. Use to… Create simple, single purpose micro apps and workflows! Quickly extend workflows to mobile devices, web and messenger applications! Build daily dashboard with proactive alerts from multiple Domino apps! Configure events out of Domino based on specific trigger alerts from 3rd party systems ! Integrate other data sources into Domino workflows and applications! Quickly update specified fields in a form! Targeted search and view pre- defined info in Domino DBs!
  33. 33. •  Powerful Designer to enhance exis4ng and create new applica4ons •  Integrated Process / Workflow Modeler •  Flexible API and REST services •  Pre-built apps and components like Agile Boards, Char4ng, and Office Integra4on •  Migra4on Wizard to modernize Notes applica4ons •  Data’s security model remains intact •  Na4ve mobile app with offline mode •  Futureproof plaQorm available as on- prem or (hybrid) Cloud A Complete Business Applica1on Pla3orm for Web and Mobile Booth 824 (We4IT) hBp://
  34. 34. d
  35. 35. Use to… Access existing Domino apps through web or mobile! Modernize applications with Wizard for easy UI creation! Integrate existing apps into modern work-place concepts Unlock your Domino app data with native cognitive service integrations! Enhance Domino apps with modern workflow and productivity tools! Save more than 70% development time and cost! Extend apps with seamless integration of data from other sources into a single UI!
  36. 36. Booth 630 (Trilog Group) A pla3orm agnos1c enterprise full-stack applica1on development pla3orm •  Create a state-of-the-art user experience for your Notes apps •  Propel your exis4ng investment into the future •  Preserve exis4ng Domino capabili4es and remove legacy limita4ons •  Maintain security model and Domino document centric func4onality •  Choose the technology that best serves your business •  Replicate your data 2-way with Domino •  Offline access to your mobile applica4ons •  Write once, deploy everywhere
  37. 37. Darwino architecture components Darwino Database (DB) – Darwino DB is a JSON store that runs on any RDBMS system AND your users’ mobile devices with the same API. Supports multipoint replication for offline use. ! ! Darwino API – The Darwino Platform exposes its full API via libraries in Java, Javascript, and also REST Services. ! ! Darwino Data Conectors - Darwino provides a set of Data Connectors that can link your DarwinoDB with any RDMBS, JSON or other data store – including IBM Domino! Darwino Studio – The primary development environment for the Darwino platform, plugs into the standard Enterprise Java tooling like Eclipse and Maven.!
  38. 38. •  Darwino creates distributed applications that can seamlessly execute on a server or locally on the devices! -  Write once, run everywhere! -  Provides seamless offline experience! •  Mobile applications can be purely native or hybrid! -  A hybrid application starts a local, lightweight, secure HTTP server! ‣  Ensures the full code portability!
  39. 39. Use to… Build new web / mobile UI to Domino data through Darwino framework! Generate app stack that gives developers flexibility to extend functionality ! Bi-directional replication with Domino, background logic can continue running! Modernize entire app or select pieces ! Build notifications for mobile devices! Use mobile apps when there’s no connection! Access your notes data from the Darwino DB with APIs!
  40. 40. Continuous Updates Feature Packs! ! Fix Pack 7 - Q3 2016! Feature Pack 8 - Q1 2017! Feature Pack 9 - Est. Q3 2017! Extended Support! ! Version 9.0.x supported until at least 2021! IBM Verse ! On Premises! ! Available Now! Plans are subject to change!
  41. 41. Feature Pack Feedback “I like this model as it will keep ICS limber and more readily able to release software in a manner akin to the smart phone update release model we all enjoy.”! A Conversation with Barry Rosen, at IBM: Part II -Bill Malchisky  September 21 2016! ! “The features and fixes to be released in the Notes/Domino feature packs are to be released via priority. Each cycle the highest priority fixes and features will be worked on for release, rather than promising something and not delivering, announcements will be made on what is coming over the next few weeks we hope and that will continue going forward. Again another improvement.”! Sutol, Pokemon and an awesome time -by Sharon Bellamy ! ! “Domino features can be delivered much quicker with this new model.”! Modern Domino Alive and Healthy Posted on November 3, 2016 by Slobodan Lohja! ! “Those features will be delivered via "Feature Packs" instead of "Fixpacks". .....This is a smoother way to develop and deploy new functionality.” ! Notes and Domino Future Daniel Nashed  23 September 2016!
  42. 42. In Summary! •  Understanding the environment utilizing Panagenda ApplicationInsights for all current Domino customers •  Modifying / Extending applications by providing customers starting points
 ü  Premier partners such as
 ü  Using the expanded Domino REST Services and the new Open API specification
 •  Supporting the Notes / Domino portfolio with continuous updates 
 •  Listening to “the” community – let us know your feedback along the way! Our strategy is to protect the value of critical business applications written in Domino by;!
  43. 43. Resources Partners -! -! -! - ! - Sapho Connectors ! -! -! Technical Resources •  Coming Soon! - Domino Access Services Specs on Github! -  Freebusy YAML definition! -  DAS documentation! -  Sample apps and YouTube links! •  Swagger -! •  API Connect - http!
  44. 44. Other Sessions to Check Out Session! Session #! Your Mail Is in the Cloud - What about Your Apps?! 1083! IBM Verse Deep Dive and Roadmap! 1207! Notes and Domino Roadmap! 1045! IBM Verse On-Premises for Dummies! 1209! Beyond Domino Designer! 1545! A Deep Dive into the Feature Pack Pipeline for Domino App Dev ! 1671! Your App Deserves More - The Art of App Modernization - - Webgate! 1478! Cognitive Data Exploration for Domino/Notes Applications with Watson Discovery – We4IT! 1720! Application Modernization: 101 - panagenda! 1722! Reinvent Domino applications with Sapho Micro Apps - Sapho! 1719! Give a New Life to Your Notes/Domino Applications and Leverage IBM Bluemix, Watson, & Connections - Darwino! 1467!
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