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Perfect Your Email Marketing


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Perfect Your Email Marketing shows you how to use advanced tactics in your email marketing strategy including segmentation, automation, triggers and transactional emails, dynamic segments and dynamic content, split testing, lead nurturing, demographic and behavioral strategies and scheduled email and recurring email campaigns.

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Perfect Your Email Marketing

  1. 1. Perfect Your Email Marketing<br />
  2. 2. There Are All Kinds Of Email:<br />LowEffectiveness<br />High Effectiveness<br />BLASTED<br />SPLIT TESTED<br />SEGMENTED<br />AUTOMATED<br />DYNAMIC CONTENT<br /><ul><li>Promotions
  3. 3. News
  4. 4. Product Updates
  5. 5. Subject Lines
  6. 6. Design
  7. 7. Content
  8. 8. Call-To-Action
  9. 9. Frequency
  10. 10. Business Types
  11. 11. Retail vs. B2B
  12. 12. Gender, Age, etc
  13. 13. Purchases Made
  14. 14. Region, Country
  15. 15. Language
  16. 16. Auto-Response
  17. 17. Event Triggers
  18. 18. Scheduled
  19. 19. Reader Interests
  20. 20. Survey Results
  21. 21. Keywords
  22. 22. Signup Forms</li></li></ul><li>And All Kinds Of Tactics:<br />Dollars Generated (in thousands)*<br />Improved<br />ROI<br />$840<br />Monthly Revenue<br />MonthlyProfit<br />$664<br />$540<br />$239<br />$306<br />$185<br />$159<br />$40<br />Web Analytics<br />Targeting<br />Social Targeting<br />No Targeting<br />* Metrics are based on a Forrester executive survey. Based on 2.8 million pieces of email per month, CPM ranges grow with program complexity, assuming $39 AOV and 40% product margin.<br />SOURCE: Q1 2009 Global Email Marketing and On-Site Targeting Online Survey, Forrester (base of 103 marketing executives)<br />
  23. 23. Peak Engagement(Send your email now)<br />Purchase<br />Validate<br />Test<br />Learn<br />Post-Peak Engagement Dropoff(Engagement gets more difficult)<br />Hello<br />Timing Is Critical:<br />
  24. 24. Segmentation Is Proven:<br />Opens<br />Clicks<br />Opens<br />Clicks<br />
  25. 25. Automation Keeps You Present:<br />Interest<br />Communication<br />Awareness<br />Engagement<br />
  26. 26. Action<br />Action<br />Trigger<br />Action<br />Trigger<br />Confirm<br />Email<br />Register<br />QualifyLead<br />Clickthrough<br />QualifyLead<br />Action<br />Delay<br />Clickthrough<br />Delay<br />Action<br />Segment<br />ThreeDays<br />Open<br />Welcome Email<br />Action<br />Action<br />Reminder<br />Email<br />Open<br />SevenDays<br />New Member<br />Webinar Email<br />SevenDays<br />NoOpen<br />View WebDemo<br />Action<br />NoOpen<br />Existing Member<br />SurveyEmail<br />Action<br />Trigger<br />Action<br />Action<br />Trigger<br />QualifyLead<br />Readyto Buy<br />Follow Up Email<br />QualifyLead<br />Download<br />MoreInfo<br />Clickthrough<br />Action<br />Delay<br />Delay<br />Action<br />Not Interested<br />Whitepaper Email<br />Fourteen Days <br />Webinar Email<br />SevenDays<br />Open<br />No Open<br />Automation Can Get Pretty Advanced:<br />
  27. 27. Follow Up For A Second Chance:<br />Reminder<br />(2 Wks max)<br />Initial<br />Contact<br /><ul><li> Subscription Renewal
  28. 28. Payment Reminder
  29. 29. Login Reminder
  30. 30. Offer/Promotion
  31. 31. Welcome Email
  32. 32. Login Info
  33. 33. Order Confirmation
  34. 34. Shipping Details
  35. 35. Etc.</li></ul>Last Chance(4 Wks max)<br /><ul><li> Offer/Promotion
  36. 36. Signup for Newsletter
  37. 37. Try a Free Trial
  38. 38. Etc.</li></ul>Memory Zone<br />Try Again<br />Zone<br />Re-engage<br />Zone<br />
  39. 39. Why Your Readers Leave You:<br />Inbox Cluttered<br />Receive Too Many<br />Not Relevant<br />Source: CMO Council and InfoPrint Solutions Company, “Why Relevance Drives Response and Relationships: Using the Power of Precision Marketing to Better Engage Customers,” November 17, 2009<br />
  40. 40. Email Provides Data – Use It:<br />Click-through data<br />51%<br />Demographic data<br />51%<br />Open rate<br />48%<br />Geographic data<br />47%<br />Recency of purchase<br />39%<br />Customer spending<br />30%<br />Customer profitability<br />29%<br />Acquisition source code<br />28%<br />Website clickstream data<br />24%<br />Customer service data<br />23%<br />User satisfaction survey<br />21%<br />Writing product reviews<br />5%<br />SOURCE: Q1 2009 Global Email Marketing and On-Site Targeting Online Survey, Forrester (base of 103 marketing executives)<br />