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Creating the Perfect Email.
How to Optimize the Design & Production of 1to1 Email Communications

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  • On demand technologies that support presentation, collaboration and relationship buildingPremiere Global Services, Inc. is a global provider of on-demand, communication technologies-based business process improvement solutions. Our Premiere Global Communications Operating System (PGi℠COS) supports business applications within the following solution sets: Conferencing & Collaboration, Document Solutions, Notifications & Reminders, and eMarketing. In 2008, the PGiCOS helped nearly 102 million people worldwide meet virtually and collaborate.
  • Is there such a thing as a perfect mail?Diagram of 1 mail designed exclusively for 1 person based on perfect informationImagine it is you? What is a perfect mail for youTiming, words, style, look/feel, objective, Buzzwords … relevance, conversion, ROIBeauty is in the eye of the beholder
  • 1:1 Marketing originates from the idea that in the “old way” of doing business the “shopkeeper” knew his customers by name, knew their lifestyles, and could interact with them on a personal level.1:1 Marketing builds on this idea, emphasizing personalized interactions with customers, but on a massive scale through technology.The personalization of these customer interactions fosters greater loyalty and better return on marketing investment.
  • What is Broadcast/Triggered/Lifecycle/Targeted/Clickstream?We were just talking with David Daniels from Jupiter/Forrester a couple of weeks ago and he is about to release the new data relating to this research. He is combining a couple of the columns, adding a social oriented column, but the rates he said were very similar.Despite Additional Mailing Costs, Relevance Increases Net Profit by 18 Times Although marketers using advanced targeting tactics have more e-mail marketing resources (e.g., inflating annual salary costs), the aggregate increase in net profits from these targeted campaigns (triggered through clickstream) is 18 times more than is that from broadcast messages, even when figuring in additional costs. These results show additional expenses are well worth the cost. For example, targeted mailings generate 16 times more improvement in net profit than do broadcast campaigns. The use of Web site clickstream as a targeting attribute is particularly beneficial for both topline and bottom line results—even after including additional Web analytics spending.Production needs and resources will increase with more sophisticated campaigning - consider outsourcing some or all of your production needs to our Strategic Services Production Team
  • Personalization and relevance based on event/recorded online behviour or other context, or profile based on ESP/billing/demo/psych data
  • 1) Data & IdentificationQuestions around data collection, types of data available (demographics, behavioral, etc.)2) Differentiation & SegmentationHow are segments defined, can you identify your most valuable/active customers?3) Customization & InteractionDo you use segmentation, conditional content, lifecycle campaigns, etc.?Do you integrate email with other channels?Do you test on a regular basis?4) Measurement & ImprovementHow do you measure success (opens, clicks, conversions, ROI, engagement, etc.)?Do you take action on your campaign & test results?1-to-1 marketing is a simple principle, but very difficult to execute in the real world. However, there are some quick wins you can implement immediately that puts you on the road to being an effective 1-to-1 marketer.Segmentation 101Customer segmentation is the practice of dividing a customer base into groups of individuals that are similar in specific ways relevant to marketing, such as age, gender, interests, spending habits, and so on. Using segmentation allows companies to target groups effectively, and allocate marketing resources to best effect. Traditional segmentation focuses on identifying customer groups based on demographics and attributes such as attitude and psychological profiles. Value-based segmentation, on the other hand, looks at groups of customers in terms of the revenue they generate and the costs of establishing and maintaining relationships with them. Customer segmentation procedures include: deciding what data will be collected and how it will be gathered; collecting data and integrating data from various sources; developing methods of data analysis for segmentation; establishing effective communication among relevant business units (such as marketing and customer service) about the segmentation; and implementing applications to effectively deal with the data and respond to the information it provides.
  • Helps you figure out what the perfect email is for your client and that particular campaign
  • Inserting Pre-header snippet – drives user to CTAView Images link – links to microsite link in case images are suppressed the user is directed to a hosted versionView in Handheld – mobile version of your message, light HTMLWhitelisting Link – add to address book so user’s get your message in their inbox and it is not filtered into your spam folder
  • If your website utilizes a thicker navigation, make it thinner for your email marketing efforts. If there is a gradient or image, make sure to back it up with a background color so that lighter text will show up.A simple area dedicated to give the users choices about where they want to go.
