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What do you do when you need to get your message out to people for whom you don't have email addresses? What if you're just seeing flat open rates on email and you need to revitalize your audience? Well, if you're like a growing population of organizations, you're turning to marketing automation to turn your content into leads and gaining a deeper understanding of your members. This month we'll explore the topic of Using Marketing Automation to Grow. Join us for this webinar as we get an overview of how important Marketing Automation is for your organization.

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  1. 1. Using Marketing Automation to Grow Why Is Everyone Doing It?
  2. 2. Today: Who’s Doing It Basics of MA Self-Assessment More Tools
  3. 3. Who’s Doing MA Association Industry Trends
  4. 4. What Is It? Marketing automation is a category of technology that allows companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster.
  5. 5. Who Does It? Email companies CRM companies CMS companies MA companies PR tech companies Social media/community companies Do we do this now?
  6. 6. How Can I Know You?  Build the most comprehensive profile possible of a user’s preferences, demographics & activities What’s the goal of marketing automation? To provide a composite profile in one place from which I can identify who is likely to buy and/or be a repeat buyer What’s the real goal of marketing automation? Drive new leads that convert to revenue
  7. 7. Fundamentals of MA Top of the Funnel (ToFU) Middle of the Funnel (MoFU) Bottom of the Funnel (BoFU) Our Traditional World of Communication with Members
  8. 8. Ask Yourself  Are you tasked with growth or retention?  How do you acquire new members?  How many emails do you send in one day?  Do you have data / insights about your ideal member candidate? Where does your time/effort go?
  9. 9. Your Info Distribution Channels • Website • Microsites • Ecommerce • Blogs • Social • LinkedIn • Twitter • YouTube • Webinars • Events • Email • Automation • Promotion vs Retention • Advertising • Organic • Paid
  10. 10. Buyer’s Journey +5 +5 +5 +10 Total Score : 20
  11. 11. MA Platforms Combine a variety of tools into one platform tied together by a campaign to allow for ROI reporting Tools typically include: SEO/SEM Email Landing Pages Forms Blogs Website Tracking Code Lead Scoring Personas Anonymous User Tracking Social Media Monitoring & Publishing Automation Flows Banner Ad Management Website Page Management Sales Opportunity Management/Notification All this in ONE platform!!! Benefits? -Insights & intelligence -Operational efficiency -Greater lead gen for greater revenue
  12. 12. Trip Wires for Associations in MA Email Email Email Digital advertising Email Did we say email? Metrics Treating it like a tool Not giving the advice Bonus Material! Download your copy to see the results
  13. 13. Email Marketing vs. Marketing Automation Email Marketing: • Blast Email • Open & Click Thru Rates • Distinct, Discrete metrics • Push Marketing • Retention-Driven Marketing Automation: • Drip Marketing • Conversion • Cumulative look at an individual’s digital footprint • Pull Marketing • Revenue-Driven
  14. 14. How They Compare Email Marketing Email Automation Marketing Automation Monetization Model Revenue Driven Audience Reach Broad Targeted Personalized Main Purpose Member Retention Member Retention Member Acquisition Metrics Open Rates / CTRs – at the individual send Behavior & Interaction – per campaign Behavior & Interaction – at aggregate level
  15. 15. Top Reasons to Get Marketing Automation Your customer buying process lasts longer than a week  Sending emails alone does not seem to drive sales  Your marketing department does not have enough time to do everything they need to do with their current resources  You sell different products or services to different demographics  You want to send different messages to different titles and industries  You can’t tell if you should be spending more or less money on marketing  Your sales people are complaining about the quality of leads your marketing team is delivering  You want to know which of your marketing campaigns are the most effective automation-whats-the-big-diff/
  16. 16. Summary for MA  Tools have tons of features  Integration is key  It’s not the tool, it’s the know how
  17. 17. Questions My Contact Information: Suzanne Carawan 703.297.8480