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Email Analytics delivered by at the Chartered Institute of Marketing Summer Conference 2012 on 14 June 2012

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Email Marketing Analytics

  1. 1. Email AnalyticsMeasuring the success of your email campaignsRechenda Smith, Head of Email Marketing Presentation title@rechendasmith
  2. 2. Content• Common email KPIs • Recipient analytics• Other KPIs • Superman analytics• Sender analytics • Want more?
  3. 3. Introductions
  4. 4. Common email KPIs
  5. 5. 1. Customer retentionTactics: useful content, customer satisfaction surveys, deals and discounts, offer giveaways and contestsMeasurement: number of repeat purchases, time between purchases, average transaction value, customer lifetime value, frequency of purchase and transaction recency.
  6. 6. 2. Customer acquisitionTactics: Forward to friend links, social media links, events, LinkedIn, your current websiteMeasurement: percentage of new visitors to your site, overall growth of your email list, average number of page views per visitor, cost per visitor, average number of visits per visitor, etc
  7. 7. 3. Brand awarenessTactics: Bespoke template, consistent sender details, consistent layout, relevant and useful content, Forward to a FriendMeasurement: Open and click-through rates, Forward to a Friend rates, customer surveys
  8. 8. 4. Lead nurturingTactics: Useful and relevant content, offers and incentives, competitions, Forward to Friend incentivesMeasurement: Click-through rates, conversion rates, time to customer conversion or the length of time it takes for a lead to become a customer, cost spent to obtain each customer
  9. 9. Common client KPIs• Opens (20%) • # enquiries• Clicks (4%) • # sales• OTC rate • Activity time (4 weeks later…)• Bounce rate • Forward to a friend rates• Event attendees • Re-engagement rates• Doc/guide downloads • Brand awareness
  10. 10. Other KPIs
  11. 11. Delivery rateNumber of emails sent – number of bounce backs / emails sent“Did we ever stand a chance at success?”Bounce backs are not the best way to measure deliverability. The emails mighthave been delivered but just ended up in the spam box where they never stooda chance of being opened.
  12. 12. Click-to-deliver rate (CTDR)Number of clicks / emails deliveredThe key measure of the quality of your email list, content and design.Segmenting this metric is really powerful. You can learn whether text messagesor messages with images get a higher CTDR. You can compare customers ingeographically; benchmark results between new and existing customers. Thisshould drive aggressive experimentation of email content / offers / targeting.
  13. 13. Subscriber retention rateTrack opens, clicks, unsubscribe, bounce and complaint rates over timeAre you holding court?This measures the technical effectiveness of your email campaigns over time(seen as a reduction of bounce backs) and the relevance of your messages(reducing unsubscribe rates).
  14. 14. Sender analytics
  15. 15. Email service provider (ESP) analytics
  16. 16. Open to click rate
  17. 17. Top links pie chart
  18. 18. Postcode plotter
  19. 19. Campaigncomparisontools
  20. 20. Bounce activity
  21. 21. Recipient analytics
  22. 22. Gmail Meter See your own email habits Monthly report emailed to you showing: volume statistics, daily traffic, traffic pattern, email categories, time before first response, thread lengths, word count, top senders and top recipients
  23. 23. Priority InboxFinds the important emails for youIntuitive inbox system, ranks emails in order orpast popularity rather than date. Automaticsorting makes predictions over time.Action:Ask recipient to mark emails as important(same as Facebook), good content, good data
  24. 24. Automatic organiser
  25. 25. Sweep
  26. 26. Outlook: XobniFree plug-in for Outlook,Gmail, Android, iPhoneand Blackberry.
  27. 27. Superman analytics
  28. 28. Who actuallyread your email?
  29. 29. What emailclient did theyuse?
  30. 30. Forwarding and printingIncredible though it may seem, Litmus caneven tell you if your subscribers printed orforwarded your message. And they tracknatural forwards (someone using the‘forward’ button in their email client), notthose done via a Forward to a Friend link.No other tool is able to track this metric.
  31. 31. How it works:“We provide you with a snippet of HTML code to add to youremail template. Our email analytics are compatible with anyemail marketing software—just include our code and startcollecting real-time behavioural data on your next campaign.”$300 a month
  32. 32. REMEMBER…You can’t measure everything …but you can keep your boss happy by setting realistic KPIs
  33. 33. Want more?
  34. 34. 24th July 2012Grow your Business with Email Marketing St John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge
  35. 35. Questions