  • The body of your email is where the majority of your content is. Depending on the size of your header and navigation, part of your body will be present above the fold. Utilize that space and do your best to get the call to action in the top 250-300 pixels. This is the area that will show up in preview panes.F-shape pattern: Traditionally people designed with the left rail in mind because users read down the message in an F-shape pattern. More recently people have been utilizing a right rail so that the pertinent information in the message is in that F-shape.In regards to a left or right rail, we recommend testing. If you send your message frequently enough, it might be worth testing a new version with the opposite side rail. Moving things around might help to freshen up your message and re-engage some of your subscribers that lost interest.
  • The footer should not detract from anything else in your message. It is an area dedicated to host mandatory elements.
  • The perfect email is when you’ve aligned whatyour target market wants and needs and you deliver it to them in email format.Targeted, relevant messaging directed to the right audience. What works for a securities company is not going to work for a shoe retailer.
  • Production & Delivery Coding, Optimization, Testing, Scheduling & Throttling
  • Why Outsource Some/All of your Email Function to PGiMarketExperienced MarketersExperts in multiple online marketing disciplinesLong successful track record of email productionTried/tested best practicesQualityClean, validated and tested mailStreamlined proven processScalabilityFrom simple newsletters to advanced targeted and lifecycle programsFrom 1000 to 10 million mails / monthDeliverabilityFully managed deliverability setup, monitoring & managementThrottling of mail delivery where relevantImpact & PerformanceEmail design experienceOptimized clicks, conversions, engagement, ROIConsistencyDedicated account managementUse of customized professional templatesFlexibilityIndividual tasks or complete outsourced production serviceLeverage your agency/creative or oursCollaboration throughout with defined roles, goals, checkpoints, deliverables
  • eMarketing Webinar - The Perfect Email

    1. 1. Audio Dial-In InformationFor the audio portion of this presentation, you must use your telephone. <br /> <br />For North America Toll-free:      1-866-288-9872Toll:       1-913-312-2900Participant Code: 719596<br />For a list of international numbers please refer to the email invitation or go to:http://tinyurl.com/PGwebinar1<br /> <br />Technical Assistance <br />For audio technical assistance, please call 888-334-0282 & reference participant code: 719596.<br />For web technical assistance, please call 888-334-0282 and reference the following URL:  www.livemeeting.com/lrs/vcsales_ccc, Meeting ID: marketer, and Passcode: imarket. <br />Welcome to: The ‘Motivated Marketer’ Webinar Series<br />Creating the Perfect Email<br />How to Optimize the Design & Production of 1to1 Email Communications<br />
    2. 2. Introduction to Our Webinar Series<br /><ul><li>Part 4 of our “Motivated Marketer Webinar Series”</li></ul>Creating the Perfect EmailGOAL: To provide you with a thorough understanding and recommendations for creating and delivering exceptional email. <br /><ul><li> Rest of Webinar Series:</li></ul>#5 in June 5 Steps to Deliverability & Inbox Success<br />#6 in July Performance Measurement & Advanced 1-to-1 Practices<br />Info at http://www.premiereglobal.com/emarketing/resource-center/webinars.asp<br />
    3. 3. Introduction to Our Presenters<br />From PGiMarket’s<br />Strategic Services Team:<br />Andy McCartneyVP of Strategic Services<br />PGiMarket <br />Premiere Global Services<br />Lindsey Secord<br />Manager, Production Services<br />PGiMarket Strategic Services<br />Premiere Global Services<br />Sara Johnides<br />Senior Creative Specialist<br />PGiMarket Strategic Services<br />Premiere Global Services<br />
    4. 4. Today’s Webinar: Agenda<br /><ul><li>Introductions
    5. 5. Part 1 – What is a Perfect Email?
    6. 6. Incorporating 1to1 Principles in Email Programs
    7. 7. Part 2 – The Process
    8. 8. Understanding/Optimizing Campaign Workflow
    9. 9. Part 3 – Email Creative & Design Practices
    10. 10. Goals, Creative Brief & Email Design Principles
    11. 11. Part 4 – Production thru Delivery
    12. 12. Coding, Optimization, Testing, Scheduling & Throttling
    13. 13. Enabling Perfect Emailing via Outsourcing
    14. 14. Q&A</li></li></ul><li>Premiere Global’s Email Experience<br />Premiere Global Services Stats<br /><ul><li>$630 million in revenues
    15. 15. 95% of the Fortune 500
    16. 16. 55,000+ customers
    17. 17. 61 cities, 24 countries</li></ul>PGiMarket ESP Stats<br /><ul><li>6,000 email customers
    18. 18. 1 billion emails sent per month
    19. 19. Wide range and sophistication of worldwide customers</li></li></ul><li>Part 1<br />What is a Perfect Email?<br />
    20. 20. A Perfect Email? Is there Such a Thing?<br />What Constitutes<br />“The One”<br /><ul><li>It caught my attention
    21. 21. Professional, neat design
    22. 22. It is currently of interest
    23. 23. I am seeking that product
    24. 24. I learned something new
    25. 25. Like the personalized content
    26. 26. Great timing for my needs</li></ul>Subjective<br />“The One”<br />So What’s the Formula?<br />Perfect Email = Perfect Design + Content + Timing<br />All we need is perfect information: Demographics, Psychographics, Contextual Info & Behavioral Preferences. Plus a perfectly repeatable mechanism to create that email x 1,000,000<br />
    27. 27. It Starts with Strategy<br /><ul><li>1-to-1 Origins: The “Old Way”
    28. 28. Difficult with Traditional Mass Media Marketing
    29. 29. 1-to-1 Marketing enables personalized interactions on a massive scale
    30. 30. Creates Dramatic Lift when applied to Email</li></ul>1-to-1 Attempts to Create the Near Perfect Email<br />Source: JupiterResearch Executive Survey (3/05), n = 236 (e-mail marketers that currently use/plan to use at least one campaign, US only)<br />
    31. 31. 1-to-1 Marketing Reference Slide<br />Email marketers must go beyond Broadcast campaigning<br />Aggregate increase in net profits from Triggered, LifeCycle, Targeted and Clickstream is 18 times more than from Broadcast<br />Production needs, skills and resources will likely increase with more sophisticated campaigning <br />
    32. 32. Which Campaign Types?<br />Broadcast Campaigns<br />Triggered/Lifecycle/Targeted/Clickstream 1to1 Campaigns<br />Event<br />Profile<br />Online Behavior<br />
    33. 33. Fundamental Principles <br />of 1-to-1 Marketing?<br />1. IDENTIFICATION<br />How well do you know your customers/subscribers?<br />2. DIFFERENTIATION Can you differentiate customers based on their value to you and their needs from you?<br />3. INTERACTIONHow well do you interact with your customers? Can you scale & automate message creation & delivery?<br />4. MEASUREMENT<br /> How well does your company refine its email marketing programs based on feedback/analytics?<br />
    34. 34. Strategy Conclusion<br />Commit to 1to1 principles/practices, and apply them to the campaigns that are right for your organization<br />Now on to the <br /> Process<br />
    35. 35. Part 2<br />The Workflow Process<br />
    36. 36. Process Overview <br />Idea for Campaign<br />- Purpose?<br />Data/Segments<br />Recipient Lists<br />Design Messages (creative)<br />Refinement<br />Post Delivery Reporting & Analysis<br />Delivery Scheduling Throttling Rules<br />Coding, Test & Optimization<br />
    37. 37. Production Process - BEFORE<br />Benchmark the speed and quality of your overall process<br />
    38. 38. Production Process - AFTER<br />After Process Analysis and Streamlining<br />Efficiency Keys<br /><ul><li>Reduced # of steps
    39. 39. Reduced # of 3rd parties
    40. 40. Standardized templates
    41. 41. Standardized process & procedure
    42. 42. Superior consistent quality</li></ul>Speed Improvement<br /><ul><li>Previous speed benchmark = 2 weeks per mail
    43. 43. Current speed benchmark = 24 hours [excluding creative] 2-3 days [including creative]</li></ul>Production Cost Saving<br />Annual production savings:<br />Estimated Hours: 4,160<br />Est. value: $416,000<br /> <br />*Assumptions:<br /> # of campaigns/week: 5<br /> Hourly labor rate: $100<br /> Existing hours per campaign: 20<br /> Estimated current costs: $520,000<br /> New hours per campaign: 4<br /> Estimated new costs: $104,000<br />
    44. 44. Part 3<br />Email Creative & Design Practices<br />[Sara/Lindsey]<br />
    45. 45. Before we Jump to Creative<br />Messaging Strategy?<br />Where is your needle.<br />Broadcaster or Sophisticated 1to1 marketer?<br />Data/Segmentation/Messaging tactics<br />Assumption for Today<br />Your needle is nearer broadcast, with some profiling (personas), some segmentation, enabling some dynamic content and personalization<br />
    46. 46. What is Email Creative?<br />What is Creative?<br />Creative refers to visual design of an email template.<br />This can include, but is not limited to:<br /><ul><li> The Creative Brief
    47. 47. Design
    48. 48. Copywriting
    49. 49. Logo Design</li></ul>The Creative Process<br />Step 1: Creative Brief<br />Step 2: Concepting/ Comps<br />Step 3: Client Review and Concept Selection<br />Step 4: Chosen Concept Revised<br />Step 5: Client Review of Revised Creative<br />Step 6: Approved Comp(s) Sent to Production<br />
    50. 50. The Creative Brief: Starting the Creative Process<br />It All Begins with the Creative Brief:<br />The brief is a 12-question document that:<br /><ul><li>Determines the objectives of the program
    51. 51. Helps establish expectations and timing
    52. 52. Establishes a brand look, feel and tone
    53. 53. Identifies mandatory elements and personalization/conditions to be included
    54. 54. Identifies the deliverables, timing and expectations</li></li></ul><li>Elements of Email Creative:The Header<br />Header Content:<br />Make sure your logo is not too big and that there isn’t unnecessary white spacesurrounding it. It should be easy to see/read and link to thecompany’s websiteThis is where your pre-header snippet would go, as well as some housekeepinglinks, such as a microsite link, view in handheld and whitelisting link<br />
    55. 55. Elements of Email Creative:The Navigation<br />Navigation Content:<br /><ul><li>Dedicated area for links that mirror your website</li></li></ul><li>Elements of Email Creative:The Body<br />Body Content:<br /><ul><li>The meat of your message
    56. 56. Insert Call-to-Action link towards the top
    57. 57. If it is a newsletter, consider adding a left or right rail and a table of contents</li></ul>Navigation:<br /><ul><li>Dedicated area for links that mirror your website</li></li></ul><li>Elements of Email Creative:The Footer<br />Footer Content:<br /><ul><li>Housekeeping links: Unsubscribe, F2F, Contact Us, Physical Mailing address
    58. 58. Keep small in size and a neutral color</li></li></ul><li>Elements of Email Creative:The Finished Product<br />The Perfect Email<br />You can create the perfect email for your client, but the ‘ideal’ email campaign changes from client to client, campaign to campaign<br />
    59. 59. Elements of the ‘Perfect Email’ withReal Life Examples<br />What we like:<br /><ul><li>Nice, thin header with visible, easy-to-read user
    60. 60. Prevalent CTA (call to action) towards the top of the message
    61. 61. Nice use of right rail to give more details on the event</li></li></ul><li>Elements of the ‘Perfect Email’ withReal Life Examples<br />What we like:<br /><ul><li>A look that mirrors the website
    62. 62. Good use of white space
    63. 63. Coded for images being suppressed (navigation is backed up with a brown background and HTML text is used
    64. 64. Bullet-proof buttons: coded with background color and with HTML text.</li></li></ul><li>Elements of the ‘Perfect Email’ withReal Life Examples<br />What we like:<br /><ul><li>Simple, clean design
    65. 65. Eye-catching Image that is brand specific
    66. 66. Prevalent CTA button and light text that is broken up and manageable to read</li></li></ul><li>Part 3<br />Production thru Delivery<br />[Lindsey]<br />
    67. 67. Transitioning Creative to Production<br />You Have your strategy,<br />You have your Photoshop file<br />What’s next?<br />Production = <br /><ul><li>HTML coding
    68. 68. Dynamic content
    69. 69. Email Rendering Testing
    70. 70. Optimization</li></li></ul><li>Production: HTML Tips…<br />Coding Buttons<br />Do not use an image.<br />Code your button using HTML text on top of a background image.<br />Always back-up background images with a similar background color.<br />Email tips for web designers<br /><ul><li>Width: 600-700 pixels
    71. 71. Above the fold: top 300 pixels
    72. 72. Code for lowest common denominator:
    73. 73. Avoid Flash, JavaScript, CSS</li></li></ul><li>Production: HTML Tips…<br />Alt Tags<br />Include a relevant alt tag in all header, and CTA images.<br />
    74. 74. Production HTML Tips…<br />Text to Image Ratio<br />Keep it as low as possible<br />Reduces potential to be considered Spam<br />
    75. 75. Production: HTML Tips…<br />Style Sheets<br />No CSS!<br />Use tables to control layout and spacing.<br />Back-up inline styles where possible:<br /><font face=”arial” size=”2” style=”font-size: 12px”><br />Figure 1b: Big Rick’s Barbeque message <br />as rendered in the inbox. The CSS has <br />been stripped, causing loss of formatting.<br />Figure 1a: Big Rick’s Barbeque message created using CSS, prior to email send.<br />
    76. 76. Quality Assurance Checklist<br /><ul><li>Adjust your production timeline to allow for proofing and client review.
    77. 77. READ your email copy, don’t just spell check.
    78. 78. Don’t let your images convey your message.</li></ul>Create and maintain a Quality Assurance (QA) checklist.<br />Request a peer review.<br />Test for rendering and deliverability across multiple browsers and mail readers.<br />Keep a code library.<br />How compliant are you?<br />
    79. 79. Message Testing<br />
    80. 80. W3C Validation - http://validator.w3.org/<br />DOCTYPE: HTML 4.01 Transitional<br />Correct Character Set / Encoding<br />Include <HEAD> tag<br />Relevant <TITLE> tag<br />
    81. 81. Testing your Perfect Email<br />Headline<br />Bullets<br />Bullets<br />
    82. 82. Scheduling & Other Delivery Tips<br />Headline<br />Bullets<br />Bullets<br />
    83. 83. Part 4<br />Enabling Perfect Emailing<br />via Outsourcing<br />
    84. 84. Do You Have the Resources?<br />Market Changes<br />Tough economy, marketing headcount reduction<br />More orgs turning to email from other marketing channels<br />More competition in the Inbox, more reason for 1to1<br />Outsource?1to1 requires more effort, and specialist skills<br />Advanced campaigning usually requires more production<br />Which aspect of your email lends itself to outsourcing?<br />Event Promotions<br />Marketing Activities<br />Email Production Services<br />Web Conferences<br />Virtual Event Promotion<br />Acquisition & Lead Generation<br />Outsourced Email Campaigns:<br />Loyalty, Retention, Lifecycle,<br />On-boarding, Re-activation<br />Partial/Complete Outsourced Email Function – Design, Create, Test, Deploy, Monitor<br />
    85. 85. Your Strategy, Outsource just the Production Component?<br />Focus on the strategic, select an experienced 1to1 ESP services provider to focus on the tactical, & under SLA<br />What’s the operating model?<br />SEGMENTED/CUSTOMIZED EMAILS:<br /> Invitations / Follow ups<br />Promotions: Up-Sells / Cross-Sells<br />Acquisition / Retention <br />Newsletters / Branding <br />Reactivations <br />Drip / Lifecycle <br />You Provide Input<br /><ul><li>Goals/Targets
    86. 86. Requirements
    87. 87. Branding/Creative
    88. 88. Mailing List/Segments</li></ul>Optimal Rendering on all Email Readers:<br />Maximize Deliverability<br />Authentication, Monitoring, ISP Relations<br />Recovery from Blacklisting, Certification<br />
    89. 89. Q&A<br />
    90. 90. Next Webinar<br />Next Webinar: <br /> “5 Steps to Deliverability & Inbox Success”June nnth, 1pm Eastern <br />Bullets<br />Bullets <br />Info at http://www.premiereglobal.com/emarketing/resource-center/webinars.asp<br />
    91. 91. Want More Information?<br />You will receive an email with links to:<br /> A recording of this session<br /> A copy of this presentation<br />strategy@PremiereGlobal.com<br />www.premiereglobal.com<br />